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Sofia Visits La Barranca

My last time to visit La Barranca was a year ago yesterday. I don’t know why that strikes me funny. There must be something in the air that causes me to head that way this time of year. Of course today, I thought that Sofia would enjoy seeing the birds, and that was why I thought I went. However now that I see that I was there almost one year to the day, I wonder if there was some other reason that took me there.

This parrot was staring at Sofia almost as intensely as Sofia was staring at him.

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An Afternoon At La Barranca Part 2 (The BONLAC Dancers)

As I mentioned in part one of today’s post, I noticed a large group of people enter the restaurant area carrying traditional Panamanian attire and I sensed that good things were going to happen. I went over to the restaurant area and the BONLAC dancers were being introduced and I learned that shortly they would perform several traditional dances.
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