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Another Mail Forwarding Experience

Several months ago I started using E-Shop in Boquete for items I ordered from the U.S.

I recently ordered an Amazon Fire TV to replace one of my Amazon Fire Sticks. I was too quick on the trigger and didn’t choose E-Shop and used my Multi Servicios address.

It turned out to be a good test of the different services. The package came into the David Multi Servicios location in about the same about of time as E-Shop. It cost right at $20. I have received larger packages at E-Shop and never paid over $!2. Several times it has been around $7.

No question in my mind that for packages, E-Shop is one of the best values around. Besides, it also gives me an opportunity to have some donuts and ice-cream.

UPDATE: I was sent E-Shop’s fee schedule.


Multiservicios International De Chiriquí Has Moved

I picked up three letters yesterday from Multiservicios International De Chiriquí in their new location. They are down the street from MultiBank, Bansco, DHL.

This is the map they sent out to clients for the new location.


You have to look for the FedEx sign. There is no other sign.

I had considered changing my mail forwarding provider a while back when they changed their Miami address. However, they also changed the personal in the office and the new staff is much better. For my mail needs, they are still hard to beat. I can’t remember paying more than $2.50, for my mail, and it is always 3 to 5 envelopes.

I have learned in the past to not change mail forwarders because of price or service. I am glad I waited and didn’t move to another provider. I only receive mail here.

E-Shop Boquete


Yesterday, I drove up to Boquete and went to the E-Shop. Click for the full Google Map.


I have received three items shipped to the E-Shop address. Everyone I have talked to have been very happy with the service provided. I am no exception.

This last time, I had two items shipped. The one in the larger box weighed less and cost $7+. The smaller item weighed quite a bit more and was $12+. The delivery time frame could not have been better. It took 4 days from time of order to receipt in Florida and 7 days later to be received in Boquete.



If you do not know about E-Shop in Boquete, let me introduce you to Karinthia Lamastus, who is seated and Kent Lamastus who is standing. They will take care of your needs from helping you with Internet orders to contacting you when your order is received. For more information, contact them at eshopboquete @ gmail.com (remove the spaces).


Panama Service Observations

When you get good service, you need to reward it. I seem to run into poor service more often than good service.

The event that brought on this current observation is poor communications from Multiservicios International De Chiriquí, my “getting ready to be” ex mail forwarding provider.

I received an email from my credit card company stating that they had sent out a new card and I had not activated it. I started checking my address change and noticed something.

Last November I posted this photo which was taped to a box in the office.
in this post.

Later Multiservicios International De Chiriquí (MIDC) sent out this email, which I posted in this post.

Dear Valued Customer:
As part of the move to our new facility the USPS has assigned PakYA a unique firm number that will help sort and process your shipments to us. This zip+4 is also used by all courier companies to sort packages. It is very important that going forward you use the zip+4 format when addressing your shipments.
Effective immediately our zip+4 code is: 33166-9155
Please note that we will move to our new location on February 1st 2015. Shipments scheduled for delivery as of this date should be address as follows:
[Your Account Name/Company Name]
7950 NW 77 ST, C4
[Your Account #]
Medley, FL 33166-9155

As you can see, they are close, but different. Continue reading Panama Service Observations

Pain In The Butt

Anyone using the PakYA Mail forwarding service should have received a notice that the mail address has now changed.

This is a notice that is always a pain in the butt.

I have a “Group List” created in my Apple contact list of all places I have to notify when I have an address change. I spent three hours contacting all accounts either by email, web page, and by telephone.

Some businesses just don’t like the format of the PakYA address and the address change area on the business web page won’t accept it.

Sometimes, I was able to force the page to accept the change. Some required a phone call. PayPal was one. Luckily the individual on the line was in Omaha and not in India and was easy to work with.

I still have a couple calls to the U.S. that have not been returned, but I am getting closer. I have changed all of my credit cards, so I shouldn’t miss any replacement cards when their due date hits.

I also set a reminder to tell me when I should have received a new card.

In case you use PakYA and didn’t know your address had changed, here is the email I received.

Dear Valued Customer:
As part of the move to our new facility the USPS has assigned PakYA a unique firm number that will help sort and process your shipments to us. This zip+4 is also used by all courier companies to sort packages. It is very important that going forward you use the zip+4 format when addressing your shipments.
Effective immediately our zip+4 code is: 33166-9155
Please note that we will move to our new location on February 1st 2015. Shipments scheduled for delivery as of this date should be address as follows:
[Your Account Name/Company Name]
7950 NW 77 ST, C4
[Your Account #]
Medley, FL 33166-9155

New Pakya Miami Address

I went by Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí this morning to get my mail delivery from Florida. I was surprised to find that my Florida address would be changing on February 15.

I moved to Multiservicios due to poor service by my prior Florida mail forwarding company and the move required changing a large number of addresses with companies in the U.S..

My service with Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí/Pakya has been satisfactory. I really don’t care for any mail forwarding companies, but they are a necessary evil if you are a U.S. citizen living in Panama and want U.S. credit cards sent to you. Many U.S. credit card companied won’t issue cards to a foreign address and it would most likely get lost in the Panama Post Office anyway.

I asked if the address could be changed prior to February 15th and was told “no”. What a bummer!

