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Bolo’s in David

The other day I was in Electronica Nacional, to have an appliance repaired, and picked up the following flier.

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I asked the lady, that waited on me, if she had tried the pizza and her opinion. She said she liked the pizza and recommended it. I had Natalie call and found out it was open on Sunday at 1:30, so that would be our Sunday outing.

Bolo’s is across the street from Mara Pan, one of the best bakeries in David. HERE is a Google map to Bolo’s.

The name, Bolo’s, intrigued me. During my time there, I deduced the derivation of the name. If you pay attention to the write-up, you may deduce it too. There will be a quiz at the end.

The flier was very colorful and I wondered if it was some new US franchise that I hadn’t heard of. On the menu you will find pizza, cheese breads, cinnamon bites and chicken wings. All sounded good. We ordered a supreme pizza, a veggie pizza and a Italian cheese bread along with various drinks.

While we were waiting, I got to meet Bob Sullivan (owner) and Lorena (Co-Owner). Bob and Lorena were a delightful experience to meet. Here they are.


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Pizza Hut Weekday Special

We have stopped into Pizza Hut for their weekday special a couple times recently.

For $5 you get your choice of several personal sized pizzas, some garlic bread, a salad or a soup and a tea or soda.

Really a good bargain. I usually go for a combination pizza and potato soup. I will add that this is the best potato soup in David. Nice chunks of potato, plenty of bacon and cheese. Today’s order follows.


Papine’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

DSC00677Yesterday, when I went to get my hair cut by Yani, I noticed a New Pizza place. At least it is new to me. It has apparently been open for 9 months. Yani said she liked the pizza and that it was thin crust.

Till now the best pizza I have had was at Popeye’s, but as far as I am concerned, it is closed, because it is never open when I look. It may still be open in the evenings. If you know, let me know.

It was noon time and they have a executive special for $4.50. I saw the plates and they were more than ample. It looked like a great value. However, I wanted to try the pizza.

I ordered a Hawaiian Pizza as my first test. It was very good. The crust was thin crust as I like it and was crisp and not doughy like some I have had. I will return for more pizza and other items on the menu.

At the end of this post is a gallery of all the photos including the current menu. If you drop in, tell Ricardo – the owner, that you read about it on Chiriquí Chatter. Looks like this has a good shot of becoming my favorite pizza place.

Here is a Google Map. for the restaurant.


Popeye’s Pizza Revisited

I was just going through some of the business cards that I had not filed. This one on Popeye’s Pizza I had intended to talk about when I posted the photos from Rome. However, I keep getting more behind and who knows when or if I will get those photos posted.

What I wanted to do was contrast the pizzas in Rome with David’s Popeye’s Pizza. I have been going to Popeye’s since it was originally opened by Pino. He became a good friend and I miss him. How do these pizzas compare to the ones I had in Rome? They are far superior.

Last year, Pino sold Popeye’s and I was worried that the pizza would change. I am happy to say that it has not. It is still my favorite pizza in Panama. This is the only place I go when I want pizza. It is thin crust and cooked in a brick oven. I think I will go there today.

If you stop in tell they you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

UPDATE August 23, 2011: I am adding a driving video to help you find Popeye’s Pizza.

Second Domino’s Pizza In David is Open

Last week we stopped into the new Dominoes Pizza on the InterAmerican Highway. It is just past the KFC on the InterAmerican Highway.

It is a typical Domino’s. It has been a while since I ordered a Domino’s, but with Isabella and Lucca here, it was a good outing.

Here is the front of the restaurant. You can see that they have a lot of delivery motorbikes, so they are planning a lot of deliveries. The numbers to order are 775-9466 for the original on Calle Fsur and 744-4444 for the new store on the InterAmerican Highway. Continue reading Second Domino’s Pizza In David is Open

Mario’s Pizza in Boquete

Papa Ricco’s is gone and replaced with Mario’s Pizza. I think Papa Ricco’s real business was setting up pizza places and then selling them.

Mario’s is sort of Italy meets Philadelphia. The current menu is Pizza, Salad, and Philadelphia Cheese Steak. This is a new business and the wrinkles have not totally been worked out, but the quality is there and when people know about them, I think they will return for more.

One at out table ordered the Philadelphia Cheese Steak. It must have been good, because when I reached over to try a taste, I got a fork in the hand. (Just kidding) It will be what I try on my next visit because I love Philadelphia cheese steak.

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Mamma mia, that’s-a spicy meat ball-a!

At the suggestion of one of the Chiriquí Chatter readers, today’s Sunday lunch took us north, up Boquete way, to a restaurant called Papa Ricco’s.

When you walk into the restaurant you are transported into a piece of New York that has been moved to Boquete, Chiriquí Panama. I loved the colorfully painted walls with many photos of papa Ricco’s past history in the business of feeding people Italian pastas and pizzas. Continue reading Mamma mia, that’s-a spicy meat ball-a!

Popeye’s Pizza

Pino E Rinzo Pizza is now called Popeye’s Pizza. Same great pizza. Renzo is no longer associated with the restaurant, but Pino was the one that was responsible for the great pizza anyway. The pizza is brick oven fired and I guarantee you will love it.

Popeye’s is closed on Wednesday and open all other days.

Natalie is back and was hungry for pizza, so we went to Pino’s – oops Popeye’s.

We got the Cuatro Estaciones – this is about my favorite. Continue reading Popeye’s Pizza

I Really Miss Good Bread

Last Saturday, I had a pizza for lunch at my now favorite pizza spot in David. Pino always gives us a couple small slices of bread that he makes to tide you over until the pizza comes. I think this bread is a real treat. It has the hint of sourdough, but I am not sure what it is. The slices are about 2 inches in diameter and he covers then with some topping.

I wish some of the panderias, in David, would go have pizza at Pino’s so they could learn how to make the bread. I guarantee, I would buy several loaves every week if it were for sale. Most bread that you buy here is pretty blah. I am about getting ready to start making my own bread.

That reminds me. Does anyone know where I can buy dill seed (semillas de eneldo)?

I really miss good bread!