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Apple’s September Announcement

I watched the Apple announcement today. I actually watched it on my flat screen. I thought I couldn’t since I couldn’t AirPlay from my laptop, then I remembered, I have a MacMini connected to my flatscreen. Duh.

I will give you my perspective of today’s announcement. The announcement covered new watch models and bands, a new larger iPad, a newer improved iPhone and a new Apple TV.

I still haven’t found a reason to own an Apple watch. I wouldn’t mind having a new watch, but it doesn’t have to be an Apple.

The new iPad has some nice features, but i think it is too big for the average user. It will probable have some new business applications in medicine, research, creative artists, etc., but I see no reason that the average user will chose it over the current models.

The Apple TV has some nice features, but for me in Panama, I didn’t see anything to make me buy one. It did add a lot of new features which will help sales against the current Roku and Amazon Fire streaming devices. It does come with a higher price. It did add a gaming capability that it sadly needed, but nothing I need.

One thing that I couldn’t find in the Apple TV specs is the amount of RAM it comes with. It has a lot of available storage, but the amount of RAM is more important for video streaming. My bet is it is 2 GB, which is what the current Amazon Fire TV has. The storage is important for gamers.

UPDATE: I found that it is 2GB. The same as the Amazon Fire TV.

Like I said in today’s first post, I expect to see a new Amazon Fire TV before Christmas and it might be of more interest to me since it is a more open system for 3rd party applications like KODI.

Now the iPhone is a different story. There were several significant upgrades. I like all that I saw and Lilliam may need to upgrade to my iPhone 6+. 🙂

IOS 9.0 will be a good upgrade.

While I may not sound all that enthused about the current announcements, there is one thing that continues to be missed by many Android and Microsoft advocates. That is total product integration. The smartest thing that Steve Jobs did was to maintain control of hardware and software.

The current upgrades to Windows 10 are good examples. It can be easily upgraded on some hardware and not on other. Same with the Android system. Some manufactures get upgrades and some are stuck with the android system it came with.

I am looking forward to both the IOS upgrade that is close to release as well as the new desktop release.

MSTORE Comes To Plaza Terronal

For those of you living in Chiriquí that have moved away from the Dark Side, I have news of an Apple Store that is coming to Plaza Terronal. Google Map.

One of the workers said it should be around eight more days until the store is ready.

Plaza Terronal already has PanaFoto and MultiMax which sell Apple products, but now there will be a store dedicated to Apple products. I hope they will be carrying the iPhone.

The sign on the window says it is an authorized distributor. I will be interested to know if they are also an authorized service center.

Apple Announcements

I tuned into the Apple announcement at noon yesterday. I watched it live on my Apple TV. It was better than being there because I didn’t have to pay to fly to California or pay for a seat in the auditorium.

The only surprise for me was that there wasn’t an upgrade announcement for the Apple TV. Apple has reduced the price of Apple TV in the refurbish store to $75 and I was sure that would mean new hardware. I guess it wasn’t ready for prime time or they decided to just wait till next year and announce the full TV.

The rest of the presentation was pretty much as speculated by many. Two new iPads and two new MacBook Pros and the new PAC Pro.

The larger iPad got renamed to the iPad Air. I am in the market for a new iPad and the question now is to go with the full sized or mini. I am undecided.

The other announcements were software. Apple’s office suit has been greatly upgraded for both the iPad and Mac. Apple also upgraded their iLife suite. All are free for all new hardware purchases. I received free upgrades for the applications I had previously installed.

Also there was the release of OS X Maverick. Another slap in Microsoft’s face since this also is a free upgrade.

Along with all of the individual improvements is the continued improvement of integration among products. I thought it was a great set of releases.

I downloaded Maverick and prior to installing it, I saved a copy of the install to prevent the need of downloading again for my Mac Air. Everything went smooth. The upgrade was so smooth, that I really have no reluctance to immediately installing on the Mac Air.

I thought the event was very informative and entertaining. You can watch it by going to the Apple site. The event took an hour and a half.

This industry is really changing. There are a few companies that are facing huge problems. Microsoft and Google have been pushed into the hardware business. Both are now manufacturing their own smart phones to compete with Apple. Microsoft is also in the tablet market as a manufacturer.

This is really raising the hackles of Dell and HP with good cause. Microsoft is no longer just a provider of their OS, but is now also a competitor in hardware. The same is true now that Google bought Motorola cell phones.

Both Microsoft and Google had to get a manufacturing arm to have a chance of competing with Apple. I see the possibility that Dell, HP, Gateway, and others may eventually drop put of the PC arena. Dell and HP both produce servers, but both firms are struggling.

It is interesting times we live in.

Some Apple Experiences

My first PC was an Apple II. I loved it. It started the PC revolution. However, Bill Gates landed the contract to provide the operation system for IBM and my work required my migrating to the Microsoft environment. My second PC was an IBM.

Once parts started becoming available, I built all of my PCs. I could build a higher quality system than you could buy from a vendor. The same is still true. Dell, HP and others are caught up in the commodity market and that tends to drive quality down to have competitive prices.

When Jobs returned to Apple, I liked Apple’s equipment, but I could never justify paying more than it would cost me to build an equivalent system.

