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Still Have Not Returned To Normal

Yesterday, I fully realized that I have not returned to normal. I had planned on showing up at the David Yahoo group luncheon meeting that happens once a month, since it was being held at another of my favorite restaurants (Mosto Bistro) and it had been a while since I had eaten there.

We showed up a little early to beat the crowd yesterday, only to realize that it was Thursday and the event was on Wednesday. My mind has also not adjusted to the meeting being changed from the first Thursday to the first Wednesday.

Still Lilliam and I enjoyed our meals and time is never wasted when you are having fun. Note to self. David Yahoo Gringos meeting are on the first Wednesday of each month.

David Yahoo Group Meeting

Yesterday afternoon, about 45 gringos met at El Fogon for the monthly get together. This was the 3rd anniversary of Shirley forming the group as a means of having a setting to meet other ex-pats that were living in David and the surrounding area. Everyone expressed their gratitude to Shirley for her efforts with the group and managing the Gringo of David Yahoo group.

Probably the most often talked about item was the recent murder in David of a US citizen. Many felt that they were still in the dark as to whether the crime had been solved or was still under investigation. There have been mixed reports on the Internet and local news.

On a happier note, management of the Las Lajas Beach Resort attended and had a drawing for a free night at the resort. Congratulations go out to the winners.

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Gringo Meeting In David Today

This month’s meeting will be at this Pizza Place at 2:00 PM. As always, there will be a very formal agenda containing three main parts.

  1. Eat
  2. Drink
  3. Be merry.

Shirley and Scott will not be in attendance today. Scott’s mother passed away and both Scott and Shirley are in the US. I send my condolences out to them.

By the way, the meeting is not limited to gringos. All are welcome, so stop in and say hello.

Besides you can try the best pizza in David (my opinion). It is a thin crust cooked in a brick oven over a charcoal fire. Yum. The calzone is first rate too. I feel a few more pounds coming.

David Yahoo Group At Stella’s Marina

Yesterday, the David Yahoo Group had its evening meeting at Stella’s Marina in Pedregal. It had been about 3 months since my last visit to this restaurant.

I normally eat light in the evening, but I couldn’t pass up the fried shrimp special for $8. I didn’t take a photo, but it was a lot of food. Enough that the one plate fed two. 15 nice sized shrimp, French fries, and vegetables. Really a bargain for what I received. I also got a slice of the lemon pie to go.

As you can see from the photo, we had a good turnout for the yahoo group. However, even without our turnout, there was a good crowd. I guess the word has gotten around that the marina has a great restaurant.

I stopped and talked to the owner, Walter Unholz and told him my meal was as good as the first time I ate there. It is obvious that an owner being on site is important to the quality of a restaurant remaining high. Thanks for the great food Walter, I will be back!

More Yahoo Complaining

Unfortunately, I dropped into the Yahoo of David site today and it is overflowing with bickering and belching about problems in Panama.I chose not to respond there, since it really won’t make much difference to some and I just don’t care to get in a long running argument. However, it did bring up a couple of things that might be worth blogging about.

One thread was related to Panamanians being non-client oriented, when it comes to service. The example that was given was that an individual had purchased some cheese in Romero’s in Volcan and when it was rung up on the register, the price was higher than what was marked on the product. The individual was upset and eventually the clerk had to go ask the manager. When the clerk returned, she said the price was of the register was correct and the prices would be changed on the rest of the cheese.

The individual was upset and said that while he was waiting, several other clients left. His expectation was that Romeros should charge what was marked. Most likely those that left were not mad at Romero’s but with the individual that was making a scene. Continue reading More Yahoo Complaining

You Can Make A Difference

I came across the following post, in one of the Yahoo groups. The Yahoo groups are a source of good and bad information for me. Sometimes I find a person asking for information and I try to give it. Sometimes I find examples of selfishness and greed, but today, I found a very different kind of post. I think this post is an example of people getting together to do good without a lot of fanfare and hopes of receiving recognition, so they can thump their chests saying, “Look what I did”.

My congratulations and thanks, go out to Barb and all here friends for setting such a great example for the rest of us. Following is the post that I lifted from the Yahoo group. Continue reading You Can Make A Difference

Yahoo Whining

There is a current thread running, in the Yahoo groups, saying that Copa is no longer giving discounts to gringos that are below the retirement age, even though they have the pensionado card. I am trying to find out if this is true or only a rumor. I have heard that the purchase requirements may have changed to requiring an age of 55 for women and 57 for men, but in the next few days I will find out for sure.

Whether the law has changed or not and whether the airlines are only giving discounts with proof of age is not important to this post. What is important is that gringos that want to whine about everything, would provide a blessing to everyone, if they would just leave Panama or better yet, never come to Panama in the first place. Continue reading Yahoo Whining

David Yahoo Gringo Meeting at Antojitos – Today

The David Gringo Meeting will be today at 2:00 at Antojitos. It is interesting to me that the last meeting I went to there was one year ago tomorrow. I see that on that post, a year ago, that a person wrote and asked how to find one of the meetings.

I foolishly said to look at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Gringos_in_David_Panama/.

I say foolishly because the reminders that the site puts out say, “will be posted on the board”. Well here is a nudge to the moderators of the David Yahoo Gringo Site. If you really want anyone to show up at these meetings, then it would be of great assistance if you would take the trouble to update the reminder with the meeting location, including directions of how to get there.

Now if the intent is to keep people confused and possibly prevent too many people from showing up, then I stand corrected and you are doing exactly as you should. I will be at the meeting today, so I can take some flack for this nudge.

Oh yes, based on my post of a year ago, I think Antojitos is across from the Mitsubishi dealer.

David Yahoo Group Get Together

Thursday not Wednesday is the day that the David Yahoo Gringo group meetings takes place. I know that, but Wednesday, I forgot. Maybe I knew that I needed a dry run to know where the El Fogon restaurant was.

I will tell you that Wednesday was a better day weather wise. It rained like a son-of-a-gun on Thursday, but it didn’t dampen the get together.

This was my first time to go to El Fogon. I understand they have a new location that they will be moving into. I wasn’t very hungry, but I did order a cheese burger to have something to evaluate. I think I have written before, that I am not all that fond of typical Panamanian hamburgers. In fact Lee, over at Boquete Guide, has been on an expedition to find a good burger in Boquete.
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