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Que Pasa Cable Onda

The other day I was missing both the ABC and CBS channels (70,71). Today, I am missing CBS – 71. Que Pasa Cable Onda?????

UPDATE: As of Sunday the 18th, Channel 71 – CBS is still missing.

UPDATE: As of Monday the 19th, Channel 71 – CBS is still missing.

UPDATE:As of Monday evening, the 19th, Channel 71 – CBS has returned.

Cough Cough

More city fire violations. I am trying to call to report the violation, but the phone is not being answered. 103 is the number to call the fire department. I have been calling for 20 minutes and only get a busy signal.

UPDATE: After 30 minutes of busy signal, I decided to drive over to our local fire department.

I talked to Franklin who was in charge. He told me that the call really had to be made to “Corregiduria”. The number is 775-3142 for David.

I also got the local fire station number for the Terronal area. It is 774-4562.

If you live in David, I would recommend that you learn the number for the fire station that serves you. Obviously, you can’t count on the 103 emergency number.

Franklin also told me that the fire station sell fire extinguishers in case you wondered where to buy one.

I have called the Corregiduria and reported the incident. They said they would send an inspector.

UPDATE: When I did the original post, I made an error in the number for the Terronal Fire Department. If you recorded it yesterday, please use the corrected number above.

Literary License

As you know, writers sometimes take literary license when they write. I have no problem with that as long as the facts of what is written do not change. Today I see that I need to make a small objection to the literary license that Don Winner took in his post related to Paul Nunes.

Part of Don’s execution, of literary license, causes some of what I wrote to be in question, and I feel that I must present the facts.

As I mentioned in my post, I have been working with the son and daughter of Paul Nunes and the US Embassy since the news of Paul’s death was known and the Embassy called me. In an early communication with Aline, and after I understood the dire straights of she and her brother Brandon, I asked if she had a PayPal account that could be used to request assistance. I told Aline, that many of my readers have helped when I have posted requests for assistance for Panamanian’s and I felt that they would step up if I asked them to.

She said that she had a personal PayPal account, but thought it would be better to not use her email address and create one specifically for this purpose. I thought that was a good idea.

She created the PayPal account and gave the information to both Don Winner and myself and we both posted donation requests.

Last night Aline and I were talking on SKYPE and I said I was a little surprised that there were not more donations. She then told me that Don Winner had sent her a URL stating that Don Winner was scamming people and that the donation request was created by Don Winner and the money was going to him. This infuriated me. Continue reading Literary License

Cable Onda – Are you there?

This is the third day that channels 70 (ABC)  and 71 (CBS) are not working. I haven’t checked all other channels. When I miss Survivor, things are beginning to get serious.

Now where did I put that number to Cable Onda.

UPDATE: I just tried the missing channels at 5:10 PM and they are back. Only out for three days. Surely, more people called besides me?

File This Under “STUPID”

I spent a couple glorious days in Boquete, which I will write up later.

The “STUPID” reference is related to our return to David around 8:00 PM last night. Before we got to Dolega, we saw flashing lights and a stream of car headlights. The first thought that ran through my mind was that there had been an accident and the road was blocked..

A couple minutes later, I realized that it was a traffic check point and they were stopping all cars going in both directions.

When I got to the officer, he asked to see my drivers license, which I provided. He took it and walked to the back of the car and looked at the license plate. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am still waiting on the municipal office to get in my January tag.

The officer came back and asked to see the permission slip for having an expired tag, which I produced. Continue reading File This Under “STUPID”

Banco Universal ATM Limits

The other day I needed to make two large ATM withdrawals. I expected to make $600 withdrawals. The first day I used two accounts because one account is limited to $500 and the other account is much higher.

When I counted the money later, I noticed that the Banco Universal ATM in El Rey had only given me $500. I checked the account on the Internet and saw that it only took $500 from the account. I was pretty sure I had asked for $600, which is not an automatic selection and has to be entered manually, but thought I might have made a mistake.

The next morning I went to the same ATM and carefully entered $600. When the money came out it was $500. The Internet has verified that only $500 was removed from the account. Continue reading Banco Universal ATM Limits

Plaza El Terronal Rant

Yesterday evening we walked, with Koki, down to El Rey. Of course Koki was on her leash, a rarity for dogs in David.

I was going to get an item in El Rey and Lilliam was going to wait ourside with Koki. When we reached the parking lot, one of the Plaza El Terronal security force informed us that dogs could not be in the Parking lot area. There is no posting on any building of this rule.

Now I can understand them not wanting dogs pooping and peeing there, but I wonder who is informing all of the wandering dogs. I really don’t think dogs on a leash create any problem.

Now if the Plaza El Terronal security force want to enforce a posted rule, why don’t they have someone stand our by the entrance by the HSBC Bank and make sure that cars don’t exit that way. I have seen several close accidents and there are signs telling you not to exit. With the higher level of traffic entering the Plaza, there will be a wreck there one of these days.

So the news for the day is that you must obey the unposted rules, but posted rules can to be ignored in Plaza El Terronal.

Oh My!!!

I received an email telling me about a new banking change that took place on September 1, 2009. Based on the message, if you receive a pension from a US company and have your check direct deposited into a Panama Bank, you may be affected.

Here is a message I received by one of the Chiriquí Chatter readers.

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) has recently issued new banking industry rules which will have an impact on the method in which you receive your monthly pension benefit payment. These rules will take effect on September 18, 2009.

Under the new rules we will be required to identify all payments made to US domestic banks for recipients where the entire payment amount is subject to subsequently be transferred to a foreign bank account. The rules are referred to as “International ACH Transaction (IAT) rules” and are pursuant to requirements of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). These rules affect all payments made via direct deposit only. It does not affect payments made by paper check.

Since we are required to adhere to these new rules and pay any penalties for non-compliance we have determined that we must discontinue issuing your monthly pension benefit via direct deposit. Your October 1, 2009 payment will be mailed to your home address on file.”

I wrote back to the reader and asked where he got this information. Here was his answer.

A friend of mine who is retired in Mexico received it from his pension company.

For now it does not affect social security payments, but, it cost him $80.00 penalty to receive his last payment.

He sent it to me, since he knows of my interest in retiring in Panama.

So there you have it boys and girls, if you receive a pension from a US company and it is direct deposited in a Panamanian bank, your pension company may decide to do the same. What a mess.

This newsletter will give you some more information.