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Better Call Saul – No- Better Call Happy Pet


I have been watching “Better Call Saul” (The spinoff from Breaking Bad) and got confused. This situation definitely needed Happy Pet.

The other night Lilliam asked me to feel a spot on Koki’s belly. It felt like a piece of wire just piercing her skin from the inside. The spot wasn’t red and didn’t look irritated, but what ever this was shouldn’t be there. Very strange. Of course Lilliam’s I can fix anything state of mind sent her running for her tweezers.

After a couple attempts giving gentle tugs, it was obvious this needed more professional attention.

Yesterday we took Koki to Happy Pet. Dra. Patricia said it looked like a staple was inside her and it would take an incision to remove it. Dra. Patricia asked Lilliam if Koki had been spayed. She had about 5 1/2 years ago.

We were told to come back in a couple hours.

When we returned after lunch, we talked to Dr. Sam. He said it appeared that this was there following her spaying at the free spaying clinic we had taken her to in David.

With the wire clip or what ever it was removed, Koki showed no ill effects. We got some antibiotic cream to put on the incision for the next 8 days. Koki acts like she never had anything wrong with her.

All is well that ends well.

Missing Dog – Reward

I received a request to post the following:



The reward for Pluto is now $500. La recompensa por Pluto es ahora de $ 500.

Last time seen on January 25 by the area of Jaramillo in Boquete.
Ultima vez visto el 25 de enero por el área de jaramillo en Boquete

Please call Rebecka at 6973 4984 or Juny at 6789 4251.
Por favor llame a Rebecka en 6973 4984 o Juny en 6789 4251.

Koki is one Cool Dog


One of the last things on the ToDo schedule was to get Kiki clipped. Happy Pet is the place to go for all pet care needs. Best vets in Chiriquí for my money. I would not take Koki to any other location. Sam and Pat love animals and it is obvious.


This time we decided to give koki a cut that would allow her to be cooler while we were gone. I am not sure what she thinks of her new look, but I think she likes it.

Lost Pet – Siberian Husky

Posted by request


Mi Nombre es NikoSoy Husky Siberiano y tengo 4 meses de edad.
Me llevaron de la casa el Jueves, 27 de Febrero Por favor ayúdenme a reunir con mi familia Hay recompensa de $100 por su devolucion. llame #6812-7187

My Name is Niko.

I am a 4 month old Siberian Husky
I was taken from my home on thursday February 27th.

Please help me reunite with my family.
There is a $100 reward for my return. Call #6812-7187

Happy Pet To The Rescue

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

A good friend asked If I would help take her and her cat to Happy Pet. This was my first trip to the new location of Happy Pet. New location, but same great professional care.

My friend’s cat had gotten into a fight with another cat and had a terrible wound on her tail. I was impressed to see the tenderness that Dra Patricia gave while attending to this situation.

The quality of care has been better for animals in this clinic than any any clinic I have ever gone to in the US and I have seen nothing to come close to comparing to Happy Pet in Panama.


Click HERE for the Google Map to Happy Pet’s new location. The office number is 775-0501.


I received a request to post the following

Adopt me. Click to enlarge
Adopt me. Click to enlarge

July is a médium sized mutt with cocker personality, rescued by the foundation on 4 patitas in Via Boquete. It is approximately 7 to 8 month old and is currently temporary hosted by a family who have brought it to happy pet veterinary . July have been sterilized, dewormed, vaccinated, got blood examination and teeth cleaning among other things. We have all the bills from happy pet showing the care it got. July is ready for adoption in a home where they will accept her as a member of the family. The foundation ask as a prerequisite that the house has fence.
July is very sweet, tender, affective, playful, obedient, noble. It is very good with children and other dogs. This dog needs a lot of love because of the illtreatment it had to go thru.

If interested, drop me an email as listed on the sidebar and I will put you ib contact with the foster home.

Happy Pet Is Moving

This is a notification that Happy Pet will be in its new location in David on December 16th. I will try to get by their new location after their move and take a photo or two.

If you have pets and haven’t heard of Happy Pet, you are missing out on the finest pet care in Chiriquí. Mark December 16th on your calendar.

If you stop into Happy Pet, tell Dr. Sam and Dra Patricia that you heard of them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Until December 16, you will find them in their current location.

Here is a google map of Happy Pet’s new location.