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Another Apple Sierra Problem

The previous problem was that Sierra broke magic Jack. I chose to ignore it because I have MJ installed on my cell phone.

Today, I discovered that Time Machine was not doing its backups. Actually. I probably can’t say this is a Apple Sierra problem, but a problem with SOPHOS AV. It is preventing the Time Machine from running. Unfortunately, I can’t uninstall SOPHOS cleanly, so I am going to have to call Apple for help.

I expect SOPHOS needs to be removed by manually deleting some internal files and I don’t trust myself to do that without Apple on the line.

Hope I can get it resolved tomorrow. Tuesday is my day to watch the Google announcements.

Two More KODI Installations

I brought back two Amazon Fire Sticks and finished the configuration after installing KODI on them.

I am still using The Wolverine Build as my build of choice. This is a build that is supported by MrHArias. If you use this build, I recommend adding MrHArias Wizard to your Facebook groups to keep up with the status of his builds.

Amazon is starting to flex its muscles. In a past system update, it made the Fire Starter app incompatible and I am no longer using it. However, the Fire Stick system also added the ability of seeing the most recently used Apps by double clicking the home button and I am finding this good enough to not look for a Fire Stick replacement.

The only downside to no having the Fire Starter is that you cannot upgrade KODI on the Fire Stick to new releases without using adbFire.

Installing KODI on the Fire Stick is reasonably easy using the adbFire application on your PC. However, installing The Wolverine Build was a pain in the butt because I could not get the ARES Wizard to install on KODI on the Fire Stick. I had no problem on the Fire TV, but the Fire Stick was a problem.

I read that Amazon is starting to require KODI to be removed before certain apps can be installed. This isn’t a problem for me since I don’t need any of the conflicting apps.

Two more Fire Sticks have now been configured and I expect the users to be very happy with their purchases. They have cut the cable cord.

WAZE Is My Navigation App

If you have a smart phone one app I find very beneficial is WAZE. When I travel to the US, I use it and I use it here in Panama.

It has just gone through a major upgrade and the display is even better than it was in the past. If you are in David and can’t see any street signs, WAZE will know where you are and give you the exact location.

When I was trying to learn a new way to drive from my house to Robert at Hogar Santa Catalina I used WAZE. It plotted my course. I was returning from the airport one day and needed to go see Robert and WAZE took me a way I would never have known.

I have found it better in Panama than Google Maps and much better than Apple Maps.

There was an article in USA Today on WAZE. That is what reminded me I haven’t written about WAZE in some time.


Apple’s WWDC14

Today Apple held it’s World Wide Developer Conference in California. I watched it live via my Apple TV. While I am no longer a developer, I do get a kick out of seeing what Apple is up to and I thought today was pretty special.

Today was all about software and specifically IOS and OSX, Apple’s mobile and desktop systems. What I saw was a continuing improvement in integration between the two platforms and applications running on them.

More than that was Apple’s emphasis on the development kits available to developers. There was a lot of information provided in the WWDC keynote and I think many would enjoy watching it.

Seeing what will be in the Fall release of OSX and IOS really wetted my desire for these releases.

No real hardware information was given other than iPhone 4 will not be supported with the next IOS. However, with the new features in the operating systems, I expect the next hardware release to be special as well. Luckily I am using iPhone 4S, so my phone will still have a little more life in it.

I sent some of my grandkids the WWDC14 video to watch. If one or more of them show any interest, I will consider getting them setup with a development kit. No matter what career they choose, being able to develop an Apple Application would be good experience, and Apple is making development easier than it was when I coded in assembly language.

Ah to be young again.


Internet Security and Passwords

I am in Panama City for a couple days. Today and tomorrow, I will be meeting with the Embassy for Warden’s Appreciation meetings and training sessions. Luckily, this time I am in PC with a capable laptop and don’t feel cutoff from the Internet.

Connecting to the Internet here has reminded me of a couple security items.

First, I am connected to a secure router requiring a password. However, when I turn on my PC I can see it and another 30 available routers. Most require a password, there are two InternetParaTodos free connections, and a few routers that the owner has not secured.

I have advised the owner, of the router I am on, to turn off broadcast mode so his router is not visible. If no can see your router, it is practically impossible to break in. Not impossible, but almost. If you use the default settings on a router, then others can try the various manufactures general settings.

Moving past router connection security, I want to talk about password management again. I have covered it several times, the last being HERE.

I started using LastPass as my password manager about 8 months ago. With it, I only have to remember one HARD TO CRACK password. I let it remember all the rest. I still currently use the free version, but am considering moving to the premium version so it will be available on my iPhone and iPad.

The primary reason for using a password manager is to have different HARD TO CRACK passwords on all sites. When you have multiple email accounts, multiple credit cards, multiple banks, multiple websites requiring sign-in, then remembering them all is impossible.

I can’t do it and doubt if many can, so they just use the same simple password on all sites. I just used a password tester on my password and it said it would take 500 iterations to crack it. I will change that in the next week by a factor of ten.

Since my need to improve my own security was on my mind, I thought I would post another awareness post for others. The Internet is less safe each day and you have to practice safe behavior. You can’t cover your PC with a condom and expect it to do any good. 😉


I have finally stopped using iPages as my word application on the iMac. I have moved back to using LibreOffice. I ran into some incompatibilities with .doc files and I have never had a problem with LibreOffice.

I also got tired of having to “export” to the .doc format. With LibreOffice I can set the options to save in the Microsoft file formats. At $20 iPages was priced right, but the $0 for the entire LibreOffice is better.

Sorry Apple. iPages is going to have to improve more before I switch back.

A TidBit Of Mac Experience

As I go through my learning curve with the Mac, I will post some of my experiences and observations. While I consider myself competent with Windows and relative competent with Linux, I am still a novice with OSX for the Mac. However, OSX and Linux are cousins, so it is not totally foreign to me.

This morning, I was reading an article that had a Mac Question section and one of the questions was
related to needing an AV program on the Mac.

The rapid growth of Mac users is making it more of a target and the advice given was that there were still two camps of users – those that use AV and those that say there is no need.

I fall in the camp of better safe than sorry. The author went on to recommend two “free” Anti-Virus programs. One was Sophos Anti-Virus.

Free is good and I decided to download it and give it a try.

I started a scan before I left to take photos of the Container Seven unload.

When I returned. I was surprised to see a warning from the scan. It had found a Trojan in a file. Upon inspection, it was a Windows OS file that has accidentally been brought over when I copied my backup files to this fresh environment.

The Trojan was not a danger to this system, but is a danger on Windows.

One reason to have a AV on a Mac is that, while the Mac is less vulnerable to malware and viruses, it can still be a carrier and transmit forwarded viruses to others via email and other means.

To this point, Sophos looks like a good thing to have. I will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t consume too much CPU time.


No this isn’t a post about the economy. It is not a post about unemployment. No this isn’t a post about globalization and outsourcing.

This is my humble tribute to Steve Jobs who resigned as CEO of Apple today.

I bought the first Apple II that was sold in Richardson, Texas. It had a built in Basic emulator and programs were loaded in using a cassette tape recorder. If you had multiple programs on the cassette, you had to use the digital meter on the recorder to forward to the spot on the tape for the program.

You can’t imagine how happy I was when I bought an Apple floppy drive. WOW. Was that progress. Then VisiCalc came out and the world of the spreadsheet had arrived.

It seems like it took IBM a couple more years before they produced their first PC and officially gave credibility to the personal computer, while also pulling an unknown company called Microsoft. Microsoft produced MS DOS for IBM. Continue reading Jobs