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It’s A Toss Up

Last Saturday, on my way to the park, I noticed this juggler working at the 5-way light intersection near Elmac. When the light would turn red, he would put on a short performance and then walk down the line of cars, that were waiting for the light to change, hoping to get a tip..

When the light turned green and as all the cars went through the light, he would stand on the side of the street and wait for the next red light. I pulled over past the light and took the following photo.
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While I Am Thinking About It

If you have any employees that work for you, then this building in David is one you need to know about. It is the Ministerio de Trabajo y Desarullo Laboral. This is the place to go, to make sure you are in compliance with your obligations of being an employer. It is around the corner from the Library.

I recently needed to go there because I had decided that the weekly maid visits were more of a hassle than a benefit. You really need to ask yourself if having a maid is worth it before you get one. I can assure you that getting one is easier than getting rid of one.

It is a fact that no maid ever leaves and thinks you were a good employer. Paying above the going rate doesn’t mean anything. Remembering birthdays and Christmas won’t mean anything. Ignoring the hundreds of dollars of broken items that have occurred will not mean anything. When they leave they will say you were the worst person they ever worked for.

I feel that I was fortunate and had one of the better maids I could have found. She came on Tuesdays and Saturdays for three years. Then she asked if she could come on Mondays and Fridays. The change was made and after some time, I realized that Mondays and Fridays are the most common holidays. I found that she had changed her days because she knew I would pay for holidays and maybe her other clients didn’t. Continue reading While I Am Thinking About It

Chicos y Chicas modelos de 2009

Saturday evening I went to the Chiriquí mall to watch the modeling presentation that was being put on. I had been told that it would start around 6:00 PM. Of course, I forgot that that was Panama time and maybe I didn’t understand the correct starting time either.

This was how it looked when I arrived. As the crowd arrived, they had to bring in extra seating because they hadn’t set up enough.

Shortly after arriving the asked everyone to exit and enter though the main entrance to pay admission. It was $5 a person. I gave them a Chiriquí Chatter card and told them I was only there so I could take photos and post on the web. I guess it was a good thing I mentioned that, because they gave me a seat in the front row at the end of the runway. Lucky me!

At seven they apologized for starting late, but said it would be about another hour. The actual program got started close to 8:00 PM. By then, it was dark. They did have some spot lights illuminating the runway, but it was not sufficient to take photos without flash. My small flash didn’t do as good a job as I would have liked and I have had to discard a fair number of photos.

This was an experience for me as I have never watched a modeling session and certainly have never taken photos of one. The lighting as well as the constant movement provided challenges. I apologize to those whose photos I didn’t take well, but with Chiriquí Chatter, you get what you pay for. 🙂 Continue reading Chicos y Chicas modelos de 2009

Let’s Visit Novey

As I mentioned yesterday, Novey is now open. If you have a few minutes, let’s take a quick walk through the store. Remember that everything is 15% off through tomorrow. Grab a cart on the way in. You may need it.

Upon entering, you will find a very nicely organized store. I had been to one in Panama City many years ago, but I didn’t remember it being this nice. I am impressed.

Each area is nicely labeled with its contents and you will notice that the signs are in both Spanish and English. Continue reading Let’s Visit Novey

Change Is In The Air

Soon I won’t be able to complain about Cable and Wireless anymore. Today I went to Cable Onda and scheduled an installation of telephone, cable and Internet. I hope I will get it done by Wednesday of next week. If after Tuesday of next week, I disappear, it will be because the install is not going well. 🙂

It was a no hassle experience this morning. Witny, in the following photo, took care of setting up my account. She was a very nice young lady and a fine representative for Cable Onda.

Now I will be getting more channels on the television, higher speed Internet, and pay less than I was before for TV, Internet and Cable. Another benefit is that I reduce the number of bills I have to pay by two.

If you happen to drop by Cable Onda and see Witny, tell her you saw her on Chiriquí Chatter.