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Chiriquí Chatter Face Lift

It has been over three years since Chiriquí Chatter has had any work done on its appearance. Today I was looking at the new themes that Sadish has been working on. He has a new theme called Chennai and I am planning on installing it as the new theme.

It may take me a day or two to have everything back in place. The main differences that this theme provides is a much larger photo in the header. It also moved the sidebar to the left side of the page and changed the way the posting date is presented.

The one thing I am not sure about is how Asides will work and that is how I post the “one-liners’ that I use to break different posting periods.

It is always good to splash on a bit of paint to brighten up the surroundings and sometimes the new paint job works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Bear with me as I spread out the drop cloth, get the brushes and open the paint. Watch your step. It could be a little messy for a while.

Blog Performance

Since my web host moved CC to the “flavor of the day” improvement called Clustered service, all blog functions are not working well. In the past, when a comment came in, I would receive an immediate email notification generated by WordPress. Now the notification may come up to a day late or in some cases I receive no email at all.

I use a scheduled post for the “One liner” post. Some days the scheduled post doesn’t fire and remains in the queue. I have a scheduled backup of CC and in the past I receive one email around noon with the backup. Since the move, this may or may not happen.

I have currently changed all emails to gmail.com to avoid the problems I have had in the past with my domain email address. Gmail has never failed me.

I guess I will keep an eye on the WordPress “strangeness” for another week and if things are still weird, I may reinstall in case something was lost in the move.

Not That Anyone Cares But Me

Back on the 12th, I received an email from my monitoring service that CC was down and posted the event on the CC Status Blog.

The following day, I learned that my webhost had moved CC to the web host’s new Clustered service. I can see what appears to be several improvements by this move, but I have also had a couple problems afterwards also.

I believe that my Web host is trying to improve things, but there are still a few ruff edges.

CC was also down in the morning of the 14th and I submitted a trouble ticket. After several hours, I received a response from the web host saying that everything appeared up from their end. The implication was that I was mistaken. However, there is evidence of a problem, because all of the AWSTAT history was cleared for the month. The past two days history also seems very low, so I can’t be certain that it is recording correctly.

Since the move to the Clustered Environment, WordPress has failed to post two scheduled posts. This may mean that I need to re-install WordPress, but I will wait to see if tomorrow’s scheduled post goes. I usually post the “one-liners” as a scheduled post as an indicator that I am here. If the last post was one of the One-liners and it stays for more than one day, I may be away.

The new Clustered Environment now has Fantastico. This is a product I wanted in the past and was told that I could not have it because I had been moved to a “Last Hope” server. Now that I have it back, I no longer need it since I can keep up with WP upgrades faster than the outdated Fantastico scripts.

I guess the real purpose of this post is to let you know that if CC is down, you can go to the CC Status Site to see if there is any information on what is happening.

Yesterday Was An Interesting Day (Not One Of My Favorites)

As you can tell, Chiriquí Chatter appears to be alive and well once again. Yesterday was not a good day, in more ways than one! It took until about 9:00PM last night, for me to get everything straightened out. Most of the time was due to my lack of experience in searching for malicious code. The first time I re-installed WordPress, I put the bad code back in the new installation. It was pretty well disguised.

I am not sure how the the bad code got in, but I suspect it entered via my host’s server and potentially, there are other affected users. I could be wrong. If you visited Chiriquí Chatter, when it was infected, then the malicious code would have tried to deliver a Trojan virus to your PC. That is the reason I took CC off line. Continue reading Yesterday Was An Interesting Day (Not One Of My Favorites)

Tag Cloud

WordPress has a feature know as a Tag Cloud. As I get time I will be going over all past posts and adding a tag to each post. I started it a week ago and didn’t like the way I had done it, so I am going to try it again.

This will not replace the category field, but will hopefully augment it. Time will tell. When it is finished, the size of the word in the Tag Cloud will reflect the number of posts classified under that tag. The Tag Cloud will be found at the bottom of the right sidebar.

WordPress Version 2.5 Has Been Installed

WordPress 2.5 has been released. After a short miss start, Chiriquí Chatter is now up an running under the new release. This is a real milestone for me as I had to do the complete upgrade without the help of an upgrade script that I had always used in the past.

When Chiriquí Chatter was moved to its new server, I lost access to the upgrade scripts. Actually this turns out to be a good thing because I now have complete control of everything that happens.

This is a major upgrade, and in all honesty, I probably should have waited to make sure it was stable, but I decided to live dangerously. So far – so good.

Today is Maintenance Day

I see that my web host has the latest WordPress version ready to be installed. Before I install it, I have to update my theme to the latest version of MistyLook. When I looked to see if anything had changed, I see that it has. There is also a new three column version of MistyLook.

I am going to prepare both the two column and the three column versions and try each of them.

After I am sure the themes are working correctly, I will install the new WordPress 2.3.1. This is a major upgrade and things can go wrong, so I will try to backup my current system. With a little luck, I should get through this today. If not, then hopefully, no longer than tomorrow.

While I am doing this migration and upgrade, it is possible that you may see some things that are screwed up. Be patient. I am old and don’t move too fast.

UPDATE: The migration and theme upgrades have been done. I tried the three column version and didn’t like a couple of things, so I guess the two column version stays. If you encounter any problems, now that the upgrade has been done, let me know.