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Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

I mentioned in a previous post that I like using Apple much more than when I was using Microsoft. I am going to tell you what is making the difference for me.

When I only had one intelligent device (PC at that time), the manufacture didn’t make much difference. Microsoft, Apple, or Linux all accomplished what I needed to do and I could have used any of them and did.

The next thing that happened was that cell phones became more intelligent and shared contact information with the PC. I maintained all my contacts on the PC and transferred it to the cell phone.

I started out with a Nokia cell phone and it had to be tethered to the PC to update and share contacts.

Then a couple years ago I bought an iPad and synced my PC contacts with my iPad. It worked pretty well because of Apple, and in spite of Microsoft. Still I fought with my cell to keep it synced with the PC contacts. The Nokia software eventually quit working. Continue reading Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

Saved My Butt Again

This morning I was updating part of my contacts and accidentally deleted a contact I needed. Since I have iCloud active, it immediately deleted it on all Apple devices.

Panic set in until I remembered that Time Machine continually backs up my system.

I went to the iMac that has Time Machine activated and looked for the previous entry. I restored that contact and my heart rate went back to normal.

Once again, Time Machine has saved my butt.

When I was on Windows 7, I used Altaro Oops!Backup. It did the equivalent, but cost $37. I see that Windows 8 has a builtin Time Machine Feature. That by itself would make me upgrade from Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8, if I were still on a Microsoft environment.


Hard Drive Failure

I have had a major hard drive failure on my primary PC. It appears that the disk that contained the Microsoft OS Vista has died. Unfortunately, that disk contained the boot-loader for my Linux system and I am unable to boot into Linux.

I was able to boot up a live CD Linux system and backup all files, documents and photos off the Linux system, so now the problem will be determining the best approach to rebuild the Primary PC.

Currently, I have moved to my backup PC. Until I get the primary PC back on the air, there will be minimal posts.

UPDATE: Reinstalled boot loader and the system is back up. Takes for ever to come up, but I think that is the BIOS detecting the failed drive. It should speed up when I have a chance to remove that drive from the system.

Technology Update

It has been a while since I have written about my recent hardware upgrade. I have it pretty well setup like I like now. The purchase has been a great success. I could not have touched what I bought for less than $2,000 and I got it for less than half that including upgrading to 9 GB of memory, adding a 1TB hard drive and paying extra baggage expenses. My extreme thanks to the individual who brought it down for me ( you know who you are).

After adding the extra memory and HD, I did have a scare, which Micro Technology took care of. Since then it has been running like a charm. It is by far the nicest PC I have ever used.

I am currently running Microsoft Vista with SP2 installed. I have had zero problems and it has been the most stable Microsoft OS I have run. I like it much better than Windows XP. I am a late adopter, so that may explain why I have had no problems. Continue reading Technology Update