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Once You Drink The Poison

Several years ago I left the Microsoft family and moved to Apple. It all began because I could not get my Windows PC to sync with my Windows phone ( a Samsung phone using a Windows OS) for contacts.

I moved to Apple iPhone, Apple MacBook, Apple iPad, etc. I drank all the Kool-Aid. The world was a happy place.

However, Apple has changed since the death of Steve Jobs. It has narrowed its focus with the MacBook pro and I consider the new MacBooks to be aimed at artists and away from the general use and the prices are more out of sight.

Recent Window’s Laptops have shown much more innovation. Continue reading Once You Drink The Poison

Pixel and Me – 1 Month + later.

I have been using my Google Pixel for over a month now. With each day, I appreciate it more. It is the only brand, in the Android fleet, that truly competes with the Apple iPhone. Yes, Sony and Samsung have premium devices that are great phones, but they lack one thing. That is direct, immediate support from Google with the OS.

I think Google rushed the phone to market a little early and that is the reason it is missing the waterproofing that it gets knocked for. I’m not bothered by not having it. There is the the lack of waterproofing, but I like the build and finish.

If there is a downside to the Android OS, it is that it is a more open operating system than Apple’s IOS and you can truly tailor your device to your personality. By being able to tailor it, you can also install some software that isn’t safe, if you don’t know what you are doing. If you install software that doesn’t come from Google’s Play Store, you cant be sure if you are loading a valid copy or not.

I think Android is plenty usable without tailoring, but there is that flexibility. If you only download software from Google Play Store, then the apps should be as safe as apps from Apple’s App store.

Another caution to mention is that there are so many Android phone brands out there and they are not all equally supported. In today’s world a properly maintained computer has a chance of keeping bad things out. Make no mistake, today’s smart phones are computers and you need to pay attention to security.

Back to my experience with my Google Pixel. Continue reading Pixel and Me – 1 Month + later.

Moving to Panama – Technology Cons

This is the second post on technology’s role for people moving to Panama.

In this post I will focus on some of the dangers that technology poses for those that are new to using technology.


Let’s start with the most obvious. The technology I am talking about requires the Internet to be useful. Connecting to the Internet will require an email address and an email account requires a password.

This is the first point of failure for most people. They don’t realize how important it is to have a hardened secure password. I have written several posts that cover the password subject and won’t cover the topic in detail here. A search on this blog for “passwords” will bring up old posts.

I will summarize what I have previously written as follows. All sites and emails requiring a password should have unique passwords. If you are using the same password for multiple things, you are already in danger. Continue reading Moving to Panama – Technology Cons

Moving to Panama – Some Technology Pros

The largest amount of people moving to Panama are part of the senior citizen population. As I have mentioned on multiple occasions, I believe to live safely and to enjoy the move to Panama, a modicum of technology will be required.

However, we are living in the most dangerous time to be a novice with technology. There in is the dilemma. You can’t get by without it and yet you are going to have to learn things that can be a little complex with a brain that is slowing down.

I am going to break this topic into to parts. This part will be the Pro part of technology and tomorrow’s post will cover the Con portion.

Technology Benefits – When moving to a foreign country.

My feeling is that the majority of people moving to Panama are individuals or couples. A smaller amount are families with children. That means that the people moving here have most of their friends and family back in their country of origin. Continue reading Moving to Panama – Some Technology Pros

Did Apple’s Muse Die with Jobs?

I am baffled with the lack direction that Apple seems to have. It was recently announced that Apple had decided to shut down its router division. I own an Apple Airport Extreme and it is a fantastic router.

In fact, it seems like Apple is quietly dropping several things. It also canceled the stand alone monitor. What will be next?

Could it be the Apple Mac Pro? It came out in 2013 and hasn’t seen any attention since then. There was speculation that a new Mac Pro would be announced in November and that hasn’t happened. Maybe it is on the chopping block too.

