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Criadero Uruguay

I received a request to post the following. As with all things of this nature, it is up to you to do due your own diligence:

From……: Jean Tello
Email…..: criadero_uruguay@hotmail.com
Url…….: www.criaderouruguay.com

Good Morning Mr. Ray
My name is Jean Tello Eymard, my wife and I are owners of Criadero Uruguay,(FCI and Club Canino de Panama sanctioned kennel) a kennel based in Cerro Azul, province of Panama, we are breeders mostly of Old English Sheepdogs, Beagles, Tekels. Id like to know your advice regarding the best way to advertise among the expat community in the Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro area.
Thank you very much.
Jean Tello

Free Kittens

I received the following for posting:


Thanks Don for posting this,
Free Kittens looking for a new home. They were rescued off the street coming up the hill from David about 10 days ago.
They are approx. 7-8 weeks old. They are both girls, no fleas, are playful, friendly, getting fat and lots of purring going on.
They play together and keep each other company, would like to keep them together.
call Carol Zulla @ 6-708-6318 or carolzulla@yahoo.com

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$1,000 Reward

I received the following request for posting:

I wonder if you might post this. Our friends at the Las Nubes EcoHaven (http://www.aslaap.org/) are missing Kaiser, a marvelous Rottweiler.

And again I want to let you know just what a great job you do. Aside from our very keen interest in Chiriqui, I use chiriquichatter.net as an example of what a blog really should be.

Best to you.

Bruce C


Nombre: KAISER
Complexión: ROBUSTA
Fecha de desaparición: 27/Marzo/2011
Lugar de desaparición: Las Nubes, Cerro Punta
Celular: 67409654 – 69508284 – 65874192
Residencial: 7712680 – 7300205 – 7704128

Photos can be seen HERE.

Importing Birds To Panama

In the past I have received emails asking how to import birds to Panama and since I only had experience with bringing dogs I wasn’t able to respond to the emails.

Today I saw a good writeup of an experience of an individual bringing birds into Panama and asked permission of the author to post it. The permission was granted and here was his post.

Importing birds

A couple of years ago, I imported 4 cockatoos, 1 Umbrella and 3 goffins, they are healthy and living the good life.

The process is a bit complicated but certainly doable.

If your birds are on the Cites (Convention on international trade of endangered species, you need both an export permit from the origin country and an import permit from Cites in Panama, I found out that there is a bit of a catch-22, Panama would not issue and import permit without first seeing the export permit (from Canada), Canada would not issue an export permit without seeing the import permit, we got around this by asking Canada to issue a conditional export permit, on the condition that Panama issue an import permit, that worked…

Your bird(s) need to have a closed band or be chipped for identification, even though I don’t think there is a chip reader in Panama ;-0.

Next a health certificate, notarized and authenticated (apostilled if you are in the USA), then authenticated by a Panamanian embassy, the issue you will have is that the health certificate is only valid for 10 days, the animals must arrive in Panama before 10 days from the date of the health certificate issuance.

We used Continental to transport the birds, you have to have an approved shipping cage, labeled ‘Live Birds’

Upon arrival in Panama, we used Jose Saenz to get them through customs, Jose did a great job but there are others.

Then the birds need to be guaranteed for a month, you can do it at home, I believe you just have to fill out an ANAM form at entry telling where the birds will be guaranteed.

That was about it, a long trip with the animals for me, but well worth the effort as far as I was concerned.

Good luck


Howling Success January Classes

I received the following request for posting:

Can you post these for me? Last class I had a great response from you post.
Thank you much!

Have you looked at my new blog? www.dogfetish.com I have had it up for a over a month and it’s going great! I used your idea of the Cluster Map and wow I love it.

Howling Success K9 Services
Bravo Doberman
Dog Fetish

La Acequia, Panama

Upcoming classes follow (too bad the classes are only for dogs):

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Puppy needing a good home

Hi Don

This little one showed up by my house yesterday. She is very skinny and has been through a lot by the looks of her. I gave her some food and since then she has not left. She is timid but sweet and needs a good home and some love. I will do what I can to take care of her, her tail was cut off right down to her body and she has some other cuts but I have two dogs, one I took in the same way.

Please help me find someone that can take care of her, a good home not tied to a wall for the rest of her life. Hopefully someone has room for this poor little thing.

Scott 6550 5201

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