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Feel Good Time

I received an email this morning with a YouTube video that had music from the Bee Gees placed with many old movie clips. While the music is from my time and I have always liked it, what made this so interesting was to see Fred Astaire and so many movie stars dancing to it.

If you have a little time to spare, you might enjoy THIS VIDEO. See how many stars you can find. I will give you a couple you might miss on the first viewing. Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante.

And You Thought You Knew Hummingbirds

I received an interesting video today on hummingbirds. I noticed that Google is working on software to put the voice that is spoken into subtitles. Futhermore, you can translate the subtitles into other languages  and in this case, I used that function to make it easier for Lilliam to enjoy the video.

The video follows. This should add to your knowledge of hummingbirds.

To use the caption translation ability you will have to view it on the YouTube site and can find this video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjnc1kHMDDo

Have a Great Day

Today I am going to help Jorge and Vicky with their Christmas Party but I didn’t want to leave you without any entertainment. I have seen this group several times and always enjoy the uniqueness of their performances.

While I am having fun sit back and enjoy this short video. After it is done, remember it is Saturday and go out and smell some roses. I will have some photos of the Christmas party to share with you as soon as I can process the photos. I am expecting a wonderful and fulfilling day. You have a great day as well.

To Rambala and Back – Remembered

Back in March of 2007, I took a trip to the Chiriquí Grande area to have a look at some construction work that the US Army was doing in Panama. Today as I was searching for something on the Internet, I stumbled on some videos that were made on a subsequent project of the Army.

The videos are pretty good. They give you an idea of the difficult life that many people in Panama face. And yet, when you see the smiling faces of all the young Panamanians, you realize that it doesn’t take much to make children happy.

Many American’s move to Panama, hoping to find paradise for themselves, without ever thinking about how they might possibly help their new found neighbors. I have a good friend that used to live in Boquete and while he was there, he got involved with a small Indian school. He went every day and made himself useful. He painted. He bought bags of rice and vegetables to help the children have a meal while they were at school. He simply gave of himself.

He didn’t throw money at problems hoping that it would be spent well. He didn’t try to advise the school system on how to make it better. He did it on his own, not wanting any recognition for what he was doing. He just did what was in his power and small budget, but he made a difference.

Many of the children he helped were just like the ones in these videos. His reward was similar to the reward that I am sure each of the army personnel felt by spending time in Panama on this 4 month project.

Here are a series of 8 videos that were taken during that four month project.

Beyond the Horizon (Ep. 1)

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