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More English Classes With Dario

Dario gave me a call the other day and asked if I could help with some students he had in private classes.

The first group contained six students that work for Pesca Panama, which is a sport fishing company based out of the Pedregal Marina. This was an interesting group. Many, if not all, had had zero training in English before starting with Dario three months ago.

They had made a good bit of progress in such a short period of time. Obviously many of the clients for Pesca Panama are from outside Panama and being able to speak some English is very important. Continue reading More English Classes With Dario

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

If you did not watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, you missed a tremendous ceremony. I believe I enjoyed it more than any I can remember. They really put on a great show.

They had James Bond escort the Queen in the Palace. They had Mr. Bean playing in the orchestra (what a riot he was). They had music across the years. And of course, they had the competitors marching into the stadium.

Muhammad Ali was even there. How special was that.

I couldn’t help but think, as I watched all the young athletes march in, that there are a lot of beautiful people in the world. All had bright smiling faces, bright sparkling eyes, and the hopes of each of their countries on their shoulders.

The raising of the Olympic flag was accompanied with music that would sooth a tortured sole.

Then there was the ceremony of the Olympic torch, which was carried into the stadium. It was used to light flames for each of the countries. Truly beautiful. Then the fireworks were amazing.

Sir Paul McCartney sang Hey Jude. There was something for everyone in the opening ceremony. I am glad I didn’t miss it.

I took a couple photos while I watched the TV. Of course for Lilliam, I had to take the following photo of Costa Rica’s participants. I took the photos with the iPhone, so the quality isn’t great.

Of course I had to get Panama’s Irving Saladino, and President Martinelli.

Let the games begin!

Bocas Has A Winner

If you are a sports enthusiast and live in Panama, then you may have followed the Panama baseball championships. It was quite a ride, but Bocas pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

I stayed up last night until the last out. The game finished at 2AM this morning after getting a late start in Santiago because of rain. I was afraid that Panama Metro was going to be the winner after they had a large scoring inning, but Bocas came through.

This was the first major victory for Bocas in 51 years. I bet that there were many in Bocas that didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Baseball in Panama is really a fun event. Watching it on TV is different than in the states as well. The camera men have a knack of zooming in on the crowd and for some reason, the portion of the crowd that they focus on is the lovely ladies of Panama.

Those being photographed seem to enjoy it as well because they always smile, dance and show off their finer features.

I was a little late in getting up this morning, and I am still feeling the effect of the late game.

There was a first for me during this game. This was the first game I can ever remember that was having fog starting to obscure the area toward the end of the game. For a while I thought it might be so bad that the outfielders would not be able to see a fly ball. Interesting watching baseball in Panama.

I keep promising myself to go to one of the local games. So much to do. So little time.

Ping Pong Classes in Panama

I was going through my spam email and found an email on Ping Pong Classes in Panama.

I had posted about a site in David in the past that had Ping pong. I wonder if it is still in operation. Maybe someone will comment.

Ping Pong was one of my favorite sports when I was young. It is a great sport and more difficult than it appears. I am happy to see that Panama participates.

Here is the information from the email.

Panamá Ping Pong
Clases de Verano
Una forma divertida y cómoda para mantenerte saludable.
Inicia el 10 de enero de 2012
Tel: 392-9354 / 6724-1578 / panamapingpong@gmail.com

To keep up with Panama Ping Pong, they have this WebSite.

All To Often

Yesterday I was getting ready to watch some NFL football and found the following.

It seems that the stations from the US, primarily ABC and CBS have problems often. However, it is not limited to those channels. Sometimes I turn on the TV only to get a message that the channels are currently not available and to try back later. When you are in the mood to hear a little English commentated sports, pixilation and missing channels are a real let down.