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Volcan Town Meeting – August 10


The monthly Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at our venue, the Valley of the Moon Restaurant in Volcan. The Valley of the Moon Restaurant should not be hard to find as there are several signs along the way to their location. Just make a left at the Round Restaurant off the main Volcan road and follow the final signs to the Restaurant. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM.

Last month, we featured Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She kept us abreast of the latest news on the Healthcare crisis in the United States. She also addressed the current healthcare system in place in Panama. Dr. Daniels gave us a very informative presentation of issues not known to the average American from a physician’s perspective engaged in alternative health solutions. Dr. Daniels suggested that folks currently enrolled in Medicare Part B reconsider their participation in this plan and the future expense, involved in this troubled program and become more self-sufficient. Continue reading Volcan Town Meeting – August 10

May Volcan Town Meeting

I received the following Volcan Town Meeting information to post:

The monthly Cerro Punta/Volcan Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at our venue, Restaurante Polineth ( Paul’s) in Volcan on the road to Cerra Punta approximately 1/2 mile from the police station. In our meetings at this venue, Paul serves up many unique dishes for our palates. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM with discussion following the presentation. For your calendar, Town Meetings are always held on the second Wednesday of the month.

Last month, we were pleased to have Attorney Lourdes Mendes to speak on various subjects regarding wills, owning real estate and other related money topics of interest to our community.

This month, we will feature two speakers, one of whom is a CPA, and will discuss the subjects as follows :

1) The new Panamanian tax law that is going to be implemented and its effect on you.
2) Sale of gold coins in Panama.
3) A new industry processing palm oil husks into pellets in Panama and Costa Rica for coal burning electric power stations in Europe.

In addition, information will be available for you to decide on many issues effecting you such as: Continue reading May Volcan Town Meeting

Restaurante Acropolis in Volcan

This was my first time to eat at this restaurant in Volcan. I have had others tell me it was good, so we tried it out a couple of weeks ago. To get to the restaurant, just drive to the “Y” and stay to the left. If you watch to the left, you will see a sign.

We had a good time talking to George Babos who owns the restaurant.

The menu is very Greek and ample. It follows.

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Restaurant Polineth Will Help You Thai One On!

If you are into Thai food, I came across this review of a new Thai restaurant in Volcan called Polineth.

Volcan is a little too far for me to drive, just to have something to eat, but if I am up that way, I plan on stopping in. However, that might be the kiss of death. The last time I drove to Volcan and reviewed a Mexican restaurant, it closed within days.

Here is the review that was posted on one of the Yahoo Groups. Continue reading Restaurant Polineth Will Help You Thai One On!

Audubon Volcan Christmas Bird Count

I just received the following email that you might be interested in:

Hola Don Ray,

Wondering if you can help getting the word out for the Audubon Volcan Christmas Bird Count on your blog.

The Volcan Christmas Bird Count will be held on Sunday December 23rd.
Contact Glenn Lee (glee@cielitosur.com) to sign up!

More info on the following web page:

Thanking you in advance 🙂

Glenn Lee
Volcan Christmas Count Coordinator

Sunday Trip To Volcan

Sunday again and I needed to get out. After only five seconds I ruled out Boquete. There is no way I wanted to fight the traffic going to Dolega. Volcan seemed like a good idea, so off we went. We got off a little late and arrived in Volcan about 2:30 PM and well past my lunchtime.

I stopped at a place I am sure I have eaten at before, but today was my last meal there. All three off us ordered trout. It came with a SMALL salad and French-fries. The trout was small and mine was pretty tasteless. I was marginally disappointed with the meal until I got the bill. It was $21. None of these plates were worth over $3.50 and I personally thought $7.00 was a rip-off. If you are heading to Volcan and want a good meal at a reasonable price, the photo below is where you should not stop.

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Ahhh, What A Day!

Yesterday, I finally was able to go up to Cerro Punta and visit my good friend Jerry. Seeing where Jerry is living sent pangs of envy running through my veins. I hope he is able to have houseguests once in a while. I am afraid I may need a Cerro Punta fix every now and then.

I got off from David behind schedule and didn’t stop to take some of the photos I would have like to have taken. However, I did take photos after I arrived at Jerry’s house.

The first photo is looking from the front of Jerry’s lawn looking toward the small town of Guadalupe. The plants that you see between the small house and me are potato plants.
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