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Super 99 Revisited

A little over a year ago, Super 99 opened its new store across the InterAmerican Highway from Plaza Terronal.

As I look back on that post, I was not all that impressed. What a difference a year makes. Recently I have made several trips to the new Super 99.

There have been a couple things that Rey did that caused me to take another look at Super 99.

The first straw was when Rey removed several products, that I always purchased, to make room for their “Rey” branded products.

The second straw was the lack of ice cream choices in Rey. Not only choice limitation, but I have picked up more than one container that had been thawed and refrozen. Yuck.

So I decided to take a second look to see if my missing products happened to be in Super 99. Son of a gun. My latest walk-throughs have found a very nice store. The isles could be a hair wider, but there seems to be much more variety than in Rey.

If you like ice cream, Super 99 has more brands and favors than in any other store in David. Not only that, but they have Friendly’s Ice Cream. You may not know this brand, but when I lived in Virginia, one of my favorite outings was going to a Friendly’s Ice Cream store.

Three Hagen Daz pints will run you close to $18. One 1 1/2 quart container of Friendly’s will cost you around $5. To me, the Friendly’s is every bit as good. I have had “Banana Split”, “Maple Walnut”, “Vienna Mocha Chunk” and “Fruit Swirl”. My favorite is Maple Walnut.

The only complaint I have, and the thing that prevents me from shopping there more, is that I hate the aggravation of having to cross The InterAmerican Highway.

Who knows where I will be shopping in the future. RIBA Smith?

Song Depot

A new discount warehouse has opened up across the InterAmerican highway from Chiriquí Mall. So if you are driving toward the Frontera, it will be in your right as you reach Chiriquí Mall.

It is a non membership warehouse and primarily carries packaged food products, house supplies, wines and liquors.

The prices I looked at appeared pretty good. It is different from PriceSmart in that you do not have to buy a large quantity. They sell individual items, such as one can of soup. However, if you buy a case, then the unit price goes down.

I didn’t take any photos inside, but this is the sign at the entrance.

Organic Life – A New Store In David

Saturday I stopped by a new organic store in David. It is in Plaza Mallorca and to the right of Dental Estetic. I spent some time talking to Brittany Wilhelm and took some photos in the store.

I asked Brittany to send me a short email and I told her I would put it in the blog along with the photos.

Today, I received her email. Continue reading Organic Life – A New Store In David

Thanks DSD

I received a call from the David Shopping Diva this morning, and she told me that PriceSmart has Jimmy Dean Croissants in the freezer section. DSD knows that I love Jimmy Dean sausage. The other day she sent me an email that Super 99 had cans of Pumpkin Pie filling. I have a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that will have to be make soon.

I guess I need to list other things I am looking for, because if anyone knows where it is in David, DSD knows. If you are looking for something, I am sure she will monitor this post and answer your request. 🙂

Hagen Dice

I like to buy some of the specialty brands of ice cream every now and then. I usually shop at El Rey, but I happened to be in Super Baru the other day and saw Häagen-Dazs 20 cents cheaper than El Rey.

Since I am always looking for a bargain, I bought three pints. However, I am on the third pint and each has been icy. It is almost like it was allowed to get warm and then refrozen.

Maybe I didn’t buy Häagen-Dazs and bought Hagen Dice by mistake.

Diet Drinks in David

I almost posted the fact that El Rey had Diet Dr. Pepper (Cherry – Vanilla) the other day. However it was so good that I didn’t want there to be a rush to buy it up. As it turns out, it was only in the store one day. I don’t know why they don’t do a better job of identifying things that sell well and replenish them more often. I don’t expect to see Diet Dr. Pepper in David, again this year.

I also bought Diet A&W Root Beer the other day. It is staying on the shelf longer, so I guess root beer isn’t a big draw down here.

I am not sure that this new Diet Coke will be a hit. I think I will just leave it on the shelf if I see it in David. Let me know if you try it. Continue reading Diet Drinks in David

Have Camera – Need Permission To Take Photos

I have gotten into the habit of carrying my camera everywhere I go. I never know when I am going to see something that is of interest to me. Sometimes I go to a location planning to take photos, such as when I last went to Parque Cervantes, but normally a photo opportunity just occurs.

The other day, I went to Super Baru and was greeted by this sign at the entrance door.

Continue reading Have Camera – Need Permission To Take Photos