My last Microsoft system was a Gateway, because I found a very good deal. It was well built and a screamer. Once I moved it from Windows Vista to Windows 7, it was a fine PC. Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft ever built in my opinion. I know there are still XP advocates, but I liked 7 much better. However, it required a lot of power to run 7 and many stayed with XP because it ran on older hardware. Continue reading Some Apple Experiences

Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

I mentioned in a previous post that I like using Apple much more than when I was using Microsoft. I am going to tell you what is making the difference for me.

When I only had one intelligent device (PC at that time), the manufacture didn’t make much difference. Microsoft, Apple, or Linux all accomplished what I needed to do and I could have used any of them and did.

The next thing that happened was that cell phones became more intelligent and shared contact information with the PC. I maintained all my contacts on the PC and transferred it to the cell phone.

I started out with a Nokia cell phone and it had to be tethered to the PC to update and share contacts.

Then a couple years ago I bought an iPad and synced my PC contacts with my iPad. It worked pretty well because of Apple, and in spite of Microsoft. Still I fought with my cell to keep it synced with the PC contacts. The Nokia software eventually quit working. Continue reading Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

A Little Disappointing

I watched the Apple announcement yesterday with great anticipation. I purchased the original iPad and really hoped that the new iPad Mini would be an upgrade alternative. Since, I can’t use the latest IOS on my iPad, I miss out on some of the sharing capabilities and benefits of the iCloud, that the new OS offers.

Alas, the $329 starting price, for a device that is only as fast as the iPad 2, sort of eliminates it from my consideration. I would like a second iPad that I could carry more easily, but not at the current prices.

For me, I think I will wait until some of the new iPad 4 devices, the announced yesterday, hit the Apple refurbished area,That is where I purchased most of my Apple products.

I love my iMac and the new one that Apple released is quite an upgrade. The only thing I wished I had on my iMac is the SSD. However, when I bought it, the price to switch to the SSD was out of sight. And with the way Apple builds their products, it is impossible for the average individual to replace the internal workings of any Apple product.

I did upgrade the memory of my original Mac Mini and said that is the last time I will open an Apple product. Still, the elegance and high quality of all Apple products I have purchased keeps me in the Apple camp. Those looking for a new desktop should look at the new iMacs. They appear to be priced well for the quality of the build.

My granddaughters love their MacBook Pros I bought them for graduation and the new MacBooks have improved a large amount.

I was really hoping that a iPad Mini was in my future, but for now I will have to be content with what I have. My original iPad is on from morning till night and is as good as the day I bought it. I expect the battery to go out one of these days and that may be the deciding factor to when I get a new device.

Yesterday’s announcement was a little disappointing from the iPad Mini standpoint. However, Apple made up for it in all other announcements. Microsoft’s product unveiling in a couple of days will be tested to see if Microsoft can get back into growth status or remain in decline.

Neat Stuff

This is pretty neat. I am doing this post on my iPad which is tethered to my iPhone. I am in a location where I need to access the Internet and my iPad is WiFi only.

While viewing the Internet on an iPhone is possible and I do it all the time, it is really difficult to type much on an iPhone.

Tethering allowed me to connect to the Internet on the iPhone, but use the iPad for all viewing and data entry.


Loaning An iPad – Security Issues

I have a friend that is going to borrow my iPad. While I had no problem with this individual testing the iPad, it was the first time that I had to consider the security issues of such a request.

Here were some of the issues that came to mind.

First, my iPad is never connected to my WiFi router in an unsecured manner. It it were, all data that would be sent from the iPad to the router would be able to be seen by anyone with a simple sniffer application. When I traveled on our last vacation I also used the WiTopia VPN, which created a secure link to the Internet. You can read more about VPN’s HERE. For more information, use the VPN Tag.

Second, the iPad is not currently set up to be shared. It is a one person device. It is not like a laptop, which can have a guest sign-on. Anyone using an iPad can look at anything the owner has stored on the device.

I have always kept my information safe from theft. I use a security code to secure my iPad. It is a familiar number to me, but not one that I would just give out. The security code protects my information from the loss or theft of my iPad. If anyone tries to use the iPad and enters an incorrect security code ten time then the device erases all data within the iPad.

To solve this problem of my security code, while it is on loan, I just turned off the security code feature.

Next, I keep lots of information within my iPad. The iPad is not a toy like I consider many of its rivals. It is more than a book reader, a game player or an email client, even though it is all of those things too.

Continue reading Loaning An iPad – Security Issues

CloakBox Update

I think it is about time to give some more feedback on my WiTopia CloakBox that I wrote about June 24.  This is the new technology I installed to provide VPN to all of my Internet connected devices. The types of devices I have connected are my primary PC, a Mac Mini connected to my TV for video streaming, a PS3, an iPad, and a wireless laptop.

I am happy to report as of today it is running very stable and I am a happy camper.

The router did not perform as I wanted right out of the box. It seemed to have freeze-ups that would occur and the only way to remove them was to reboot the box by unplugging it and replugging it.

However, the problems once again pointed out another thing I have repeatedly found in dealing with WiTopia. Their customer service has been topnotch. They have an online chat capability and have always been available to work with me.

Now that I am running stable, let me take you through more of the process since I received the box.

WiTopia is now shipping a different router than they originally used. They now use a Buffalo router and it is a sleek looking box as pictured above. As far as I can tell most of the online documentation that WiTopia sent me while making configuration changes were for a previous manufacturer other than Buffalo. While most routers work similar, the differences in the routers made the instructions confusing. Continue reading CloakBox Update