Luckily, I now have my address for the IRS and for U.S. Social Security listed at the David post office to satisfy the POL requirement by the Social Security.

Still I will have many addresses that must be changed. This is just another of the types of annoyances that come with the good weather that keeps me here. Oh, well. Nothing is perfect, some things less so than others.


ASUS Bamboo Laptop Arrives

I received an email yesterday around three PM, from Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí, telling me that the Natalie’s laptop had arrived. I jumped into my car and ran over to pick it up. My bill to get it from the U.S. to David was $102. $49 was the Panama taxes and the rest was shipping from Florida to Panama City and then transportation from Panama City to David.

I can’t complain about that.

Before I move on to the laptop, let me give you a little more information about Mail Forwarding Services. Not all places on the Internet will accept an order and ship to Mail Forwarders. This was the case with B&H Photo where I ordered the ASUS laptop.

When I placed the order, I was notified that the order had been rejected because B&H did not ship anything to mail forwarders. Amazon has never refused me, but this laptop was going to cost much from Amazon.

I contacted a friend in the U.S. and asked if I could have it shipped to him and have him ship it to me. He said he would and I re-ordered with the shipping address changed to his address. Now the order went through. I can understand B&H’s concern.

My order took a little longer to get here via Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí, but the price made up for the time.

Now to new purchase. I received a double boxed shipment. The outer box was put on by my friend removing the outer box from B&H. The following photo is the original ASUS package.

Continue reading ASUS Bamboo Laptop Arrives

Now This Annoys Me

You may remember that on January 10, I posted my last experience with AirBox Express.

After suffering many problems with the company following their change of companies in Florida and losing many important letters they went through the a change of employees in David. Natalia, who was one of the sweetest ladies you would ever meet prepared to go on maternity leave. They brought in an individual to train before she left.

When she finally left for maternity leave, the other fellow took over. Talk about a change. He knew none of the clients and while he supposedly trained for months before Natalie left, he learned little about the business. Everything went to hell in a hand basket.

On multiple occasions I would enter the business to find a line of customers waiting to get mail. The phone was ringing and the attendant was ignoring all calls. He said he only answered his cell because he didn’t have time to answer the phone. People were complaining about lost mail, missing packages and all were frustrated.

I notified Panama City that they had a major problem in David and if they didn’t take care of it I would willing to bet that they would lose the majority of their clients to other providers. Eventually they sent “management” down to oversee the business.

The last time I went into the business as a continuing customer, they has about four people there. Two from Panama City and the male individual causing the latest problems and another lady being trained. I picked up my mail and paid my statement to the male employee who had precipitated the company’s David problems.

After paying a bill of around $16. I was supposed to get 75 cents change. I waited and the employee did not give the change. I asked for the change and he said he had given it to me. He had not. I told him he had not and he continued to argue. I decided he was afraid to show incompetence in front of management, so I dropped the issue.

I did open an account with Multiservicios International de Chiriquí that very day and spent two days changing all of my accounts in the U.S. to my new provider.

The last time I went into AirBox was the final straw. I went in to verify I had no mail. I hadn’t for some time and expected to get no more. That was when I was notified that I had a bill that was unpaid. I told them I did not pay a annual fee, did not want their service and to remove my name from their database.

To repeat from the previous post, out of multiple calls to Panama City, I was told that the current bill would not be charged, but next year I would have to pay the fee.

I told the new female employee that they were not listening. I WAS NEVER RETURNING!

She was to contact Panama City and remove my name from their database. She said she would.

In today’s email I received the following statement. Continue reading Now This Annoys Me

Account Closed

I went by AirBox Express this morning to see if I had any mail. I didn’t and haven’t in over a month so my mail address changes must have all taken effect now for my new provider.

While I was there the young lady, that is now running the office, told me I had an outstanding account fee that was due. I told her that I have not had to pay an annual fee before and if there was a fee to close my account.

This precipitated a couple calls to Panama. After talking to Panama, she said the fee would be ignored this year and would begin next year.

I said I wanted conformation that my name was removed from the client list and I would no longer come by to check for mail. I wrote and signed an authorization note for AirBox stating that I wanted my account closed and left it with the young lady.

In effect this post is to record that event and to have a record that the event took place.

I was told that all clients had been sent an email to the effect that an annual fee is in place. I had the AirBox representative check my email address on file and it was correct, but I have never been sent the email notice.

If you are an AirBox client or a past client you should be aware that this fee is in effect. If you also did not receive an email, you may want to go by the office and tell them that you did not receive an email notifying you that there was an annual fee.

Mail Forwarding Observation

I picked up all the mail that had been accumulating while I was gone. I had changed my main mail forwarding company to Multiservices Internationales, known by many as Pakya, before I had left.

I had three bundles of mail waiting for me, each with multiple envelopes. At AirBox Express, I would have paid $2.18 per envelope since I typically received mail several days a week and that was the minimum charge. At Multiservices Internationales, I paid $2.00 for each bundle for a total of $6.00.

I figure my cost would have been over $18 at Airbox Express.

When I selected Multiservices Internationales, I also considered Mailboxes Etc. Their cost was quoted to me as $2.50 per envelope, with multiple deliveries per week. Had I taken an account with them, my costs could have been over $22.00.