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Another Journey

My daughter just sent me a compilation of photos of my oldest granddaughter, Kayley. What a super way to start off my day. Kayley has just finished her senior year and will be starting college in the fall.

What a beautiful girl even though I admit to being a little biased. I wish her the same as I wished Natalie the other day.

I wish her only the best of life’s experiences greet her each day. I pray that those that are not so pleasant will be short in duration and that she remembers that she has many people that will help her through any difficulty.

How To Be A Wheeler Dealer

Another article that has been waiting to get written was my meeting Señor Robinson. I have been by SERVICENTRO ROBINSON many times. While I knew of this auto service center, I hadn’t connected that this was THE Señor Robinson that builds all of the adult tricycles you see running around town.

I am sure you have seen these tricycles, but you probably have given little thought as to who makes them or why they are such an important item in the lives of those that have them.

For over 11 years, Señor Robinson has been making these tricycles. Each one is tailor made to the needs of each user. It is amazing to see how he adapts each bike. It all depends on what the physical problem is of that individual.

He has built over 3,000 of these tricycles. You will see them sprinting down the InterAmerican Highway. Can you imagine what a self confidence boost this is for individuals that were totally dependent on others, to now be empowered and capable of earning money for themselves.

The photo at the top of this post came from January 1998 publication of CUMBRE and contained an article about Señor Robinson written by Gene Sagel. Continue reading How To Be A Wheeler Dealer

Thomas L. And Linda J. McCormack Foundation Website

A good friend of mine has just put up a new website with information on his foundation that helps people in Panama.

Last November, he brought down 2 forty foot containers that helped during the time of flooding in Panama. He has spent many years supporting the people of Panama in various ways.

Not only has he helped with items in need, but he has helped to train Panamanians in the care of bees and spent much of his personal time teaching free English classes.

I am proud to call him a friend. Check out his new website. http://www.panamamccormackfoundation.com/

Koki’s Favorite Toys

Koki has become one of the family. She is a happy puppy and tends to make everyone happy that comes in contact with her. She is a bundle of energy and always on the go. House training is going pretty well, though she can still have an accident, if I don’t pay attention to her telling me she needs to go outside.

She loves her toys and here she is with her three favorites.

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I don’t Recognize The Voice

I had an unusual call las night. I answered the phone and the person said, “Hello Don. How are you doing?”

I said, “Fine and how are you doing?” At this point, I didn’t recognize the voice. It had that accent of a person from India. It was obvious that the other person knew me and I didn’t want to sound like I didn’t know who I was talking too. As I continued to listen, it hit me.

It was Natalie, home from here year in Switzerland. I told her I didn’t recognize her accent as it sounded just like a person from India. She laughed and said many of her student friends were from India and she guessed she adapted the accent.

She sounded well, but a little tired after her long airplane flight to Panama City. I am anxious to see all the photos she took while she has had her year long adventure.