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Park and Education

Yesterday evening, we took Isabela and Lucca to Parque Jose Maria Roy. If you have young children and have not been to this park, you are missing something. This is supposed to be the largest park of this kind in all of Latin America. The play equipment is FIRST Class.

I only took a couple photos because I didn’t think I would need my camera and I had to take these with my cheap Chinese cell phone. The following two photos are of the main equipment play area. I would guess there were around 60 kids in the park and all under adult supervision.
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Parque Jose Maria Roy

A new park for youngsters, between the ages of between 5 and 12, opens today. This is a park that David as well as Chiriquí as well as all of Panama should feel proud of. I am told that this is the only park of this type in all of Central America. A reader had told me about it and suggested that I go and take photos. Thanks to the reader for doing that.

This park is a couple blocks behind Iglesia del Carmen. This is on the street you take to Las Olas and you can’t miss it on the left side of the street across from Escuela Jose Maria Roy.

They were still working yesterday for today’s opening, so you will see no children and several workers and tools in some of the photos. Continue reading Parque Jose Maria Roy

Folkloric Dance In Parque Cervantes

Saturday evening I went to Parque Cervantes and watched some of the traditional folkloric Panama dances. The following videos don’t do justice to the pageantry that I saw there. You really have to be there to really enjoy it to its fullest..

Also , I am far enough away that you can’t see how really beautiful each of the ladies are. Their hair, hair ornaments, makeup and elaborate polleras, were really something to see.

I don’t know why, but the videos show the dancing a little faster than it really was. Even so, I think you will get a flavor of the evening. I was there for about two hours. The dancing continued for four hours after I left. Continue reading Folkloric Dance In Parque Cervantes

Parque de Cervantes Esta Abierto

Back on June fifteenth, I notified you that the park would officially open on June 29th. Wouldn’t you know that after I have followed the progress for over a year the park would open two days after I left for the US.

If you are ready, lets take a walk around the park. This first photo is of the meeting area. It is supposed to be where they can have concerts, etc. and I am sure this is where the opening ceremonies were held. If anyone reading this went, please confirm for me that the President of Panama was there.
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Parque Cervantes Update May 11, 2007

I stopped by Parque Cerventes to see how it was progressing. In the first photo you can see the brickwork that has been inlaid through out the park. When they get the park finished and this is all washed down it is going to be very pretty.

I had just taken the photo above when a nice looking lady came up to see what I was doing. She said she was the architect and asked if I liked what I saw. My answer was, “Yes, everything I have see today is most attractive!” Let me introduce you to Osmeida Ferguson. Continue reading Parque Cervantes Update May 11, 2007