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Linux On Display At INFOX

I had mentioned that I was helping a local store put together a PC running Linux. The store, INFOX, is now ready and the PC is in place. It is running openSUSE 11.0 KDE and has sign-ons in both English and Spanish.

I removed the Gnome capability for now, as I felt it created too complicated a configuration. It is pretty well loaded with applications that most people should need. It has Open Office, which is the Microsoft Office counterpart. It has Kontact, which is the Microsoft Outlook counterpart. It is connected to the Internet with a USB wireless connector, so you can try the Internet with any of three browsers. It has Kmoney, which can replace Quicken or Microsoft Money. It has a large compliment of games and there are many more programs that are available all for $0.

If there is enough interest, I would be happy to stop by INFOX and answer any questions. Alex is very PC savvy and in a couple of weeks I am sure he will know more about Linux than I do. Drop into INFOX and take a look at Linux. If the application function on the demo PC were running Windows, you would be looking at several hundred dollars of software. And then you would need to add firewall, and anti-virus software.

Tell Alex, in the photo above, that you heard about the Linux display on Chiriquí Chatter. You can find INFOX on Ave. Obaldia just a block or so past Rodelag on the same side of the street.

INFOX Has Moved

I just received the following email. I hope to go by and take some photos when I get a chance.






Melissa L. Guerra U.

Telefax. 775-1794


While I am thinking about it, I should thank Alex and Melissa for saving me a bunch of money. I went into INFOX, when my LG Monitor broke, to make sure that Electronica Nacional was the repair center for LG. Alex, said, “Don’t forget that your monitor has a three year warranty and they have to repair it or give you one of equal or greater value.”

To be honest, I has forgotten that the warranty was that long and if he hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have looked up my receipt.

XP PC Problem Solved

I stopped by INFOX this morning and Alex helped diagnose the problem with the XP PC. It was the hard drive. It was so simple, I should have already figured it out, but sometimes it just takes another set of eyes.

When I built the XP PC I had all my data on an IBM 40 gig drive. I put a new 80 gig drive in the PC for its primary drive and put the 40 gig drive for the secondary drive. It was the secondary drive that died.

Fixing the problem was as simple as removing the second drive. As soon as I get the scanner working on UBUNTU I am now going to install UBUNTU on the other PC and have all PCs running Linux and be completely moved off Windows.

I feel like I really made progress today and best of all the fix was as inexpensive as it can get.

As an update on my progress with Linux, I keep learning more each day. I am not as proficient with Linux, but I haven’t found anything I could do on XP that I can’t do with Linux. Of course I am not dependent on any Window’s applications. I can do all my word processing, spreadsheet, email, photo management, and blogging using Linux applications.

INFOX + LUCK = 2007 Skoda

I received the following email from Melissa at INFOX. If you are feeling lucky and you are in need of some LG appliances for your home, you might be the proud owner of a new 2007 Skoda. Here is her email:

Don Ray,

I wanted to let you and your readers know that INFOX is having a promotion from now until the end of the year. For each $100 that is spent in INFOX on LG products, you will receive one raffle ticket for a 2007 Skoda. I have attached a copy of what the raffle ticket will look like as well as a photo of our store.

Thank you,


Hey Santa. That Plasma TV Would Look Good Under My Tree This Year.

One post that I lost, in this crazy urge to change publishing platforms, was on several of the places I shop in David. When I moved to Panama, I was not accustomed to bargaining to get the best price. In the US, when an item is marked with a price, that is what the item sells for.

In Panama, for many items, such as kitchen appliances, televisions, cameras, etc., I have found that the price in the store is the starting price. One phrase I learned soon after coming here, was “¿Ése es su mejor precio?” (Is that your best price?) Now, I hardly buy anything before asking that question.

Some of the stores I have always gone to are AudioFoto, downtown next to the park, and SONITEC, which is on the intersecting street of AufioFoto. They both carry household appliances as well as cameras, radio and stereos and other items.

I also go to Rodelag for plumbing and electrical needs and it also carries appliances and other items. Another store worth going to is Casa Gala, which, besides appliances, carries a lot of furniture and beds.

However, a new store has recently opened in David that I had recommended to me. It is INFOX. If I look at the other stores in David first, and then go to INFOX, I invariably find a little better price. They have quickly come to be known for having fairly priced products and providing very good service. They specialize in small appliances, refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioners, kitchen stoves and my favorite “Plasma televisions”. I bought a microwave from them and found the same microwave priced $40 dollars higher at other stores. I am still drooling over the plasma TVs.

Alex and Melissa run INFOX. They are two fine people. If you do not speak Spanish, you do not have to worry, because Melissa’s English is very good. I have been in a bind a couple of times and telephoned Melissa and asked her to act as translator for me.

Alex is also a builds computers, so if you are in need of a faster PC, have him give you a quote and he will build you one.

If you are shopping for a new stove, refrigerator, or what ever, stop into INFOX.
It is right across the street from Rodelag.INFOX

Say “Hi” to Melissa and tell her Don Ray sent you.Melissa at INFOX