The router axing is interesting to me because it is very obvious that the direction of technology is moving into mobile and home automation, Both are very dependent on WiFi.The Internet of Things (IoT) is being targeted by many manufacturers. IoT requires a strong WiFi capability in the house.

Look at Amazon’s Echo, Samsung’s Smart Things Hub, Google’s Mesh Network WiFi routers, Google Home and all of the supporting devices being manufactured for smart homes.

Next year will be the year of the mesh router. You will be able to have a strong WiFi signal in every area of your house.

All that Apple has, that can remotely be considered in that area, is the Apple TV, which supports Apple Home Kit.

Of course Apple Home Kits won’t do anything, if there is no network in the house for Apple to manage and now that network doesn’t have a chance of running on Apple hardware.

So, I have about decided that the muse that inspired Jobs has left the building. It appears that Apple’s current management has become another management team only interested in the bottom line and if that is true, Apple will die.

Public WiFi is not Your Friend

Not long ago I ate at Sugar and Spice in Boquete. I noticed it was full of customers and all were using the Internet via laptop of cell phone.

I opened my phone and saw that there was an open WiFi server set up by Sugar and Spice. I continued to use my Cell Phone provider’s connection and ignored Sugar and Spice’s available connection.

I told the friend I was with that I never use public open WiFi. I explained why and told him since he was a regular there that he should advise S&S to enable a simple password to protect their clients.

Whether he has done that and they have changed or not, I have no idea.

Today, I came across this article in my daily reading.

It provides a very good explanation of the danger.

This is another reason I have ordered a Google Pixel. With the Pixel, Google is providing a builtin VPN that will be enabled in cases where you come upon open WiFi sites that are known.

You can’t be too secure these days, but you can become more secure by learning a little bit more. It still surprises me how many non secure WiFi sites are available in Panama. It may done in the name of simplicity, but when simplicity enables identity theft, it should be avoided.

UPDATE: I had posted this on Facebook Boquete News to insure that those in Boquete, who don’t follow this blog, could be made aware of the problem and inform the owner, if it had not been corrected.

However, the post on FB Boquete News was deleted, I have to assume because it was considered to be a negative inditement of a Boquete business. It was not. It was informational and I assumed some client would be willing to notify the owner as well as other businesses that provide similar non secure connections.

This appears to be another example of political correctness being more important than public safety.

Google’s Big Move

I may be the only one in Panama that cares about Google’s October 4th announcement. However, with more and more people moving to Panama, it will become more important with time.

As I have said often, I do not think you can live safely in Panama without a smart phone. That being said, there have been only two operating systems of significance to choose from. Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft’s Windows system has been too little too late and is not worth talking about.

Apple has had a major advantage, until now, because it has controlled both hardware and software. However, Apple is really a hardware company that creates software to allow it to be sold.

Google is really a software and information services company that is now moving into the Hardware business. With the mass accumulation of information knowledge Google has archived, it is better positioned to take advantage of the move in mobile and Artificial Intelligence.

October 4th was its foray into the arena with the big boys (Apple, Samsung, etc.).

For me it is with mixed emotion that I watched the October 4th conference. The presentation was not at Apple’s level of polish, but the effect of October 4th is going to have a major impact on the cell phone world. Continue reading Google’s Big Move

Another Apple Sierra Problem

The previous problem was that Sierra broke magic Jack. I chose to ignore it because I have MJ installed on my cell phone.

Today, I discovered that Time Machine was not doing its backups. Actually. I probably can’t say this is a Apple Sierra problem, but a problem with SOPHOS AV. It is preventing the Time Machine from running. Unfortunately, I can’t uninstall SOPHOS cleanly, so I am going to have to call Apple for help.

I expect SOPHOS needs to be removed by manually deleting some internal files and I don’t trust myself to do that without Apple on the line.

Hope I can get it resolved tomorrow. Tuesday is my day to watch the Google announcements.