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Moon Valley Donuts – Boquete


Deborah and I had to go to SEhop to pick up a package from the U.S.

As we walked out of EShop, we see Moon Valley across the street and had to try it.

I met Luis and his wife who have been married for 30 years and recently moved to Boquete from Venezuela and opened Moon Valley Donuts

I enjoyed talking to Luis and he and his family are providing very taste products.

Deborah got some empanadas to go and we took 5 donuts. All were excellent.

If you find yourself in Boquete, look up Moon Valley Donuts and tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Changes and More Changes

I have visited Verona’s Pizza several times lately and each time I told Franco that I would post that he has a new website. Click HERE to go there.

It is in English and Spanish. You will be asked to register and for the registration Franco will tell you about any specials that may be coming.

He has added beer and wine. It is not on the menu and is complimentary with some orders and for those of age.

If you haven’t been to Verona’s Pizza, you have missed some good thin crust pizza.


The Buffalo House Revisited

Last Thursday, Lilliam and I met Fran Hogan at the Buffalo House for lunch. My first visit to The Buffalo House is HERE and it contains directions and the menu.

On Thursday, we all ordered from the Lunch Menu (M-F Only), which gives you one entree, one side and a large bottle drink for $6.75.

Lilliam ordered the chicken tenders with Parmesan and garlic sauce. I ordered the pulled pork. I ordered pickles and it also came with a slice of american cheese. If you con’t want cheese, remember to say so when you order.

Lilliam took yucca and I took onion rings. Lilliam liked the way the yucca was done and I had onion rings the last time, which is why I reordered them.


Fran had wings and they are not pictured.

I think we would all say that we had a good meal for the price.

It is been a while since Fran and I had been able to talk. Of course we have been in touch via the Internet, but in person, it was oh so much more – I guess the word would be ‘personal’.

We talked about Lilliam’s and my visit with Marion and how this tragedy has turned a wonderful person and her daughter’s lives upside down.

We discussed how everyone is on edge because of the uptick in violent crime, and the frustrations of wondering what it is going to take before action is seen.

We also had fun commiserating about our banishment from Boquete Ning. We wondered how many of us that are out there and if there should be a reunion. Of course some of our favorites are still there either in their original persona or in newly created one.

We wondered if it would be appropriate to have t-shirts made for the reunion. We have the perfect image to put on the t-shirts.


It was a good lunch and I really enjoyed my visit with Fran. It helped remove some of the stress that I feel each day that Lilliam and I visit Marion.

I apologize for this restaurant post ending on a low note, but at the moment I feel a little low. I think crime and violence will get worse before real action is taken. I am reminded of the effect of these home invasions each day when go to Hospital Mae Lewis.

Deborah Visits Restaurant Mezcla Gourmet in David

Yesterday, for Sunday lunch, we went to Mezcla Gourmet.

I still like the burger as one of my favorites in David. One thing that makes it special is the garlic mayonnaise that is made especially for the sides.

The soup wasn’t on the menu. You have to know that Sundays are soup days. When Lilliam saw others having soup, she asked what they had and tried a special rice soup that is traditional in Costa Rica. She gave me a taste, and I gave it two thumbs up.

Deborah had her heart set on a special sandwich the other day and Terraza’s wouldn’t switch the cheese. She gave Mescal’s sandwich two thumbs up and loved the mayo.

Deborah also ordered a special health drink that she buys in Mexico. We had a good outing.

Pupusas and Precautions

I got a WhatsApp message from Rosita saying that there would be Pupusas today.

Deborah had never had them and said we should add it to our list of international food we had eaten lately.

We ate Mexican the other day in Boquete at Antojitos. We had Italian at Verona’s, We had Greek at Tops and now we have Salvadorian Pupusas from Rosita.

Rosita asked about Lilliam and I told her that Lilliam was in Panama City, but I had a guest that was staying with me while her mother recovered from being shot in Potrerillos. Rosita said it was really getting scary in Chiriquí.

Rosita said that yesterday afternoon she noticed four young men watching her house. She said she going to have to start securing the house more during the day.

I live in a good area of David and everyone is getting nervous.

Kaffas in David


Today for lunch I tried a new restaurant that has be open for a couple months. It is called Kaffas.

As you can see from the sign out front, they are offering lunch  from $2.75.

The menu contains simple foods including Hamburgers, pizzas, tacos, nachos, sandwiches and more.

They serve sodas, fruit drinks, beer and mixed drinks.

I had two soft beef tacos and enjoyed them. They were nice and spicy and had a good flavor. I will return to try more on their menu.

If you stop in, tell them you learned of them from Chiriqui Chatter. Click to look at the Google Map for the location, which adjacent to Parque de Madres.

Helados JTO – Boquete

IMG_0657Antonio Errante owns and operates Helados JTO in Boquete in the shopping area adjacent to the bridge that crosses over to the fair grounds. When my cousin was here from New York, this is one of the places we dropped into in Boquete.

While Lilliam and my cousin Joy were shopping in an shop next door, I slipped into JTO to take a look. One look told me I had to get Lilliam and Joy to have some ice cream before we left Boquete.

The ice cream took me back to the ice cream Lilliam and I had in Rome and with good cause. Antonio hails from Sicily.

The ice-cream was fantastic. If you visit Boquete and don’t stop in, you have missed a real treat.

However, the biggest treat for us was when Antonio took to the keyboard and serenaded the clients. I am including a short clip to give you a taste of the entertainment.

To get a taste of the fabulous ice cream, you will have to stop in yourself. Photos don’t do it justice.

Remember to tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.