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Rving through Central America

When I attended the Opening celebration of Hotel Ladera, I stayed in El Oasis B&B. At breakfast I met a couple that has Rved to Panama. I told them that I get many questions on the difficulty of driving to Panama and asked if would mind sending me their blog address so that others could learn from their experience.

This morning I received the following email from them with their blog address.

Hi Don,
We met at the The Oasis B&B in Boquete a couple weeks ago. You were interested in the fact that we had driven from California to Panama and asked me to send you our blog address. Sorry it took so long but here it is:
Best Wishes,
Ray and Marcia

Thanks to Ray and Marcia for sharing their experience.

Paradise Gardens Is OPEN

I just received the following email confirming that, contrary to rumors, Paradise Gardens is very much open.  This is an attraction that you should not miss if you are visiting Chiriquí.

From……: April

Hello!  I was hoping you could help us out at Paradise Gardens.  I am a volunteer that has been working here for the past 6 weeks.  During this time, I have heard rumor after rumor that we are closing and/or closed.  We are very much open and need visitors to help us support the animals that come and go.  We have proud new Tamarin Monkey parents and would like the suggestions from the public in naming the twins.  We are holding a Name the Babies Contest.  Entries cost $1.00 and must be in by March 9th at 12 pm.  Name suggestions will be posted at PG and voted on.  March 13th the winner will be chosen and receive a dinner for two at Las Ruinas.  If you are able to post this and pass it on to other contacts that you have it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!

World Speed Record to be Broken in David?

David, Chiriquí could be the location where the current world speed record is broken and a new one set.

Mark your calendars. Saturday March 27th, Jim ‘Jet’ Neilson is going for the record. Since the David Fair is from March 11 through March 21, this is the following Saturday.

There will be a Commercial Fair in the Chiriquí Mall Parking lot. The schedule can be seen HERE.

Stay tuned.

New AeroPerlas Flight schedule

I just received this email related to a new schedule for the AeroPerlas flights between David and Panama. Also there is an announcement about the flight from David to Boca.

Estimados clientes:

A partir del 26 de enero les ofrecemos un nuevo horario:

DAV PAC: 7:55 am    (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)
12:55 pm   (lunes a sabado) (Monday through Saturday)
6:55 pm    (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)

PAC DAV: 6:30 am    (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)
9:55 am     (lunes a sabado) (Monday through Saturday)
5:30 pm     (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)

NOTA: Les anunciamos que a partir del lunes 25 se reanuda la frecuencia de DAV-BOCAS ISLA (11:20am)


Ma. Magela Miranda ● Ejecutiva de Ventas

Edificio del Hotel Puerta del Sol, David – Chiriqui. Rep. Panamá

Office (507) 721 – 1230  ● (507) 721 – 1195

Office (507) 775 – 6812  ●  Fax (507)  775 – 7779

E-mail: apventasdav@aeroperlas.com

Thanks To Viaje Crisol and Grand Tours

You may remember that I only had one blip in a perfect cruise last March. That was because my connection to Colon was missing in action.

After a couple letters to Royal Caribbean and Viaje Crisol’s never ending persuit to gain a refund, I received a check last week from Grand Tours.

I actually thought Grand Tours did a great job on my return from Colon to Panama City and will have no problem using them again. Alls well that ends well. Apology accepted.

Paradise Gardens Update

Yesterday, I also stopped by Paradise Gardens in Boquete. This has to be one if the nicest places to visit in all of Panama. I was interested in finding out how it was doing with out its founders.

I am happy to say that it is alive and well, but it still can use a little help from the community. They said they can always use fruits for the animals and the donations barely get them by month to month.

They also said they can use a few more volunteers. If you love animals, stop by and offer your services. Paradise does a wonderful service in rescuing animals and returning them to nature.

I did take a few photos yesterday. The next photo is of an animal that I hadn’t seen there before.

Here are a few pjotos of just a few of the birds you can see. Continue reading Paradise Gardens Update

H1N1 Global Pandemic Message

I received the following email message from Lic. Wee-Mingh Fung (President of the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriquí). If you have been watching the news on TV, this will not be any surprise, but I felt it was important to let you know that Panama is not ignoring the situation. Below is my English translation, followed by the original Spanish message.

Hello All, I am forwarding a story of importance.

The World Health Organization is declaring that H1N1 is now a global pandemic. This is the first time this has been done in 41 years. This disease has already affected over 74 countries and more than 27 thousand people in other countries and apparently has not been contained and continues to grow.

This statement can further negatively affect the state of the global economy ….

View news in:

Abdiel, please forward this story to the other members of the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriquí.


Lic. Wee-Mingh Fung
Cámara de Turismo de Chiriquí
David, Chiriquí, Panamá
Office: 507-775-0253
Fax: 507-775-7115
Mobile: 507-6677-5261

The original Spanish version follows: Continue reading H1N1 Global Pandemic Message