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For Rent In Panama City


A three bedroom, three full bathroom apartment is coming available in the San Francisco area of Panama City. It is close to Parque Omar and major shopping centers. This apartment has private secure parking that contains a 7/24 security guard. The apartment has an iron gate providing extra security at the front door.

It will be partially furnished with the following items:

  1. Air-conditioners in both bedrooms.
  2. Air-conditioner in living room.
  3. Gas stove.
  4. Refrigerator.
  5. Clothes washer.
  6. Clothes dryer.
  7. Four ceiling fans.
  8. Fold down bed for a maid.

Following are photos of the apartment:

The following photo is taken from the dining area looking toward the living room area.
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Trip To Panama City from David

We drove to Panama City for the holidays. I drove to the Bridge of the Americas in Panama City and then turned the driving over to a more accomplished and experienced resident. Following are a few photos that will provide a small taste of the drive. Most of the photos were taken beginning at the bridge, since I was no longer driving.

The following photo is representative of the highway between David and Santiago. For the most part, it was in very good shape. You always have to be alert for small ruptures in the highway, but I didn’t see any that would have punctured a tire between David and Santiago.
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Panama City Corners the World’s Crane Market

I don’t get to Panama City all that often. When I go, I go to visit friends and family and to buy things I can’t find in David. If I am lucky then friends and family will visit me in David and I can avoid the trip.

Panama City is a city that undergoing a great deal of change. You literally can not look across the skyline and not see and area that doesn’t have construction going on.

One day, I took a 360 degree walk around the rooftop of the building I was visiting and took the following photos.

In this photo you can see three cranes.
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Protests in Panama City

Here is the latest ACS message:

The Embassy wishes to advise U.S. citizens in Panama that the Government of Panama has decided to close all public schools today due to protests by construction workers in Panama City triggered by the death of a protester this week in Colon. While this left private schools the option to remain open, Embassy staffers are being advised to keep their children home to avoid possible dangers related to the protests. Parents who decide to send their children to school are being advised to carefully consider travel routes, road conditions, and possible road closures in and around the city.

U.S. citizens in Panama can contact the Consular Section at 207-7030 or panama-acs@state.gov for guidance on the security situation in the country.

How I Spent My Time In Panama City

I always am glad to get home. As the saying goes, “home is where I hang my hat”, and for me that is David. Apparently the weather was the same in David as in Panama City. I don’t remember any rain for the entire time I was there.

I took two books to read and only read one. It was “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield.

It was a reasonably good read, but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the way it ended. The ending was a little of a let down to me. The book contains a lot of phycolology and with the exception of the ending I enjoyed the book. Continue reading How I Spent My Time In Panama City

A Little R & R

Thought I would let you know I am taking a little R & R in Panama City. I brought a couple of books to read and haven’t planned anything else.

I have scheduled a meeting with Omar, one of my Panama City Blogging buddies, for this evening. Omar always keeps me up todate on all the Internet browser upgrades. While we have communicated often via the net, this will be the first time to meet face to face.

Just thought I would let everyone know not to expect a large number of posts for a while. I will try to keep up with my email. Now go out and smell a few roses!