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Tick Tock

As I walked back to the car, following my park visit, I saw the fella that lives on the church steps. I guess he has heard that he is becoming a famous David celebrity because he gave me a big wave. It appears that he has changed his shirt from the last time I saw him. He must keep several changes in the blue bag to his right. I just wonder where he changes.

I had heard that he was going to be asked to leave when the park opens, but I guess that is further in the future. I wonder if there is any truth to his trying to negotiate a permanent position as the token Parque Cervantes vagrant. Naw, I am sure he will be moving soon.

Parque Cervantes Update March 2007

On my last visit to look at the progress of Parque Cervantes, I was told the target date was March 19th in time for the David Fair. With tomorrow being the opening day for the fair, I thought it would be a good time to take another look.

The new target date is the middle of May. The Vice-Alcalde for David was at the site this morning and he gave me another tour of the park.

They are working on the final piece of the park and that is the walking area. Here is the area where the outdoor stage is located. They are dropping the rock to create walking area’s base.

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David – The Clock IS Ticking

A few weeks back, I took several photos of Parque Cervantes, which is scheduled to be reopened during the March David Fair. At that time I had asked if the Mayor was going to do anything about the people that were living in front of the church across the street. I was assured that it had been brought to the Mayors attention and it would be taken care of by the time the park had opened.

One of my readers brings tours through David and he wrote me yesterday that the problem was not being taken care of and it was really a disgrace. He said on his most recent tour that the fellow in the photos below had gotten up and urinated in public on the church steps in the middle of the day.

This morning I was out and decided to see if the fellow was still living in front of the church.

As you can see, he is.

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Parque Recreativo Boringquito In Chiriquí

I always have to get out on a Sunday. It is good for my mind to see something different. With the Super Bowl coming on later in the afternoon, I made it up to Parque Recreativo Boringquito, which is just out side of Concepcíon in Chiriquí.

This little park was one I had not been to before. It is another place you would not find if someone didn’t tell you about it. There was no sign telling you where to exit the InterAmerican Highway.

Before you get to Concepcíon (driving from David), look to the right for this sign.

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Parque Cervantes January 2007 Update

This morning I drove down town to update the status on Parque Cervantes. You may remember on my last post in December, I was told that the target was the end of January. The new target is March 19th to be ready for El Dia de San José and the David Fair. Good Luck. A lot of work has been done, but there is still a lot to do.

The first photo shows that the central fountain has had a lot of work and really accents the park.

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Parque Omar Revisited

If you remember I visited Parque Omar back in July. However, that day I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted. This morning I went out and was able to take a few more photos. It was luck that I went this morning as it is raining this afternoon.

The park is still set up for Christmas as you will see this in many of the photos. You may want to refer back to the photos that were taken in July for comparison. I don’t think you will see much difference between July and December as far as the weather is concerned. For July’s post look here.

You should be able to compare these two buildings with ones in July’s post.

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Parque Cervantes December Update

I noticed that the gate was open today and thought I might be able to get some photos. Luckily I got to meet Celso Trejos. He gave Jerry (aka webmaster of Panama End Point) and me a tour of the Park and explained what it was going to have.

I asked Celso if he would mind if I put his picture with the post and he requested that I get a group photo, since this is group effort.

The target date for completion is the end of January. You will see from the photos that there is a fair amount left to do. I think the park design is kind of interesting. You can see from this photo that the grassy area is raised from the walking area by three or more feet. Continue reading Parque Cervantes December Update