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Many Channels Pixelating

Many channels on Cable Onda are having pixelation problems this morning. The worst seem to be ABC, CBS, Fox News, and CNN. However, many other are also having problems. The problem is currently so bad that it is a waste of time trying to try to decipher what is being said.

It is also normal for any of the Cable Onda channels to go through a 2 or 3 second blackout as if the signal is re-syncing several times an hour. I don’t ever remember this phenomena on Astro Vision.

One thing I miss in Panama is quality TV service.

Calling ABC and CBS

CBS and ABC have been missing in action the entire day on Cable Onda. Hope it gets resolved before my evening shows come on.

UPDATE August 31, 2009 – Still don’t have ABC, CBS and CNN. There may be others. Yes, I did miss my Sunday evening shows. Grrrrrr!

UPDATE: 11:00 AM August 31, 2009 – The missing channels have returned.

Is Citricos Representative of Chiricano Companies?

Maybe there is something I don’t understand about the situation, but something about the way Citricos is handling things in the issue reported by Boquete Guide and Panama Guide evades me.

Is Citricos trying to gain control of property that has been legally bought and paid for? HERE is the post that I am using to track the situation that Boquete Guide and Panama Guide are reporting on.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to what right Citricos has to act the way they are.

Last reported article was August 19. This post will remain on the front page until the issue is closed.

UPDATE: Based on the last article posted by Don Winner, it appears that the rest of the story is coming out. This is one of those situations of “becareful what you ask for”. When you activate the Internet community, then the world is going to get involved in a situation. In this case, unless more comes to light other than what is in Don’s lastest piece, it looks like it is not going to go the way the ones that brought the Internet community into this wanted.

Yes it is a compelling storry and no one wants to see the little guy get taken by the big guy. I had written the US Embassy to ask if they were aware of the situation and they said they were. At that point, I decided it would be something to track and I felt that what is right would eventually be done.

I will continue to monitor the situation, but I am taking this off the front page.

The Next Bummer

I just looked at my Credit Union Charge and there was another charge on the $300 I withdrew. It says, “Single-Currency International Service Assessment Fee Assessed = 2.42” making the total charge for the $300, $5,42. WTF!

Is Clave coming up with a new charge every month now or is my Credit Union doing this? I will find out soon!

I Hate to Read Things Like This

I really hate when I stumble onto situations such as the one I read about this morning in Boquete Guide.

Perhaps with a little more publicity, this will be reversed.

UPDATE – HERE is the latest from Lee’s Blog posted on the 29th.

UPDATE HERE is the latest from Boquete Guide, posted July 31.

UPDATEHERE is the latest from Boquete Guide, posted August 14.

UPDATEHERE is the latest from Boquete Guide, posted August 17.

UPDATEHERE is the latest from Boquete Guide, posted August 15.

Here are articles posted by Panama Guide:

PG- August 14 –

PG- August 15 –

PG- August 17 –

PG- August 18 –

PG- August 19 – This seems to put things in a different light.

Feeling A Little Cynical Today

Sometimes I wake up a little cynical. I may start thinking that Non-Panamanians living in Panama have many challenges that people that are thinking about moving to Panama never consider before making the move. I doubt that these challenges are solely a Panama problem and they may be challenges encountered by anyone that lives in a country that is not their country of origin.

Consider some hypothetical situations. Any similarity to actual events are purely coincidental, but they may at least give you something to think about. I know it gives me something to think about.

I guess the main thing to remember is that a foreigner is a guest of Panama and as such does not have the same rights as a Panamanian. This becomes more noticeable if a situation turns into a legal entanglement. You can not plan for or protect yourself from all situations. Continue reading Feeling A Little Cynical Today

Bad Audio Foto Experience

I received the following email from a reader.

From……: lewis



Hello Don wanted to share a recent expierence with you and your readers. Five months ago I purchaced my son a Playstation 3 at Audio Foto here in David. The system cost $700 and came with a 6 month waranty. After 5 months the system failed and after a little reaserch I discovered that the problem was not uncommon. I have been working with Audio Foto for over a month now and it seems that the out come will be that they will not honor their waranty. Tell your reader that a written waranty from Audio Foto may not be worth the paper it’s written on. Thanks