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The Music Lives On

For several months now i have been consumed by a project that I hope is in the home stretch.

Today I took a break. I mentioned in the previous post that the migration to Android and away from Apple has opened up some challenges.

It reminded me that I missed being able to use Apple TV to play all the music CDs that I have on my MacBook Pro. I used to use the Apple TV and it would play all my music across my house network through my stereo.

When I moved to Amazon Fire Devices, I lost that ability. The last post made me wonder what would happen to all my music. I decided to move it so it is accessible to all my Android devices including my Pixel phone and home network.

To do that, I created a desktop folder and named it Music. I then browsed my Apple laptop and found the folder where Apple stored all my CDs and drug the music files to the Music desktop folder.

I then created a folder, called Music, on my Android Drive. Android Drive is the equivalent of Apples’s iCloud storage.

Next I drug Desktop Music folder to the Android Drive.


Now I have all my music avail to all my Android devices.

The music lives on.

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

I’m sure that there are a few out there that remember the song “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” by Don McLean.

Living in West Texas, I was a big fan of Buddy Holly. When the plane that Buddy Holly was in went down, It was big news and sad news.

The lyrics of the song appear to have more meaning than I had previously recognized. Following is a YouTube video that brings back memories of a time I miss.

I Miss John Denver

Today I wanted to listen some music that fills the soul with happiness. When that need hits, it seems like I always head over to the Internet for a little John Denver. I searched YouTube for John Denver and found John Denver performing of The Wildlife concert.

I always thought he had the most soothing voice and I am a sucker for ballads and no one is better than John Denver.

One thing I have never understood is how performers, like him, are able to remember all the words to their songs. This YouTube put all the words for the song on the screen. If inclined, you can sing along.

You just can’t help but feel better when you listen to him. I went to see him live in concert and will always remember it.

Gone all to soon, but still providing enjoyment years after his death.

Escuela Municipal De Bellas Artes De David


I mentioned in a previous post, that I would write more about Escuela Municipal De Bellas Artes De David. This is a wonderful project created by the Mayor of David.

I had noticed this building before, but on yesterday’s drive around, I decided I would go in and learn more about its purpose. As the front of the building says, this is the municipal school of fine arts in David.

I think it has been open for less than a year.

Click to enlarge

When I walked in, the main area was being set up for a meeting and microphones were being tested.

I went to the reception desk, introduced myself and gave the receptionist my card. I told her I had noticed the new building and would like to learn more for a possible post on Chiriquí Chatter.

She took me to visit with the person in charge and I want to tell you about this fantastic city project.

There are currently 85 to 95 students, between the ages of 4 and 14, that are being taught the musical arts. This includes typical Panamanian dance, and musical instruments. Classes are based on a trimester timeframe. Students progress based on their ability.

There are two music professors that are providing the musical instrument training. One provides training in the stringed instruments, violin, cello, etc. The second teaches piano, brass and woodwind instruments.

All of this training is FREE. The requirement is an honest desire to learn and an instrument. There are some modest charges for materials, which amount to approximately $10 a trimester.

The receptionist was kind enough to give me a short tour of the facility. Continue reading Escuela Municipal De Bellas Artes De David

Paul Leti

Someone posted a YouTube video on FaceBook today and after listening to it, I searched for more from the same singer (Paul Leti).

He is a soldier in the US Army and used singing to boost his and his fellow soldier’s spirits. YouTube is really making some individuals known that might never have been discovered.

This is an exceptional singer and the video I am posting below has a special message.

I think all of us sometimes don’t realize what we have lost until we have lost it, especially when it comes to family.

When you listen to this song, think of your loved ones that you may not have told lately how much they mean to you. You can’t tell them after they are gone, so pick up a phone and do it now.

Apple TV Update

Today Apple rolled out the update to their Apple TV software matching some of the new features of IOS 7. The new 6.0 firmware added support for iTunes Radio and purchases from the iTunes Music Store. In addition it added podcast syncing, viewing of shared photo streams and AirPlay from iCloud.

For me, the addition of iRadio is really nice. Now I can listen to the music I like on larger speakers. Today, I have been listing to Paul Simon, Guy Clark, Fleetwood Mac and other of my favorites.

I think the update was originally scheduled for the same day as IOS 7, but the demand caused by everyone downloading IOS 7 postponed it until today.

Now my toughest decision for the day is deciding to have some sangria or a margarita to go along with the music. I hope the neighbors can stand some non-Latino music for a while.

I may have to put on some Selena. That’s it, I will go with sangria.

Looking Through The Eyes of Love

Two local talents (Mary Binder and Issac Calidonia), that I have had the pleasure of meeting, perform now and then around Chiriqui. I went to a presentation of Mary’s at Casa Cultural La Guaricha and had a great evening.

I met Issac Calidonia during the same evening and I know that Mary has a tremendous amount of respect for his artistry.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear either or both, don’t pass it up.

Let me share a sample of them performing “Looking Through The Eyes of Love”.