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More KODI Adventures

I have meant to post this for some time, but my Internet problems kept me from doing it. Now that I have my Internet back, I will try it again. KODI keeps improving and there are a lot of hackers doing custom builds which completely change the look of KODI as well as adding more capability.

In December, I replaced one of my Amazon Fire Sticks with a new Amazon Fire TV, picked up at the $75 Christmas price. I think it is one of the best values in Android TV boxes.

I like the new remote and if you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can jump to watching a program, by just asking Alexis to take you to it. You will most likely have to be using UNLOCATOR if you want to make use of US programming on Amazon Prime.
I also bought and inserted a cheap $20 128GB micro SD chip and increased the Fire TV’s storage capacity.

I really like the Amazon Fire devices and IMHO they are about the best value in the Android TV accessories.

When my Fire TV arrived, I immediately installed FireStarter and KODI. KODI is turning out to be the best TV entertainment medium I have found. FireStarter has turned out to be the way to access KODI on a Fire device. With the latest FireStarter upgrades (which, updates on the Fire device), it provides the ability to also update KODI without needing a PC. That is a real benefit.

This has been a real advantage with some of the new KODI testing I have been doing. Not too long ago a CC reader told me about a new addon ( called a KODI build) called “The Beast”. Continue reading More KODI Adventures