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Cable Onda Internet Modem Dies

My Cable Onda modem died that controls both the Internet and the phone. No lights on the unit. It is dead.

I called Cable Onda and they scheduled an appointment for Tuesday between 7:30 AM and noon. How nice of them. No internet for almost three days.

This is Panama and that is what you learn to expect.

This is being posted via my iPhone and Claro.

UPDATE: The problem turned out to be that my UPS went out. I am bypassing it and back online. Wasn’t Cable Onda Modem after all. However, it was a good test of their service.


One day last week, I had about 5 hours of Internet outage. When the outage was over, I noticed that my Internet speed was running faster. Consistently it is now running 10 Mbps, when it used to be 6 Mbps.

Looking at the Cable Onda site, it appears they have made adjustments in their plans. The plan I was on has lowered it price, but also lowered the Internet speed. I am assuming that my bill will not change and that will account for the increase in Internet speed.

I had another neighbor who was paying for 9 Mbps and is now receiving 15 Mbps. No complaints here, I just don’t understand the changes.

However, knowing that something had changed, will mean I have to pay close attention when the next bill comes out. As long as my monthly charge hasn’t gone up, I am a happy camper.

No Free Ride

The news this morning was talking about something that will be of interest to all who use the small gas containers from Tropigas and Panagas.

You may not know it, but the government subsidizes the small tanks. That is why they are so cheap. It costs me $5.12 when I pick up my tank at the local Chinese market. I think the subsidy on the small tanks is around $10.

People using the large tanks of gas always pay market price.

The news today said that the government had not been paying the subsidy and the companies were going to stop providing the small tanks until the subsidy is paid.

I need to get my tank exchanged today or no more hot showers.

Cable Onda Out This Morning

Cable Onda went out this morning (Cable TV, Telephone, and Internet). All were functioning when I got up, but went out about 7:00 AM. My backup is always my cell and luckily it is rare for both providers to be out at the same time.

Not a good time for those working via the Internet in Panama or those wanting to make VOIP calls to the U.S.

This is not as serious an outage as not having electricity or water and my outages of those services are usually no more than four times a year.

It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is bright. The birds are singing. A few dogs are barking and pretty much , all is right with the world.

Lilliam thinks it is good for me to take a break from TV and the Internet now and then anyway.

We have plans to eat lunch with a good friend today, so I am confident it is going to be a great day (with or without Internet and TV).

TV returned after an hour and a half. Internet returned ten minutes later. A friend said her service had been going on and off all morning, so there must be work going on are someone has been stealing cable.

My Cable Onda Upgrade

A while back I had noticed that there was a new plan M offered by Cable Onda. I went to the CO office and requested it. I would have to give up a few channels that I didn’t watch, but I would increase my Internet speed from 5 to 6 Mbps. It also lowered my Cable Onda bill by close to $10 a month.

It was sort of a no brainer.

Today the CO technicians came out to swap out my modem.

It is now up and running. Yea!