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The Mortality Rate on Boquete Ning is Increasing

I think that the CDC needs to start an investigation of the disappearance of members on Boquete Ning. It seems like the Internet life expectancy of members on this website is diminishing by the day.

I had been following a new member on Ning named Perestace. He was new to Ning and apparently Panama, but was asking several probing questions, such what did JLM stand for. For some reason, JLM refuses to answer that simple question.

When Planet Telecom voiced its disapproval of the new JLM business plan and said it would not sign up for another year, BN removed the discussion post and removed the author’s membership and even removed the ad.

Upon seeing this, Perestace, posted the following, inviting JLM to consider its actions and possibly alter its course. After all, Boquete Ning has been revered Internet landmark for several years.

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I see that Perestace’s membership and all of his posts are removed and Perestace is no longer to be found. Continue reading The Mortality Rate on Boquete Ning is Increasing

Time For Some Positive Levity

Boquete NING’s own beloved moderator, Ambreen, wrote an inspirational piece intended to motivate the masses and inspire them to help keep Boquete NING Positive. To quote Ambreen, “There is no place on Ning for for the negatives any longer. “ She was so excited that she stuttered. Did you notice?

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I know that her post would have received wild adoration for her eloquence, but alas, she did not allow comments. I can only assume it was sheer modesty that prevented her from allowing others to sing her praise. I know, I for one, would have praised her inspiration, but as you may remember, Ambreen Banned me. :(

What do you know? She is a genius! It worked. No sooner did her words hit the Internet, than a newly motivated Cloudless chimed in and agreed that there should be “NO MORE NEGATIVES! BE HAPPY :)”

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Now isn’t this swell. It only took a single post, from a highly motivated moderator, and now everyone is in lockstep agreement. We are all happy. We love each other and especially Boquete and Boquete NING.

Thank you Boquete NING. Thank you Boquete NING. Thank you Boquete NING. Just like Panama, this month, we are celebrating our independence from negative oppression.

Remember – It Is The Journey That Is Important

I know many have sworn off Boquete Ning, or like me have been banned for being one of the “controversially people”.

However, there is still reason to visit the site. The best reason I have found is the continuing journeys and adventures of Cloudless, learning to Relaxxxxx.

The desire for tomato soup was a journey that made my sides hurt. It had a different effect on Cloudless. Butt, where there is a need, there is a solution. You just need to relax and enjoy the journey.

His latest journey took him “Clean” to David and only his words can accurately express his joy in finding the product he found.

You just can’t afford to be a Type “A” personality, if you want to enjoy yourself in Panama. As Bob H. says, you have to Relax and enjoy the journey.

Cloudless’s adventures have had such a calming on me, I can barely keep my eyes open. Still I find myself wondering what new adventure and journey may befall Cloudless and that takes me back, to from which I was banned, for another gander.

Cloudless. Cloudless. Cloudless. Your fans desire more of your adventures.

Chiriquí Life may not have Cloudless yet, but it gaining more participants every day.