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Spoke Too Soon

Based on the tests I did before going to bed, I thought Cable Onda had solved their problems. Looks like I was wrong.

After the last few days and communicating with Cable Onda and sending them speed tests ping tests as well as traceroute diagnostics, I returned home yesterday to find the Internet close to perfect for what I am paying for.

I was able to validate my credit card over MagicJack. I was able to call my Uncle in Oklahoma over Magicjack and I was able to watch about 4 hours of NetFlix without a single pause.

However, I wakeup this morning to find things appearing to be back to a shoddy state.

I should have known better.

Because of my previous posts, I received several emails and comments to explain or interpret some of the tests. If you are living in Panama, it is not a bad idea to understand a little about data communications, because if you don’t the various companies can tell you anything and you won’t know if you are being BSed or not.

Moving to Panama from the U.S. or other more technology advanced parts of the world will cause a lot of frustration because the Internet is probably going to be your main connection with family you have left behind.

Being able to use the Internet to call family, use FaceTime or Skype for video chats, watch movies when you want using Netflix or Amazon Prime will help ease the loss of family being close.

So when you can’t use this technology then you are totally dependent on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to help you maximize your Internet capability.

Depending on where you live in Panama, you will access the Internet by different means. Continue reading Spoke Too Soon


Here are speed tests from  this evening and a traceroute to chiriquichatter.net.

To net it out, it appears that at this moment, I do not see any problem. I am not sure how the problem got solved or who solved it.

When I left this morning, I has sent one last traceroute to Cable Onda, which pointed to a problem under their administration. When I returned this evening, speed tests and trace route show no problems.

If it was solved as a result of data I provided to Cable Onda, then I would suspect it was sending the traceroute diagnostics.

When I have more time, I will post some information explaining how you can take and read your own traceroute command and where you should send the email and what information the email should contain.

Last login: Mon Dec 22 19:07:20 on ttys000
Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilliamsMBP$ traceroute chiriquichatter.net
traceroute to chiriquichatter.net (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 1.346 ms 1.195 ms 1.134 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 10.762 ms 9.865 ms 10.432 ms
4 ( 20.989 ms 21.702 ms 18.341 ms
5 ( 17.080 ms 19.124 ms 19.509 ms
6 ( 76.169 ms 77.371 ms 76.291 ms
7 xe-8-2-1.mia12.ip4.gtt.net ( 57.676 ms 59.585 ms 57.679 ms
8 xe-10-2-0.tor10.ip4.gtt.net ( 89.265 ms 88.673 ms 90.108 ms
9 gtt-gw.ip4.gtt.net ( 90.898 ms 104.367 ms 127.588 ms
10 ae0-30g.cr1.tor2.ca.as4436.gtt.net ( 99.650 ms 93.892 ms 91.695 ms
11 ( 93.165 ms 92.261 ms 92.136 ms
12 static-199-7-239-123.ptr.terago.net ( 95.742 ms
g8-25-ar02-vau1.datacenterscanada.com ( 92.509 ms
static-199-7-239-123.ptr.terago.net ( 96.528 ms
13 static-74-122-129-2.ptr.terago.net ( 89.891 ms 96.493 ms 93.033 ms
14 cypher.hostmds.com ( 91.941 ms 92.494 ms 89.764 ms
Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilliamsMBP$

Traceroute Tests

In a continuing search for information on the poor performance of Cable Onda, I was suggested to do some trace route measurements.

I thought I would post one and you may want to do some at your location. If you use an Apple, just enter the Terminal application and then type the command traceroute “address”. where “address” is the destination address.

Here are a couple from this morning. I will note that when I went to post I could not get to my web host. Luckily I could see that the site was up using my status site.

The the second to last trace route was trying to check the route to chiriquichatter.net. The last is checking the route to cableonda.com/

I am going to try to post this via my Cell Phone.

Last login: Mon Dec 22 08:25:13 on ttys000
Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilliamsMBP$ traceroute google.com
traceroute: Warning: google.com has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to google.com (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 1.495 ms 1.258 ms 1.115 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 1206.087 ms 1760.598 ms 919.856 ms
4 ( 1533.807 ms 950.128 ms 2001.229 ms
5 ( 1535.777 ms 1213.655 ms 2118.345 ms
6 ( 1468.453 ms 1273.033 ms 1222.378 ms
7 ( 2179.587 ms 1586.469 ms 60.921 ms
8 ( 80.781 ms ( 1432.432 ms
xe-1-0-1.usa.brx-teracore02.columbus-networks.com ( 1248.398 ms
9 ( 1256.196 ms ( 2192.585 ms ( 1216.763 ms
10 ( 1251.389 ms 2227.599 ms ( 1167.472 ms
11 ( 1457.730 ms 2175.867 ms 2266.340 ms
12 ( 1215.371 ms ( 2168.601 ms ( 2159.361 ms
13 * * *
14 yk-in-f113.1e100.net ( 2115.102 ms 565.835 ms 175.174 ms
Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilliamsMBP$ Continue reading Traceroute Tests

Cable Onda Speed Tests December 20

Following are tests made on December 20. HERE are the tests made on December 19.

It would be interesting if any Cable and Wireless users in the Chiriquí area would report their performance from http://www.speedtest.net.

I have made several calls lately using Magic Jack and the other end could not hear me , but I could hear them. I think that would correspond to the less than normal upload time.

8:10 AM

11:05 AM


3:30 PM

6:30 PM

11:50 PM