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A Last Word From Courtney

One of the greatest pleasures this blog has brought me has been the opportunity to meet some very special people. One of these people is Courtney, who is a Peace Corps worker. Those of you that have been here for a while will probably remember her.

She sent me her farewell post yesterday. You may want to go back read some of her other posts. You can find all her posts by doing a search on Chiriquí Chatter for Courtney.

Here is her farewell post. Courtney, I will miss you. Continue reading A Last Word From Courtney

Guest Post 4 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

Here is the latest update from Courtney, the U.S. Peace Corp Volunteer. Previous posts can be seen by following the Peace Corp Tag.  I sponsored Courtney’s troop for 2011. Each of the girls wrote me a very nice letter saying “Thank You”. I met with Courtney yesterday and gave Courtney the money to cover the girls for 2012. The money I gave Courtney covered the annual registration fee that all group members and group leaders must pay in order to be covered under a private insurance policy that protects the health of participants during group activities.

It makes me feel good to support these young people.

And now for Courtney’s update:


I hope that everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving and that those of you who were in Panama for the holiday were able to get your hands on some delicious turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and all of the other Thanksgiving goodies! I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with a huge group of other Peace Corps Volunteers here in Panama and was treated to a Thanksgiving feast that really was a taste of home. The meal included all of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites plus plenty of other “comfort foods” from the States, such as macaroni and cheese and apple pie with ICE CREAM. In addition to the awesome meal, it was refreshing to see all the other Volunteers who are working throughout the country of Panama, from the Darien to Bocas del Toro, and to be able to chat with my family via Skype. Continue reading Guest Post 4 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

Guest Post 3 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

I received the following to post from Courtney.

Hello to everyone,
Just to refresh your memory, I am the Peace Corps Volunteer currently serving here in the province of Chiriquí who was invited by Don Ray to be a guest author on Chiriquí Chatter. I previously posted about the Girl Scout (Muchachas Guias) group in the community where I am working and generally about life in the Peace Corps, but I have not had the opportunity to post in quite a while. Today I am in David running errands and catching up on some internet work so I decided that I would take this opportunity to give a quick update on how life has been in rural Panama over the past couple of months.

In June my parents came to visit from the States so I took some vacation time to travel with them in Panama. We also visited my community for 4 days, and my parents were great sports about adjusting to rural Panamanian life! We all stayed in my little wooden house which consists of two rooms. One of the rooms is a narrow and relatively small kitchen, and the other room is what I would call my “everything room.” The “everything room” is pretty large and houses my bed, a table, a bench, etc. Continue reading Guest Post 3 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

Guest Post 2 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

I received the following email and an attached article from Courtney.

Hey Don Ray,

I was great to meet you yesterday, and thank you so much for your contribution to the Girl Scouts. I went to the Girl Scout office and paid the membership fee for 2011 yesterday! Yay!

I have attached a couple of pictures and my newest post. I don’t know the next time I will be at a computer, but I will update you when I can. The group photo that I have attached is from the induction ceremony for four new members of the group. Representatives from the Muchachas Guías office in David came to my community to help out for the day. The new girls had to recite the Girl Scout Promise and Prayer and each received her official Muchachas Guías “pañueleta” (scarf). It was a fun and special day for everyone! The other photo that I attached is from the same day. The Muchachas Guías tías from David brought snacks to share with the girls after the ceremony.

Have a great afternoon and we will be in touch!

Thanks again, Courtney

Attached Photos are copyrighted by Courtney:

Continue reading Guest Post 2 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

Getting To Know Courtney

Yesterday morning, Lilliam and I went to Multi-Cafe 2 and met Courtney with the US Peace Corps. What a delightful young lady.

You may remember that Courtney wrote me about obtaining some financial assistance for a girl scout group she was mentoring.

I had committed to sponsoring her troop’s membership fee and yesterday was the day that Courtney and I had scheduled for her to pick up the money. I can’t tell you how nice it is to find nice people taking a part of their lives to improve the lives of others.

You may also remember that Courtney said she would contribute some personal accounts of her experiences with the Peace Corps working in Chiriquí. Her first article can be found HERE.

She told me she will be sending me another article soon and it will contain some photos of her group. That gives you something to look forward to.

She said one of her goals was to raise enough money for the troop to come to David for a convention toward the end of the year. I told her not to be concerned because I and the Chiriquí Chatter readers would insure that they had the finances to make the trip.

Courtney it was very nice meeting you. Let me introduce Courtney to all of the Chiriquí Chatter readers so you can have a face to put with the future articles she sends me.

Guest Post 1 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

In a previous post, I introduced you to Courtney, who is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama. I thought her experiences might be of interest to others and asked Courtney to consider being a guest author on Chiriquí Chatter. Here is Courtney’s first contribution. Let Courtney know that you appreciate her sharing her experience with us. I will start by saying a big “THANK YOU” Courtney, to you and all of the other Peace Corps Volunteers serving Panama and the rest of the world.

Thank you all so much for the responses that you posted and for the support that you are offering to both myself and all of the Peace Corps Volunteers here in Chiriquí. Don Ray has invited me to be a guest author on Chiriquí Chatter. Although I will not be able to write as often as I might like due to my lack of computer access, I will try to give periodic updates on my Peace Corps experience for anyone who is interested. I will also report information on my work and what support you all might be able to offer if you are interested. I hope to share the Chiriquí Chatter information with other Chiriquí volunteers when we have a regional meeting in early June. Much thanks to Don Ray for giving me this opportunity!

So today I will give you a little taste of my life in the “campo.” There are so many things that I could share but I will start with a few “facts of life” that I have learned so far. Continue reading Guest Post 1 By Courtney (Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama)

Peace Corps Activities in Chiriquí

Last week I was sent the following information’

From……: Courtney

Hello Don Ray,

My name is Courtney (last name removed by DRW), and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer from the state of Georgia working in a community here in the province of Chiriqui in Panama.

I am currently working with a Girl Scout (Muchachas Guias) Group. Right now the group has 14 participants from the ages of 5 to 15. The goal of the group is to help the girls to develop positive life skills and self-esteem while also positively contributing to the community in which they live. For example, at Christmas the girls raised funds and asked for the donation of toys in order to organize and put on a Christmas party complete with arroz, pollo guisado, potato salad, and chicha for all of the members of their sector of the community. The girls wrapped the toys and called the children of the community up one-by-one to present them with their gift. This event made Christmas special for many children who, due to poverty, would otherwise have not had a Christmas celebration. Continue reading Peace Corps Activities in Chiriquí