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Seasons Restaurant – Boquete

I received a request to post the following:

Seasons Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of the emerald green highlands of Boquete, Panama, a surprising culinary jewel has emerged. Season Restaurant, the signature feature of the newly opened clubhouse of Lucero Golf & Country Club brings fine dining to a new level.

A native of New York and Panamanian resident, Season Executive Chef Craig Jacobs, draws on influences from his travels to countries as far as Northern Thailand and as close as Cuba and Peru to create menu that is as committed to fresh season ingredients as it is to change. “Seasons will be ever changing,” said Chef Jacobs, “I will modify the menu using what is fresh and in season. We will have a farm-to-table concept and we are starting to plant many ingredients onsite.”

It’s hard to imagine a more fitting environment for exploring Chef Craig’s international fusion menu than the pool side dining deck, or Season’s breezy indoor dining room, which is an equally enticing spot to meet for a drink or to entertain those out-of-town guests who are sure to arrive once word of Chef Craig’s Seasons Restaurant gets out.

Seasons Restaurant, located in La Estrella, Jaramillo, in Boquete, will open its doors on July 18th, and will be open Wednesdays through Mondays from 11:30am to 9pm.


Another good restaurant has closed its doors in David. It was Cuatro.

I wrote Luis Mendizábal and he confirmed that it is closed. He has opened a smaller sandwich shop called Entrepan just two blocks past Oteima on the left side of the street.


It is open Monday to Saturday from 11:00am to 9:00pm.

Lilliam and i tried to out the other day. As I entered the restaurant, this was what caught my eye. Now, with that as a motto, you know you are in for a treat in sandwiches.


Here are the menus for sandwiches and drinks. Everything is made fresh including the bread.

Lilliam and I split a Cubano sandwich. Very good.


Here is a map, showing it’s location.


The Grand Avenue Restaurant

Out with the old. In with the new. Jewelberry sold and is now open under the new name of The Grand Avenue Restaurant.

Here is the Google Map in case you don’t remember the location.

I am happy to say that Broster Chicken is still on the menu as well as the frozen yogurt.

We went the first Sunday we returned from the US. The restaurant is open on Sundays with a buffet. It is always good to have another Sunday choice because there aren’t that many that I like.

The restaurant has a larger menu and several items I want to try such as fried shrimp.

I had the Broster Chicken and it was the same. I had french fries instead of the potato wedges that I didn’t care for. It had more of a salad than slaw.

The service was very good and they have expanded eating areas.

If you drop in, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Photos follow.


When we have family or friends visit and want to go out for a treat, one of the places that is on our list of “go to” places is Terraza’s Cafe & Deli.

In my opinion, they have some of the best desserts in David. I love there cheesecakes, lemon pie, cakes, churros and they also make great sandwiches on fresh made bread.

We went there recently and I noticed that they were making a special dessert for a birthday party. I took a photo to share.

la ghiotta gelateria in David


You are no longer at a loss for good ice cream in David. Around a week ago la ghiotta gelateria opened in David on Avenida 3a Oeste on the opposite side of the street from Banco Nacional.


I had received a comment on my Gelarti Post telling me that another Gelateria Italiana had opened. I have had this ice-cream a couple of times. In Boquete and at last year’s David Fair.

I talked to the owner while I was there and told him the competition was heating up on ice-cream with three new locations opening up in the last month. He said he wasn’t worried because he had faith in the quality of his product.

You can order ice-cream and coffee. It doesn’t have the specialty desserts such as banana splits, milkshakes brownies of its competition, but it does have excellent ice-cream.

I had a vanilla cone and it was as good as all the previous times I have had this ice-cream. I haven’t had a vanilla cone in Gelarti, but it will be difficult for it to be better.


Both of these new locations have reasons to go there. It is probably going to make me have to make several more comparison runs.

If you stop in, tell them you heard about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

Following is the photo gallery.

Moon Valley Donuts – Boquete


Deborah and I had to go to SEhop to pick up a package from the U.S.

As we walked out of EShop, we see Moon Valley across the street and had to try it.

I met Luis and his wife who have been married for 30 years and recently moved to Boquete from Venezuela and opened Moon Valley Donuts

I enjoyed talking to Luis and he and his family are providing very taste products.

Deborah got some empanadas to go and we took 5 donuts. All were excellent.

If you find yourself in Boquete, look up Moon Valley Donuts and tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Changes and More Changes

I have visited Verona’s Pizza several times lately and each time I told Franco that I would post that he has a new website. Click HERE to go there.

It is in English and Spanish. You will be asked to register and for the registration Franco will tell you about any specials that may be coming.

He has added beer and wine. It is not on the menu and is complimentary with some orders and for those of age.

If you haven’t been to Verona’s Pizza, you have missed some good thin crust pizza.


The Buffalo House Revisited

Last Thursday, Lilliam and I met Fran Hogan at the Buffalo House for lunch. My first visit to The Buffalo House is HERE and it contains directions and the menu.

On Thursday, we all ordered from the Lunch Menu (M-F Only), which gives you one entree, one side and a large bottle drink for $6.75.

Lilliam ordered the chicken tenders with Parmesan and garlic sauce. I ordered the pulled pork. I ordered pickles and it also came with a slice of american cheese. If you con’t want cheese, remember to say so when you order.

Lilliam took yucca and I took onion rings. Lilliam liked the way the yucca was done and I had onion rings the last time, which is why I reordered them.


Fran had wings and they are not pictured.

I think we would all say that we had a good meal for the price.

It is been a while since Fran and I had been able to talk. Of course we have been in touch via the Internet, but in person, it was oh so much more – I guess the word would be ‘personal’.

We talked about Lilliam’s and my visit with Marion and how this tragedy has turned a wonderful person and her daughter’s lives upside down.

We discussed how everyone is on edge because of the uptick in violent crime, and the frustrations of wondering what it is going to take before action is seen.

We also had fun commiserating about our banishment from Boquete Ning. We wondered how many of us that are out there and if there should be a reunion. Of course some of our favorites are still there either in their original persona or in newly created one.

We wondered if it would be appropriate to have t-shirts made for the reunion. We have the perfect image to put on the t-shirts.


It was a good lunch and I really enjoyed my visit with Fran. It helped remove some of the stress that I feel each day that Lilliam and I visit Marion.

I apologize for this restaurant post ending on a low note, but at the moment I feel a little low. I think crime and violence will get worse before real action is taken. I am reminded of the effect of these home invasions each day when go to Hospital Mae Lewis.