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PriceSmart Complaint

I received the following complaint last November and did not post it at that time. This week I received a second request to post it. I am putting it is with the caveat that these are the opinions of the author and posted at his request.

On Nov 13, 2010, at 8:57 AM, william pagel wrote:

>I posted the following letter on the “Gringos In David Panama” site this
>morning. I was just wondering if you thought it should be posted on the
>”Chiriqui Chatter” site, or any other site that you have access to. If you
>think it is worth it, please do this for me. If not, then I understand. Thanks
>for your time.
>Bill Pagel
>Letter follows: Continue reading PriceSmart Complaint

I Have Had It

I still feel like S**T and as I was coughing up more mucus from this flu bug, I smell the odor of smoke. Yep, another trash fire across the road. I sure don’t feel like sitting at the PC and writing this, but I am not going to let this go undocumented.

I am quite sure that this is the gardener that lit the fire, but it is the homeowner that is responsible for allowing it to be lit. Continue reading I Have Had It

Water Problems Continue

The water was turned on for long enough last night to take a shower and get the toilets flushed. However, the is no water again this morning. This has been the worst water problem this part of David has seen in my 5 years here.

UPDATE: Sometime this morning the water has returned a small amount. It doesn’t have enough force to give a warm shower, but we are grateful for what we have.

Hola Idaan – Que Pasa

6:00 AM – No water again this morning. Double Bummer!

As a side piece of information, when these apartments were being marketed, they talked about having a water reserve tank and a community area in the apartments. That is the difference between marketing in Panama and the real world. I remember almost renting a house in Boquete when I first moved to Chiriqui. I asked the builder about Internet and water and he said both were available. I subsequently asked the neighbors in the area and found that there were significant water problems and they had been waiting on a phone for two years.

UPDATE: 3:45 PM – the water has returned.

UPDATE : 9:30 PM – Water is back off.

UPDATE: May 4, 2010 – Have a trickle of water. Don’t think it is sufficient to kick on the water heater, so it will be a cold shower tonight. 🙁

Tom McCormack Needs Your Support

UPDATE: I just talked to Tom. If you have tuned into the local TV and radio stations today, this issue has been getting a lot of publicity. Tom wanted me to let everyone know that the location of the 9:00 AM meeting/protest has been changed to the front of the Governor’s office in David, which is on the block behind the Municipal Building. This is the location of the Saturday Farmer’s markets that I go to often and two blocks to the right of Hotel Nacional, if you are facing the hotel. The original post follows.

I received the following email from Tom McCormack related to the containers he has been trying to get released to assist the needy in Chiriquí.

Hi Don Ray,

Here is the story of the ongoing saga about our 2 -40 ft containers held hostage by SINAPROC since last November. These containers contain hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, potty chairs, breast prosthesis , wigs , clothes, shoes, blankets, sheets , towels, 93 used bicycles (to make more handicapped tricycles), 5 ambulance gurneys, and lots of other medical items. All of these items to be donated in Chiriquí.

The head of SINAPROC in Panama City has and is continuing to put roadblocks in the way of bringing the containers to Chiriquí. We feel he is trying to get his hands on the things in the containers. He has caused the poorest and most severely handicapped people in Chiriquí to suffer needlessly for an additional six months. All we need is one signature from the head of SINAPROC Chiriquí and we can move the containers. He can’t make a move without permission from his boss.

SINAPROC has cost me an additional $8000.00 not counting the $5000.00 or so to send the containers to Panama from the U.S. The last 3 containers entered without a hitch.

I need the help of the of your readers to come to the SINAPROC office in David on Wednesday 5 May at 9 am to help us put some pressure on the government to solve this problem. We expect members of the handicapped community to be there also. Please be there if you can.

Thank you,
Tom McCormack
Pres. Thomas L. and Linda J. McCormack Foundation

You may remember the post when Tom was having the containers filled in the US.

Now why an organization would choose to prevent the containers from being delivered and the contents put in the hands of those that need it is beyond me. Hopefully this demonstration, that is planned for 5th of May, will bring enough publicity to the issue that some heads roll in SINAPROC and the contents are released.

See you there the 5th. This post will remain as the first post until the 5th of May.

No Hay Agua

There is no water. Last night, when I got ready to take my shower and go to bed, I found that the water was out. This morning I see that it is still out. I always like it when the rainy season comes, but for some reason the change always causes some days of water outage.

I guess the pipes just can’t handle all that extra water pressure or something happens to the water purity. Whatever it is, it is my current rant.

UPDATE: Water returned around 2:30 PM on the 29th, so less than 24 hours.