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Escuela Municipal De Bellas Artes De David


I mentioned in a previous post, that I would write more about Escuela Municipal De Bellas Artes De David. This is a wonderful project created by the Mayor of David.

I had noticed this building before, but on yesterday’s drive around, I decided I would go in and learn more about its purpose. As the front of the building says, this is the municipal school of fine arts in David.

I think it has been open for less than a year.

Click to enlarge

When I walked in, the main area was being set up for a meeting and microphones were being tested.

I went to the reception desk, introduced myself and gave the receptionist my card. I told her I had noticed the new building and would like to learn more for a possible post on Chiriquí Chatter.

She took me to visit with the person in charge and I want to tell you about this fantastic city project.

There are currently 85 to 95 students, between the ages of 4 and 14, that are being taught the musical arts. This includes typical Panamanian dance, and musical instruments. Classes are based on a trimester timeframe. Students progress based on their ability.

There are two music professors that are providing the musical instrument training. One provides training in the stringed instruments, violin, cello, etc. The second teaches piano, brass and woodwind instruments.

All of this training is FREE. The requirement is an honest desire to learn and an instrument. There are some modest charges for materials, which amount to approximately $10 a trimester.

The receptionist was kind enough to give me a short tour of the facility. Continue reading Escuela Municipal De Bellas Artes De David

OTEIMA PLANET Spanish School

I received the following from Giovy Rojas. I first met Giovy when she had R&R Book Store in Boquete.

Giovy is now in charge of a new Spanish program in OTEIMA. Her information follows. PLEASE NOTE THE UPDATE FOLLOWING HER ORIGINAL INFORMATION.


I am Giovy, let me introduce the new and first Spanish School in David, Chiriquí: OTEIMA PLANET Spanish School; we are part of Universidad Teconlógica Oteima in David.  And we are opening our classrooms to teach Spanish as a second language.
In the next future we will start receiving students from all over the world and we can not start our school without including our ExPat  We designed an Introductory offer just for our ExPat Residents in PANAMA.  Please read all the details below and attached will find 2 ad’s regarding this phenomenal offer.

Introductory offer details:

First group start on Nov 21st, 2011 and this offer is only valid until Dec 19, 2011

Starts dates: Nov 21 & 29, Dec 5, 12 & 19 (60 hours – 10 week course)

Group classes will be on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays

Two hours each day; as of now we have 2 schedule availables: 10am – 12m and 2pm – 4pm

All the student must have an oral and written placement test, it will be done as soon as the classes are booked.

Group should start with no less than 6 students with the same Spanish level.


Restrictions apply:

Prove that you are a Panama resident: bring your pensionado card or an utilit bill.  If you have any doubt, just contact us.

60 hours must be completed by Feb 25th, 2012

Pay full your course in advance, at least 3 days prior the start date.

No reselling or transfer allowed.

No refund, but we can handle a credit, under your name, for the amount paid (other restrictions may apply).

Prices for Residents ONLY (with 50% include): Continue reading OTEIMA PLANET Spanish School

Cambridge Bilingual School in David

I finally got around to going by the last Bilingual school, that I know of, in David. I spoke with Vice-Principal Paola Ramalli. She said, if any reader needs any further information, you could contact her at paolaramalli@yahoo.com.

She said that the Cambridge school has Pre-kinder through the twelfth grade. There are mandatory classes in Spanish, which are mandated by Panama. She said that a couple students that just completed the twelth grade were able to pass the TOEFL.

The school has about 500 students and classes are a maximum of 20/25 students per class. Continue reading Cambridge Bilingual School in David

Adventista Bilingue de David

I have had a couple emails with questions related to Adventista Bilingue for both the Escuela (grade school – kinder through grade 6) and the colegio (high school – grades 7-12).

I had some time this morning and drove up to the schools. Both schools are located on the edge of David on the right side of the InterAmerican Highway going toward the Frontera.

I first entered the Escuela and talked to the folks in the administrative office. They said they would send me information via email related to their offerings. My understanding, from this morning, is that the escuela has around 175 students. They teach English classes and I think science in English. All of the other classes are in Spanish. Following is a photo of the school.
Continue reading Adventista Bilingue de David

American School in David Revisited

After running a couple of errands this morning I stopped in to the American School that I posted a photo of last week.

I met Penny upon entering and she turned me over to Lesi (Pronounced Lacy in English) to give me the rundown on the school. Everyone I spoke to in the school spoke very good English. Also all of the students and other adults I met in the school spoke to me in English. Guess it is obvious I am not Panamanian.

I picked up the following flyer.

Continue reading American School in David Revisited

Experience With Bi-Lingual Schools in David?

This morning I received the following question in an email. I don’t have any real experience with the schools to say what is available and what the quality might be. If you have any experience, or can provide any contact information, I am sure it would be appreciated.

Good morning , I seem to remember a reference to a bilingual high school in David. Could you give me more info on that ? The bilingual hs here in pc won’t admit my step daughter because she hasn’t been with them forever. She had 2 yrs in the us and half a year here in 9th grade. Of course I help her quite a bit.

UNACHI Speech Class

Yesterday I received a phone call from Robert Justavino inviting me to Universidad National de Chiriqui (UNACHI). That is what I think it stands for, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong. In Robert’s email he said that the students had been asked to bring someone from the US because they wanted an audience whose native language is English. I really didn’t have a good understanding of what their expectations were of me, but I had a free afternoon and I am always game for a new adventure.

It was an opportunity for me to see another Panama University and some Panamanian students practicing English. I arrived around 1:50 and the session was supposed to run from 2:00 till 4:00. The taxi driver dropped me off at the front of the campus and I asked some students and received instruction on how to get to the auditorium (Auditorio in Spanish). While I was waiting for the auditorium to be opened up, I took a couple photos of the courtyard that was in front.

Continue reading UNACHI Speech Class