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Life Is A Beach

I just received the last photo of Koki’s outing with her friend Antonella. Koki has gone with Antonella to the beach several times, but this photo shows how much Koki enjoys it.

If we could all enjoy life 1/2 as much as Koki, what a great time we would have!

Thanks to Juliana for providing the memories.

Before and After

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Koki was starting to become the shaggy dog. Now that dog ain’t so shaggy!

After a visit to Happy Pet, she looks great. Happy Pet was the best find I have made in some time. I wish I had known about them sooner.

This is the best equipped veterinary clinic  in Chiriquí. Both doctors are well trained and English is spoken. You may receive recommendations from others, but for any animal I cared about, I would now take it to Happy Pet.

This is not a paid commercial – I am just one of the Happy Clients, who walk out of Happy Pet all the time.

$15 for the bathing, grooming, ears checked, nails clipped and the anal glands checked.

I just looked in the mirror and I need a trim too. I think I will pass on having any anal glands checked though.

Unlikely Friends

We have been adopted by two cats. One is very friendly and always greets us when we get ready for our morning walk. I don’t know if it is a he or a she.

It always comes out to say hello in the morning. It wants its head scratched and I am sure wants a bowl of food. We have not adopted it, however, and do not put food out to give it more encouragement.

IMG_0283Still it is comical to watch this one in the morning. It wants to be Koki’s friend as well. It will rub on Koki, head to head and body to body. What amazes me is that Koki could care less and rarely pays attention to the cat.

IMG_0284This morning, the cat was trying to get Koki to play. In this photo, the cat was below the bench talking to Koki. Koki looks to be in a playful mood too.

IMG_0287In this last photo, they decided to pose for the camera. Two different species of animals that aren’t natural friends. However, both have accepted the other and in their own way have bonded. Too bad people don’t accept differences as easily as these two. The world would be a happier place.

The second cat is not as friendly. It still hangs around the house, but is afraid of people. He does slip around the back of the house where Koki’s food and water bowl is and helps himself to a meal. That is until Koki sees him and then there is barking galore.

I guess the moral is offer friendship and it will be returned. Steal my food and receive my wrath.

Koki’s Hearing Has Returned

You may remember that back in November of 2012, Koki had gone deaf. I am happy to report that it appears she is 100% back to normal. I never knew what caused the deafness and I have no idea why it has left. Now she is detecting all noises and before you could yell at her and she would not hear it.

None of the vet visits detected anything and she still couldn’t hear when she went to her first visit to Happy Pet. That was in February of this year. I will acknowledge that Happy Pet put her on some vitamin supplements. Coincidence or the cause for the cure, I don’t know.

Over the llast four months, I thought she was improving, and now I am ready to declare her fully back to normal.It is doggone good to have her back to normal.

Keepum on a Leash

What is that smell? That was the question of the day, It was coming from the back yard. Looking under the deck provided the answer. A dead dog.

I have a hunch the dog tangled with a toad, got sick and searched  for a spot to die.

I posted a message on our neighborhood watch WhatsApp line reporting a dead white dog and in 5 minutes a neighbor came down to check to see if it was one that had been reported missing. Sure enough, it was.

He called the owner. They came over and got the dog. They said it and another small dog were missing yesterday. A search at the end of the block produced the other dog.

The rains have brought out the toads in force. Dogs running loose are very vulnerable to take on a toad and while they are small they are lethal.

Abused Dog Needs A Good Home

I received the following for posting.

To Chiriqui Chatter…
Can you please post this, Help needed to find Good home for Abused Dog.
This adorable little girl showed up at my house this past Saturday, and has since seen DR. Sam in David. He informed me the open gash on her neck, is from someone pouring scalding hot water on her, her left hind leg is broken and will require surgery. She’s being treated for anemia, result of flea and worms and she has a broncial infection.
Through it all, she is being an absolute sweetheart…or as I’ve been saying..”Angel”.
Some very generous people are offering to help with financial support for the surgery but I would love to find her a good loving home. She deserves it.

Contact – monikarmartyn @ gmail.com For more information.


Happy Pet – Revisited

IMG_0115Yesterday, I took Koki to get her first grooming at Happy Pet.

Here are a couple observations made as a result of this visit.

First, I was there at 9:00 AM, the opening time for a Saturday. I had called ahead so they knew I was coming. No one was there and the door was still locked. A couple minutes after I got there a young lady came and asked if I could wait a few minutes because they had a car problem.

This may be the first time I can remember a business having the courtesy to let me know they hadn’t forgotten me and were going to be a little late. I was impressed. Turns out they found a flat tire when they went to get in their car.

Second, Everyone there gives you the impression they love what they do, The young lady that had met me when the door was locked was the groomer and had a smile on her face and you could tell she loved animals.

Third, when Patricia saw Koki, she asked about her vomiting problem, which was the purpose of the first visit. Great attention to detail and customer service.

No doubt about it, this is the place to bring your furry family member when they need attention.

I should also mention, I switched Koki’s diet to the brand of dog food they recommended and Koki is crazy about it. This is the first time I can say that and I have given her Science Diet, IAMS and other high end foods. Great recommendation.

Happy Pet

IMG_0024UPDATE January 2014: Happy Pet has moved. See new post for location.

The other day Koki was not well. We took her to our regular vet and he was out and would not return for over an hour. Not the first time this has happened.

I have had several recommendations lately about a new veterinary clinic in David and decided the time was right to get to know it.

It is always good to know more than one specialist in anything in Panama because often your first choice will not be available.

IMG_0025To say that I was impressed with Happy Pet would be an understatement. Two doctors were available. One spoke perfect English. Both spoke Spanish and Portuguese.

They were able to take a blood test and had the results in seconds. First class equipment and first class treatment.

Happy Pet will now be my primary caretaker for Koki. My old vet will now be my backup.

Here is a Google Map for Happy Pet.

If you happen to stop in Happy Pet, tell them you learned of them through Chiriquí Chatter.