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5th Annual Heliconia Plant Sale -Volcan- July 6-7

Beautiful up there. It is worth the trip.

Hello Chiriquí gardeners,

Next weekend, July 6th and 7th, 8:00am – 4:00pm, I invite everyone to Volcan to visit my garden and to browse my 5th Annual Heliconia Plant Sale.

Over the last 15 years we have converted the dairy pastures to formal gardens full of plants from around the tropical world, water lily ponds and forests shading the largest collection of heliconia species in the world.

We’re open just once a year to the public, so I hope you can make the trip to Barriles, 6km from Volcan on the road towards Caizan.

My website has photos of the plants for sale and detailed driving instructions.


See you soon!

Careful Where You Sit

Thursday seemed like a good day to take a drive, so four of us went up to Boquete in the morning. I hadn’t checked for mail at the Boquete post office for a while and I also wanted to stop by the BOOKMARK in Dolega. I had no mail, but I made the Boquete drive worthwhile by stopping at the Cefati and having an iced coffee. On the outskirts of Boquete as I was heading for Dolega I saw a sign saying cactus for sale.

You never know when you are going to need another cactus, so I stopped. This little place had a large selection all in coffee cup sized containers. I guess I didn’t know there were that many varieties of cactus. This will give you an example.

After a purchase of three that were not a part of my current collection, we headed for the BOOKMARK. This was really the reason to get out, but it isn’t worth driving that far and not going on to Boquete. Hal has made progress on his addition. Two of his wall displays were in and the others are coming. When he gets it completed, I will take another set of photos.

The specific book I was looking for was not in, but Hal said that it was in a shipment he had coming from the states. Maybe my next trip.