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Mario’s Bar and Grill Revisited

It has been over a year, since I last went to Mario’s. My how time flies, when you are having fun. Mario’s restaurant came up during the discussion at Universidad Latina, so I stopped by on my way home. I am glad I did.

I have heard that Mario’s has a great hamburger, so that was what I ordered. I also ordered the Pappas Asado, which I recommend. This is a baked potato that has been mashed and buttered to perfection. This was the first time I have had a hamburger at Mario’s. This may be the best hamburger and best hamburger value in David.

I ordered the double burger. It had to have been at least three and maybe four inches tall. I had to eat it with a fork because I could not get my mouth around it and I have a big mouth. A regular cheeseburger ran about $1.65 and at $2.65, the double burger is a real buy. It is charcoal cooked and this one was better than the ones I have had at Las Brasas.

Mario’s is still open only in the evening. This is a typical Panamanian Bar-B-Que restaurant and should be on your “gotta go there places” list. See my Previous Post for directions on how to get there. I will not wait another year to return. If you go, tell Mario you read about his restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

An American Shake in David (NOT)

Shake at Java Juice
I stopped by Java Juice, across from Super99, yesterday and ordered a strawberry shake. The menu says American style.

I wasn’t surprised that it came out looking like a strawberry sundae. I had ordered a banana shake there a week or so ago and got a sundae as well. I wonder if they know that a shake is made in a blender and comes out like a smooth drink.

It may not have been a shake, but it was oh so refreshing.

Día del Papá Es Domingo

Father’s day is Sunday. If you want to have lunch at Renegados on Sunday, you are going to have to have reservations.

I stopped in today to take care of my pasta fetish and David had just prepared an order of lamb. This is a call ahead item. You need to order this at least 24 hours in advance. The photo below is for two people. The price for two people is $70. This is oven cooked and the aroma was out of this world.

Restaurante Acropolis in Volcan

This was my first time to eat at this restaurant in Volcan. I have had others tell me it was good, so we tried it out a couple of weeks ago. To get to the restaurant, just drive to the “Y” and stay to the left. If you watch to the left, you will see a sign.

We had a good time talking to George Babos who owns the restaurant.

The menu is very Greek and ample. It follows.

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