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Lunch At Hotel Panamonte in Boquete

If I go to Dolega, it is almost obligatory that I continue my drive up to Boquete. And with all that time looking at books in the Book Mark, I wanted a good meal. The last time I had tried to go to the Hotel Panamonte, it was being remodeled, so today, I thought I would try again. It had been over three years since I ate there and I was curious if it was still as good.

The Hotel Panamonte is the oldest first class restaurant in Boquete. As you can see from the table settings, it is a very elegant place to eat.
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A Small Request

Many of you first accessed Chiriquí Chatter by doing a search for hotels in David. When I noted this, I tried to provide some assistance, since there wasn’t much information on the Internet and posted a small piece on each hotel.

At the time I did the posts on the various hotels in David, the information was current and correct. As time goes by this information may become out of date and in error. My request is that if you use this information and you learn that it is no longer correct, I would ask that you leave a comment on the appropriate hotel post so that others will get the most current information.

The index to all of the hotels that I covered is here.

GS Hotel Galeria in Santiago Panama

I flew to Panama City on the 10th and started a return trip by car the same day. When I got to Santiago I was tired and decided to stop for the day because I knew the roads to David from Santiago would not be good. I stayed at the GS Hotel Galería. I don’t remember seeing it before. It was a nice hotel. My room with the jubliado discount came to $27.50. The hotel has a nice private parking area on the side and security in the lot at night. My room was clean and the bed was good.

I took the following photos of the hotel the evening I arrived. You will notice that they have Christmas decorations that are ready to be taken down. This morning they were loading them into a truck.

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Business Opportunity in David Chiriquí

Hotel Panamá Rey Today

I received the following email from Wee-Mingh Fung related to a business opportunity in the city of David, Chiriquí. I have gotten to know Wee-Mingh because Café Don Sui is one of my favorite restaurants and I have talked to him many times while I was there.

You may also remember the photos I took on my visit to Hotel Panamá Rey

I am happy to post his email and if you have an interest in this business opportunity, contact him, at the following email address. wmfung@hotmail.com

Don, we are trying to find lenders, buyers or partners to embark on a 1.4 million dollar renovation for the Hotel Panamá Rey. This hotel is the tallest building in “downtown” David, and has been successfully in business for 26 years. We have a business plan that can be sent to investors or lenders. You have done a great job at conveying information in your WEB site about Chiriquí, so we would like to know if you can help us find people interested in investing in the city of David’s hotel and tourism industry.


Wee-Mingh Fung

This is an architect view of the Hotel Panamá Rey following renovation.

Hotel Panamá Rey as it is planned

Hotel Gran Nacional Buffet

It had been a long time since I had eaten the buffet at Hotel Gran Nacional, so today I treated my self. If I remember correctly, it was $5.95 for all you can eat. I think it is $8.50 on Sundays. I had been disappointed the last time I had gone to the buffet at Hotel Puerta del Sol and I wanted to compare.

I think Hotel Puerta del Sol had more main choices and a larger salad bar, but the quality of Gran Nacional was far better. I always thought that Gran Nacional had the best buffet in David and I haven’t changed my mind.

You start off at the soup station

Followed by the salad bar.

Next comes the main course. Here we have rice and chicken.

I choose the beef loin instead of chicken today.

I loved the platano and the red beans were great.

And to complete the meal I had some fresh fruit and some cake which was outstanding as well.