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Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Two

For anyone that has gone on a cruise, one of the first things that they will mention is the food. On Royal Caribbean there was plenty and it was first rate. There were several places to eat aboard the Grandeur of the Seas.

There was the Windjammer Marketplace that was open for all three meals and offered the most flexibility. It is a cafeteria style. The only photo I took was this carved decoration. Everyday, there was a new carved fruit greeting you when you entered the Windjammer.

There was an enormous variety to choose from. Most was in buffet format and you picked what you wanted. For breakfast, there was also an area where you could have eggs prepared the way you wanted them. I preferred the omelets.

For lunch there was an area for sandwiches and they always had a large meat entree that was sliced the way you wanted. It was usually a ham, roast beef or turkey. There was also a sauce that complimented the meat.

The dessert area had enough choices to make you gain weight just by walking buy it.

While we ate at the Windjammer several times, I preferred eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Great Gatsby Dining room. I enjoyed the ability to visit with other passengers on the cruise and breakfasts always put you with someone you hadn’t met. Here is one of my breakfast omelets. Continue reading Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Two

Time Flies When Your Are Having Fun

It is really hard for me to realize that I have lived in David for almost a year. While I was looking at the photos I took in 2005 and remembering what was going on in my life, I came on my photos from my trip to Lima, Peru.

February of 2005, I just really needed to take some time off, see some new things and get refocused. I decided that since I was living in a Latin American country, I might as well visit another. I considered going to Cartagena, Colombia. I spent a tremendous amount of time researching it. It is apparently one beautiful city. However, I must confess that I read too much about the violence in Colombia and decided to pass on Cartagena. I may still go one day, but it was not for me in 2005. Continue reading Time Flies When Your Are Having Fun