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Traveling With An iPad

I am getting closer to being able to post some of the photos of the trip. Yesterday, I made it through the more than 1,000 photos I took and deleted all that were of too poor quality. I have a few videos from the trip as well.

While on the trip, I occasionally backed up all photos to my iPad. I purchased two extra camera memory chips and returned home with photos on the memory chips as well as the iPad. I only bought 8GB memory because I didn’t want too much on any single chip. If a chip goes bad, you are going to lose everything on it. 8GB still is plenty of memory. I never came close to filling a chip. I used all chips just for security reasons.

Photos on an iPad really make it easy to show family and friends the sights that you have seen. It is much nicer than having to watch them on a PC monitor. You can just pass the iPad around.

This trip was the first I have made with my iPad other than the U.S. trip last August. It was a good test of an iPad as a laptop replacement for traveling. Continue reading Traveling With An iPad

So You Own An iPad

Did you know that it is one of the most dangerous PC type devices ever invented? No it doesn’t emit radiation, but it is very capable of creating a lot of problems for you, if you haven’t taken the time to secure it.

One of the reasons this is so important is that it is a single user device. Everything you have stored on the device is available to the first person that borrows it or steals it.

The first advice all security articles will tell you is to arm your iPad with a passcode. The second is to activate auto lock. With those two items taken care of, you can now consider erasing all memory if the passcode is entered 10 times in error. This shouldn’t worry you, if you are diligent on taking backups.

In preparation for my planned trip, I have done all of the above. If my iPad gets stolen on my trip, all of the private information on it will be erased before anyone can see it.

Many articles I have read, advise you to install a VPN to secure your wireless connections. I have also done this. I have seen a lot of iPad users in Panama and have seen that many are in Boquete. If you are one of the lucky owners of an iPad, I suggest you secure it before you find yourself being an unlucky ex-owner. Here is one of the many articles on securing your iPad.

Remember. the data and identity you save may be your own.