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Linux On Display (Soon)

I have a couple activities scheduled for next week. First, Dario is having a final examination for his students and this will complete the series of three readings/translations with his class. I need to find a suitable topic to read for the class.

Second, I have a local store that has committed to put up a Linux display. The owner said he has had many people that were dissatisfied with Microsoft because it was too easy to get viruses and they spent too much time on that and too little getting to use the PC.

I have configured a PC for him that has the ability to demonstrate Linux in both English and Spanish. The KDE desktop makes it easy to have both configurations running in the same PC at the same time. I also included the Gnome desktop, which will show the difference in looks between Gnome and KDE.

I had completed this the installation before I went to PC. When I returned, the store owner said he would like me to enable a wireless connection, so that he could connect it to the stores Internet. It took me about four hours to figure what to install and test it on my own wireless environment. Continue reading Linux On Display (Soon)

Linux is not Windows

My first attempt to help a person bring up Linux turned out to be a big waste of my time. I received a cry for help email, saying that the individual wanted to install Linux because he couldn’t get Windows XP running on a Sony Laptop after removing Windows Vista.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to help. Bringing up a Linux system is always more difficult on a laptop and Sony can be more difficult than most laptops. Still, after listening to the reasons the individual needed to have a stable PC, I agreed. Continue reading Linux is not Windows

Yesterday Was A Great Day

I have started a new project. I have a local store in David that has shown interest in putting up a display area showing a PC running Linux. The owner said he had a lot of clients that just didn’t want to spend the $150 to $350 putting one of the Microsoft systems on a PC and then still run the risk of having it come down with viruses, if the appropriate software wasn’t maintained.

He provided me a PC and I have installed openSUSE on it. I set it up so it can be demonstrated in the KDE desktop in both English and in Spanish. I also installed the Gnome desktop, but Gnome prefers to have the system either in English or Spanish. Still a person can see Gnome run and decide which desk top is preferred.

I advised the store owner to take the PC home and use it for a period of time so that he could become comfortable with it. When he is ready, I will take some photos and tell those of you, that live in Chiriquí, where it can be seen, in case you want to see an actual Linux system running. Continue reading Yesterday Was A Great Day

Lets Get Some Linux Converts

I have been using one version or another of Linux as my primary PC operating system for over two years. I have been playing with Linux, since around 2000, and I feel that it is finally able to satisfy most people’s needs for a desktop PC.

It wasn’t until I installed UBUNTU that I became a true convert. Now I can’t imagine using a different system. I have migrated away from UBUNTU, but all Linux distributions have their followers.

Here are the main distributions that I feel are worth considering:

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I knew it was a more serious problem than normal, when I checked on my web host and got the following. Continue reading Internal Server Error

Is There A SUSE In Your Future?

I have been putting the pre-release of openSUSE 11.0 through its paces on my backup PC. To this point, it appears that I will be a convert. SUSE was one of the first Linux distributions I used when I first started playing around with Linux back in 2000.

I have been using both the Gnome and the KDE 4.0 desktops. This release really has put together an elegant presentation. I have been running KUBUNTU on my primary PC, but not the KDE 4.0 (bleeding edge version). I thought maybe KUBUNTU 4.0 would be equivalent. It wasn’t.

The openSUSE 11.0 version of Gnome and KDE 4.0 are both superior (in my opinion) to the corresponding versions in UBUNTU. My impressions will be those of a novice’s impressions. The underlying technology of both distributions is the same Linux technology. It is the difference in the packaging that will be of interest to the users.

There are three items in the Gnome distribution of openSUSE that I like better than UBUNTU’s. Continue reading Is There A SUSE In Your Future?

An Interview With Mark Shuttleworth

As you may be aware, a few years ago, I have moved to Linux as my primary desktop system. Currently I am using KUBUNTU.

On Mark Shuttleworth’s blog is a current interview he did with Linux-Magazine Italia. If you are not familiar with Mark, he is the founder of Canonical, which is the company behind all of the UBUNTU Linux systems.

In a short period of time, Mark has moved UBUNTU to one of the most used distributions of Linux. This interview provides Mark’s thoughts about Linux and Canonical’s role going forward.

If you are interested in Linux, or want to know why a company would get involved with open source software, then THIS is a good read.

OpenSuse 11.0 Is Approaching

Most of you know that I have moved away from M$ XP and have even moved my Apple Mac Mini into another room and currently use only Linux on my primary and backup PC.

I had been using Linux Mint, which I like very much. It is based off UBUNTU, but has an improved menu. However, when UBUNTU moved to version 8.04, Linux Mint needed time to fit their new functions into the new release.

While I was waiting, I moved my backup PC to KUBUNTU 8.04. I really like the KDE interface better and part of what I liked, is what I was getting with Linux Mint. I stayed with the stable KDE version of UBUNTU and elected to avoid KDE 4.

It went onto my backup PC easily enough, so I decided to move my primary PC to KUNBUTU also. BAD idea. It took me over a day to get it to run with the new Nvidia drivers. I now have it running with the new drivers, but I am unable to change resolutions.

It is usable, but not as good as what I had with the Linux Mint version. The other day, OpenSuse put out the last test version prior to releasing 11.0. When I first started playing with Linux, I thought Suse was the best. Then UBUNTU came along and captured a lot of the market.

I downloaded the OpenSuse 11.0 RC2 and installed the KDE 4 version. I am shocked and amazed. It installed on my backup PC without a problem. The new plasma interface is really slick. I mean REALLY SLICK! The final version will be out in 9 days. I have been using it for a couple of days and it is running more stable than KUBUNTU was. And did I mention that it is SLICK.

It is really good that there are now several top notch distributions. This is providing some competition within the open source market. I think it is also creating a much better product.