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Las Lajas Beach Resort June Special

I just received the following email for posting:

From……: Peter

Hi Don we met at a gringos in David meeting. I am the owner of Las Lajas Beach Resort. Just want to let people know we are having a special rate for June just $40 per night per room every night of the week. That $40 for the room not per person max 4 people. So get 3 friends and its just $10 bucks each, can’t beat that. Weather here is great so come mid week and have the beach to yourself. thanks Peter

If you see Peter, tell him you heard about the special on Chiriquí Chatter. Here is his card from the previous post.

Gone Fishing Panama Resort and Restaurant

I received the following email with the request to post.

From……: Donna
Url…….: www.gonefishingpanama.com

Hi Don,
Your website is always informative and entertaining. Thank you.

I am the owner of Gone Fishing Panama Resort and Restaurant, in Boca Chica, we bumped into each other one day in the Rey shopping center. We are trying to get the word out about our weekly Sunday Brunch. Now that the road to Boca Chica is 95% complete, we thought people would like to come for a Brunch and a Swim. It’s a full gourmet Brunch with an alcoholic beverage included, for $25 per person. The menu changes weekly and it will be posted on our website soon, maybe even today!

I was wondering if you could help get the word out for us. Thanks. Donna.

If you go, tell Donna you heard about it on Chiriquí Chatter.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 4 in Aruba

We arrived at Aruba around 11:00AM.

We spent the morning taking advantage of one of the Jacuzzis on the pool deck.

There was no need for a taxi in Aruba, unless you wanted to go to one of the beaches. With my fair skin I typically avoid the beach areas. We spent our time in the main area of Aruba all within walking distance from the ship. Aruba, like the other ports was immaculate. Continue reading Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 4 in Aruba

Royal Caribbean Cruise From Colon

I am finally getting around to posting about our Royal Caribbean Cruise. This is a new cruise that only started late last year and it has been written up on several other blogs. Since I am late in taking the cruise and not the first to post on the cruise, I will try to cover other things and some will be my observations of the differences I saw in this cruise and others I have taken in the same area.

I think that Royal Caribbean started this cruise as a test to see how much interest there was in a Caribbean cruise departing outside the US. From all that I saw and all that I have heard it has been a tremendous success. From the people I talked to from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile Uraguay and other Latin American countries, most were motivated to take this cruise because they didn’t have to obtain a US visa.

We arrived in Colon a little after noon and carefully chose some individuals to ask the correct directions to the dock. It was really uneventful in Colon and what I saw of Colon was a very pretty city. I still would not be caught walking around there, but with the right police enforcement this could be a good tourist destination.

Cruise Check in – The first sign that this was going to be different than any cruise I took leaving out of Florida, the last being about 13 years ago, was the check in process. The first part was to check the bags. This took 10 maybe minutes. This was done outside the embarkation building.

You always wonder when someone in Panama walks off with your bags whether you will ever see them or not, but this is a fenced compound and there are no worries.

Next we entered the building, where I was sure the long lines would begin. To my surprise, there was a short line to fill out a embarkation information form which took about 10 minutes and then the actual boarding check in where we got our computer boarding passes which may have taken another 10 minutes.

The entire check in may have taken 30 minutes and was the least stressful cruise check in I have ever seen. We boarded the ship and spent some time exploring the ship since the rooms would not be available until 1:00 PM

The ship is immense and we tried to take a quick look at the main areas and didn’t get to our room until a little before 2:00PM.

Continue reading Royal Caribbean Cruise From Colon

The Trip That Almost Wasn’t

I am back and I had a wonderful time. We went on the Royal Caribbean Cruise that departs out of Colon. It was touch and go for a while as to whether the trip would happen or not. I made all travel arrangements through my travel agent and part of the plan was to take a Royal Caribbean bus from Panama City to Colon and then return from Colon the same way.

We were told to be at a specific location (Lumicentro in El Dorado) in Panama City by 9:00AM. We were there at 8:50AM. 9:00 came and went. At 10:30 AM I felt a decision needed to be made. I was ready to call a halt to the trip. When things start off bad, they usually go down hill from there. I had purchased trip insurance, so if I missed the trip, I would only be out the cost of the insurance.

Luckily, others, with cooler heads and without a US Type A personality, convinced me to get to Colon by other means. We went by car, which was an imposition on the person that volunteered to drive us, but all went well. The road to Colon was not all that good, but we made it without problems.

We arrived in Colon a little after 12:00PM and began the process of checking in. I have been on several cruises leaving out of Florida and by far, this was the easiest embarking and disembarking I have ever had. I would do it again in a heart beat. Continue reading The Trip That Almost Wasn’t