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IMG_1069Lilliam had to go to Panama City this morning and she went on PANACHIF. She likes this terminal better than the main terminal (less people) and likes the fact that the buses are not double decker, I would rather she fly, but a wise man never argues with a woman that has her mind made up.

I am happy to see that they are running an entirely new fleet of buses.

I imagine that many people don’t even know that there are two bus terminals in David.

For reservations in David – 777-4217

Here is Google Map to the terminal in David.

Need A Bus To Panama City?

This is the second bus terminal, serving travelers wanting to go to Panama City. It is in the block before Yanie’s Salon.

The other one is the main bus terminal. I think the prices are the same. I haven’t ever taken a bus to Panama City, but one thing I have been told is to take a sweater with you. They run the AC on maximum.

My other recommendation is not to travel at night. The busses’ safety record always worries me. I have heard about a lot of accidents on these busses running to Panama City or going to the Frontera. Usually the bus was traveling at night and possibly there was water on the highway.

It is a cheap way to go to Panama City but I still stick with Aero Perlas.

Traveling by Bus in Panama

One of my guests, Friday night, left for Panama City on the Midnight bus. I have never taken one of the long haul buses in Panama. These are huge buses, similar to Greyhound in the US. I have taken the Yellow school bus from Boquete to David many times and have always said one day I would go to Panama City by bus.

Well, I may have changed my mind. I learned about 8:00 Saturday morning that the bus had had an accident on the trip. It had come upon a car without lights and had swerved to miss the car. If you ever see one of these buses on the highway, they are cruising!

Trying to avoid the car without lights (not all that uncommon also in Panama) caused the bus driver to lose control and the bus rolled. Today my friend is sore all over and probably lucky to be alive.

I have had a migraine headache since Saturday and it must be the stress of worrying about my friend. I know why so many people ride the buses. It is because they are so cheap. It costs around $12 to go to Panama City from David. With today’s prices of gasoline, you can’t travel cheaper. However, I now question the economics, as I understand that is the second major accident in the last three months on that route.

I think I will stick to the airplane.