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UBUNTU and The Man Behind It

It has been a while since I have written anything related to Linux. Today, I stumbled on this interview with Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind UBUNTU. I have been using nothing but Linux for a few years now. Probably the most important person to the rabip growth of Linux users is Mark Shuttleworth. When he created UBUNTU, and its family of Linux distributions, Linux finally started to become a feasible desktop platform.

All of the Linux distributors have had to look at their distributions and make them more user friendly to compete with UBUNTU. In the past, Linux could only be used by tech savvy people. UBUNTU is changing that.

If you watch this short interview, you will learn a little about the man who is causing Linux to be a force to be reckoned with by Microsoft and Apple.

A View Of The Future?

Today was a day of contrasts. Microsoft posted a drop in earnings of 11% because of a major drop in software sales. I think this stage has been posturing for some time now. You can only put out bloated and over priced software, while missing target dates for so long before it starts catching up with you.

Microsoft’s failings have been a tremendous boon for Apple, which has been taking advantage of this opportunity and has increased its sales. Apple has a very good software product, but I still believe that the hardware is over priced. Apple missed it’s target date for the release of its latest OS, but it certainly came closer to hitting it’s date with a more stable product than Microsoft did.

Meanwhile, UBUNTU released its latest release, today, on its target date. It is starting to capture the attention of more and more people. The price, for a system that is more secure than MS Vista and coupled with a wide range of software that will satisfy the needs of most people, is $0.00. For countries like Panama, a move to Linux is something worth considering.