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New Stores Coming to Plaza El Terronal

The glass is going into the location of PanaFoto. My bet is they have a couple more months left before they open, but they do have a coming soon sign up so it might be sooner. While I was in Conway, I noticed a huge storage building being built behind Conway and when I asked what it was, I learned that it was for PanaFoto.

Also I took a photo of this sign for MultiMax which is going into the spot to the right of Casa Gala. The fellows working there said it would be two more months.

That means that Plaza El Terronal will have three technology product stores for you to choose from. If you are planning on making that plasma TV purchase, you might want to wait a couple months and see what specials are being run. Competition is heating up.

PanaFoto And Banco General Coming to Plaza El Terronal

If you drive in front of the old ARROCHA, you will see that work is going on, Parts of the walls have been knocked out for windows and work is going on inside. This area will be the home of PanaFoto and Banco General.

To orient you, the previous photo was to the left of the following photo, which was the entrance to ARROCHA. Continue reading PanaFoto And Banco General Coming to Plaza El Terronal

Felipe Motta – Wine Tasting in Plaza El Terronal

I received the following notice of a wine tasting event in Plaza El Terronal:

Hello Don,
I’m very glad to announce to you the Wine Tasting that we’re going to have at our Felipe Motta Wine Store the next Friday, May 28 at 5:00 pm. The director of the ENATE cellar will be coming from Spain to Panama for the first time, to present his wines into one store in Panama and to our Wine Store here in Chiriquí. This is a relatively new DOC of Spain with very fresh wines and it’ll be very interesting.
Of course we only have limited seats, so please come as soon as possible to the store to reserve your seat. The cost of the tasting will be U$ 15.00 per person, but that is a credit here to buy any wine of the tasting, if you have any questions please call me.
Hope to see you!

Gina Muñoz
Wine Store David
Felipe Motta
Tel. 730-4647
Fax. 730-4648

Felipe Motta Wine Store

I need to take a new photo of the store front and when I do, the following photo and this statement will be removed. I just forgot this morning.

This morning I finally had a chance to visit the new Felipe Motta Store in Plaza El Terronal. I viewed the store with Gina Munoz, who told me that this store is the second largest Felipe Motta store in Panama. If I understood Gina correctly, Motta is the importer of all liquors into Panama,

This is a high quality store and a nice addition to the family of stores that are part of the second phase of Plaza El Terronal.

As you enter the store, you will be greeted by a well organized store containing a large selection of beer, wine, liquor, and all sorts of things to create a party.

I don’t have photos of all that is available in the store, but you should get a fair idea of what they have from the photos that I did take.

This photo gives an idea of the depth of the store. On the left are displays of chips, nuts and other goodies. Continue reading Felipe Motta Wine Store

Facts And Rumors

In the photo above, the right bottom part is where Arrocha is going to move later this year.

I am not sure what will be above it. I still keep hearing the rumor that the mall will also have some theaters. Hard to believe, but I do hear that.

What do you think will fill the current Arrocha location. I would like to start the rumor that PanaFoto will move in there. AudioFoto needs some competition and PanaFoto would bring it.

What rumors do you hear?

CONWAY Coffee and Sandwich Area

It had been a while since I had been to the top floor in Conway. Last week I noticed that the Coffee and Sandwich area was open and serving all sorts of goodies. Yesterday, I went back and had some of the offerings and took a couple photos.

I had written the President of CONWAY, who I had met during the grand opening and asked permission to take some more photos now that the Coffee and Sandwich area was open. He said there was no problem with my taking photos, but told me that the area is not finished and won’t look like they want it to look until much later in 2010.

None the less, I thought I would mention to you that it is open and it is a great spot for the guys to relax while the gals are off walking up and down the aisles.

Here is a photo of the current menu. I apologize for the quality of the photo, but in the plastic sleeve, I had a hard time with the glare. You can see that they are offering sandwiches, pastries and salads.

The following photo is of the pastry display. Continue reading CONWAY Coffee and Sandwich Area

CONWAY David Opens

A 11:00 AM Conway was scheduled to open their doors. I arrived 15 minutes early and the parking lots were already full.

People were waiting to the right of the door.

People were waiting to the left of the door.

The media was there taking videos of those waiting and they filmed the first to enter. I took photos of those taking photos/videos.

At 11:00 sharp, the doors opened. I had taken about three photos when I was approached by Yoram Litvin, the Director of Conway. He welcomed me to the store and spoke perfect English. We exchanged cards. I noticed that the top of his card says TARGET, S. A. I hadn’t realized that Conway was affiliated with Target. He was extremely gracious and I appreciated that he took the time to visit with me.

I have a lot of photos. I will take you through a photo tour of this excellent addition to David businesses. Besides being a great store, it is providing work for a lot of Panamanians. Congratulations to Chiriquí and to David. Continue reading CONWAY David Opens