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Scorpions Underfoot?

I have been seeing a fair amount of comments lately about scorpions. I personally haven’t seen any since I left Boquete. My friend and fellow blogger, Joel, must have been keeping them all to himself in David. Here is is latest post.

Normally scorpions don’t move to the city. However, if an area is being used for new construction, they may find their way to adjoining neighborhoods. I have a few areas that could host these critters, but to this point, they have stayed away.

Joel, I appreciate you keeping them in your area and not sending them my way.

Bugging Me & KoKi Too

Living in the tropics always puts you in the midst of bugs of all kinds. Some I dislike more than others.The other day, this fellow was crawling across the floor.

Now Koki has been having a bout with ticks. I have found a couple that were the size of a small bean and about 8 that were much smaller.

I give Koki a monthly dose of Revolution, but I guess it is time to switch as they are not being affected anymore. I think the back yard is also going to need to be sprayed.

They are bugging me and Koki too. GRRRRRRR!

Dengue Season

I was talking to a doctor the other day and I asked if the Dengue season was here. She said that Dengue will be a greater danger from now until December. She warned that a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening are the worst time of the day. There is less risk when it is bright and the sun is out.

It is a good time to pick up a couple cans of “OFF”. My photo on the left is an old photo, of the Dengue risk indicator, at the Parque de las Madres. I need to get a current photo to see where they have the indicator set.

UPDATE: I looked this morning and the indicator is in the “Medio” range.

Meeting And Greeting Residents of Panama

I recently had the occasion to get to know up close and personal one of the oldest residents of Panama. I considered this an experience worth sharing. Many of these older residents, because of their history and upbringing are very shy and usually stay out of sight.

When you do do bump into one, it is good if you see them before they see you. Sometimes they can be a little cranky, and while not singling out gringos, usually gringos are the most concerned by sudden introduction of these two diverse cultures. Continue reading Meeting And Greeting Residents of Panama