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A Little Nostalgia

Yesterday, I received the following email.

From……: miguel pitti
Email…..: javajuicepanama@yahoo.com

hello there, me and my wife own java juice and i was reading all the comments you have on some of the restaurants in david. i would like to hear your comments on java juice and views about it. any advice would be deeply appreciated so that we can improve and and have happy customers.

miguel pitti

This definitely brought back a little nostalgia. When I moved to Panama, I was in Boquete and Java Juice was one of my favorite places. I did a search in my archives and found an old post that I had done in January 2004.

Below is an excerpt from that post. Continue reading A Little Nostalgia

Forty Years Ago Today

On July 20, 1969, Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon. Buzz Aldrin became the second, and Michael Collins remained in orbit around the moon.

Knowing technology today vs. technology then, I know now that I was witnessing pioneering that requires tremendous faith and bravery.

I worked for McDonnell in St. Louis on the Gemini project, in the early 60’s, and I remember looking through the glass windows into the White Room (completely sealed to prevent dust) that contained the Gemini space capsule that was used on earlier flights.

Those challenges were tremendous, but for some reason, I consider the challenges facing the world today, much greater. Let’s hope that cool minds and kind hearts prevail and we see the even greater Mars project come to fruition.

My Granddad’s Obituary

While going through a bunch of my dad’s old papers, deciding what to keep and what I could pitch, I came upon my granddad’s obituary. I am sure this will be of little interest to most of the Chiriquí Chatter readers. However, it may be of interest to my children and grand children and the grand children of many of my cousins.

If you are only looking for Panama related posts, you need read no further. Continue reading My Granddad’s Obituary

Want More – Costs More, Want Same – Costs More, Want Less – Costs More

The current economic situation of the world is creating challenges for everyone. Because of the world situation, many more people are considering Panama as a retirement location. Depending on everyone’s individual needs, it may or may not be a good decision.

I have seen increases in prices in Panama and I am sure that others living here have as well. Of course property has increased, but that is because of an increase in people moving here and the law of supply and demand. There has also been an increase in the price of food stuffs and other consumable items. The increases are noticed more by the locals than by those that are here from other countries.

If you are used to paying $10 for something in the US that costs $2 in Panama and it increases to $11 in the US and $2.20 here, then those from the US would think it is no big deal. That would be because it would be easy to think in terms of your country of origin’s prices. Within the last couple of years, I have seen bananas go from 2 for a nickel to 3 for a dime and yesterday, I paid a nickel a piece. By US standards, that is still a great bargain. However, if you are working for $8 to $10 a day, then those increases are substantial. Continue reading Want More – Costs More, Want Same – Costs More, Want Less – Costs More

Feeling A Little Cynical Today

Sometimes I wake up a little cynical. I may start thinking that Non-Panamanians living in Panama have many challenges that people that are thinking about moving to Panama never consider before making the move. I doubt that these challenges are solely a Panama problem and they may be challenges encountered by anyone that lives in a country that is not their country of origin.

Consider some hypothetical situations. Any similarity to actual events are purely coincidental, but they may at least give you something to think about. I know it gives me something to think about.

I guess the main thing to remember is that a foreigner is a guest of Panama and as such does not have the same rights as a Panamanian. This becomes more noticeable if a situation turns into a legal entanglement. You can not plan for or protect yourself from all situations. Continue reading Feeling A Little Cynical Today


The Mentalist has become one of my favorite pastimes on television. It is another crime solving show, but has a unique feature that a mentalist aids the police in solving the crimes. I have found it to be entertaining and lite hearted.

In last night’s show it brought another of my old favorites to the show, the Citroën DS. If you aren’t familiar with the Citroën DS, it is a French car that is thought of by some to be the most beautiful car that was ever built and by others to be one of the ugliest.

In the early seventies, I came close to buying one several times. I went to the dealer so often, he was calling me by my first name.

The DS had an unusual hydraulic suspension system that gave it a ride like no other car I have ever driven. As I remember, it didn’t have a jack. If you had a flat, you just flipped a lever and the appropriate wheel would retract to a level that it could be changed.

If the spare happened to be flat, the car could be driven on three wheels. I have owned a lot of cars and the one car that I regret not buying was this car.

Last nights show of the Mentalist, reawakened my old love affair. While I didn’t buy the Citroën, I retained an admiration for the French design and bought a Peugeot in the 80’s. The Peugeot 505SD turned out to be another car that I enjoyed having and it gave me good service for many years.

It is amazing how last night’s show brought back so many memories. I bet that many people watched the show and had never seen a Citroën before. I would still like to have one of those cars.