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Meeting Julio

I dropped into Plaza Terronal’s MStore and met Julio Quintero, who has assumed the Apple service position that I mentioned in a previous post.

While I was there I inquired in what they could and could not do, as far as service.

Here is what I learned. Apple does not allow any Apple service center in Panama to replace a broken screen in an IOS device. It must be replaced by Apple in the U.S.

I have learned this in the past, having tried to repair an iPhone whose screen had been replaced in David and Apple in the U.S. would not look at it.

With the exception of a broken IOS device screen, they can service all other problems. To be clear, if you have an IOS device and the screen is not broken, but is not recognizing the touch, they can replace the screen and all internals.

They can replace a broken screen on a laptop or iMac. It is strictly the broken IOS device screens where Apple is more restrictive.

I spoke to Julio and asked how he was with English. He said if people spoke slowly and clearly he could understand them. I understand how he feels because, after 13 years living in Panama, I still run into Panamanians that I have a hard time understanding in Spanish and have a hard time understanding my Spanish.

Lucky for me, Lilliam understands me the majority of the time.

Julio is a Chiricano and lives in David. I enjoyed meeting Julio and will introduce him to you via the following photo.


If you are near MStore, drop in and tell Julio you saw him on Chiriquí Chatter. It is good to have authorized Apple service in David!

MStore Inauguration June 4, 2015

A little rain could not keep me away from the inauguration of the Apple MStore in Plaza El Terronal. Lilliam and I arrived around 4:50 PM.

It wound up being a full house. Many people turned out. There was food. There was drink. There was Panama’s Cardinal to bless the business. There were beautiful women. There were plenty Apple products to see. What more could one want.

As a side note I watched the Cardinal demo his iPad for some people. That just goes to show you that Apple is truly God’s chosen technology. 😀

Jual Carlos and some of his staff

I took a photo of Juan Carlos Staff, who is responsible for the David store along with several of his staff. All wonderful people and everyone in the store are 100% Chiricanos!


I had a great time. Lilliam did as well. She pointed out her choice for a new iPhone. She was even more interested when she heard she could get a trade-in discount by using her old 4S.

Karen from Panama City

I got to spend some time speaking with the MStore Panama City technical service manager. It is really nice to have an official Apple service department in David.

It was another successful store inauguration for me. And this is my favorite store. Too bad I don’t have more money.

One of my objectives for the opening was to get at least one photo of me with Karen Jordán who acted as the hostess for this event. Mission accomplished!

Karen Jordán
Karen Jordán

Remember if you stop into the David MStore, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter. Not that you need it, but here is a Google Map to the new store.


MSTORE Comes To Plaza Terronal

For those of you living in Chiriquí that have moved away from the Dark Side, I have news of an Apple Store that is coming to Plaza Terronal. Google Map.

One of the workers said it should be around eight more days until the store is ready.

Plaza Terronal already has PanaFoto and MultiMax which sell Apple products, but now there will be a store dedicated to Apple products. I hope they will be carrying the iPhone.

The sign on the window says it is an authorized distributor. I will be interested to know if they are also an authorized service center.

What’s Cooking

Last Saturday, I was in Premier in Plaza El Terronal. I like to stop in there to see what new products they have. I have bought several products there and have had good luck with them. All items are under the Premier brand name which is Chinese, but I have found the quality to be acceptable.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

On Saturday, they were demonstrating a new greaseless fryer. These two attractive young ladies gave me a demonstration. I think the price of the unit being demoed was $100. I got to try some french fries and chicken nuggets.

If you drop into Premier, tell them you heard of them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Good Service Deserves to be Recognized

I am very pleased to write this article. I truly believe that outstanding service deserves to be recognized and this one more than most.

Last week my refrigerator quit working. I tried for two days to find someone that would work on an Amana. Multiple calls were made, most to no avail. One person made an appointment and didn’t show up. Some said they had never heard of Amana.

I decided I better start working on plan “B” and check the pricing for a new refrigerator. I went to Casa Gala, PriceSmart, PanaFoto, DoIt Center and my last stop was AudioFoto.

At every store I told my story. I really wanted to have my refrigerator repaired, but I could not locate a repairman that could work on my refrigerator. I asked all if they could recommend anyone. All except AudioFoto listened, but could not help. They were, however, very interested in selling some new top of the line machine.

Luckily, in AudioFoto I met Karen Reyes. I think she was sent to over to help me because she speaks excellent English.

I told her my story and she was very empathetic. She said her manager might have a recommendation for a person to see if the refrigerator was repairable or not. I let her show me the refrigerators and then she introduced me to Fernando Patino who did have a recommendation. She said to let her know if the fridge could not be fixed and maybe they could work out a trade-in plus discount.

The name Fernando gave me was for Electro Hogar. He said to ask for Senor Anibal. The phone number was 774-7495. After leaving AudioFoto I returned to the house and made the call. A service man was to arrive at 3:00PM.

At 3:00PM, the service man (Abdiel) arrived. It took him a total of 10 minutes to look at the refrigerator, remove a panel inside and tell me what was wrong. He said he would have to get the part and would return the next day and make the repair.

The next day, he arrived at the scheduled time, made the repair and the world was good again. It cost about $50 for the part and $25 for labor. I can’t tell you how good it is to find competent people.

In the photo below are Karen on the left and Fernando on the right of the Panasonic refrigerator I was considering buying at AudioFoto. By the way, it was priced $50 cheaper in AudioFoto than it was in PanaFoto.

I was within a day of buying a new fridge. Had it not been for Karen, I would have made a costly mistake. I can only say a big thank you to Karen, Fernando and Abdiel.

Once in a while things do work out right. If you stop by AudioFoto, say hello to Karen and Fernando. Tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter and that their kind of service is what brings people back.

MultiMax in David

Yesterday I went to the new MultiMax store that has opened in Plaza Terronal. Upon entering I asked to speak with the manager. When I met him, as he approached he said in Spanish that he did not speak English. I gave him a Chiriquí Chatter card and told him, in Spanish, that I would like to take some photos in the store to post on the Internet so that more people would be aware that MultiMax had opened. He made a phone call and sent one of the employees over that spoke English to say the request had been denied.

It is always good to have choices and now in Plaza Terronal you have three technology and home appliance stores to choose from. It is easy to price compare when they are so close to one another. Don’t forget there is Casa Gala too, which is to the left of MultiMax.

PanaFoto in David

Yesterday I went to the new PanaFoto store that has opened in Plaza Terronal. Upon entering I asked to speak with the manager. When I met him, he extended his hand and spoke to me in perfect English. I gave him a Chiriquí Chatter card and told him that I would like to take some photos in the store to post on the Internet so that more people would be aware that PanaFoto had opened. He gave me permission.

As you can see from the following photos, this is a very large store. What you may not realize is that there is a very large storage warehouse for PanaFoto behind the Conway store. I had seen it the last time I was in Conway’s upper snack area.

Let’s take a short tour through the store. When you enter the store and take an overall glance, you realize that this store is bringing more technology and household products to one area than any other store to this point. Continue reading PanaFoto in David