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El Oasis B&B in Boquete

I was going to a function in Boquete last Friday night and I didn’t want to drive back to David late, so I made reservations in El Oasis B&B.

I paid $45 dollars plus tax and that included breakfast.

To get to El Oasis you cross the downtown Boquete bridge and turn right at the BCP. Down the road on the right is El Oasis.

Saturday morning before we checked out, we spent some time on the patio in the following photo. Continue reading El Oasis B&B in Boquete

Ciudad De David Revisited

Yesterday, I dropped into the Stylo Restaurant in Hotel Ciudad de David. The last time I was there to eat was on Thanksgiving and the restaurant didn’t have their permanent menu yet. I thought yesterday would be a good time to drop in and take a look at the menu.

I wasn’t aware, but the restaurant is offering a buffet all days of the week. Monday through Saturday the price is $12 per person. Sundays the price is $16 per person. All days have two offerings of meat or fish. The Monday through Friday Executive Lunch comes with a glass of wine.

On Sundays, the meats are located on the buffet table and you can go back for seconds. On the other days, you select the type of meat you want and it will come from the kitchen. I was just looking yesterday, but I did take some photos.

Following is the buffet for yesterday. Lets start at the left and work ourselves around the buffet.

First comes the soup. I think this was a seafood soup.

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Cabanas Reis in Volcan

I received the following email about Cabanas Reis in Volcan.

From……: paul

Hi Don…I have been visiting Chiriqui are past week and going back to the states tomorrow. I dont want to post any advertising, but I really think it will be a service to fellow travelers who plan to visit Volcan if you tell them about Cabanas Reis, Cabin Rentals motel, on the left as you enter town next to Dalys restaurant. This is a great place to stay at a terrific price..$27 a day for single room (queen bed) with internet and cable tv, coffee in room, hot water, big shower, very nice clean rooms. I was given a coffee maker with filters for my room, even a wine cork remover when I brought back a bottle of wine from the store. The owner is Marisel and she speaks good english. Her phone is 507-771-4025….No question this is the best place to stay at Volcan..you can see pics at… http://www.yourpanama.com/volcan-cabin-rentals.html ….hope this can be of some help to future travelers…..Paul

Coming Attractions (Hotels)

I was by Oteima yesterday and took the following photo of th new Spanish owned hotel that is under construction. It obviously has a few more months to go.

Then on my way to Airbox Express, I took this photo of the Hotel Panama Rey. If you notice at the top of the building is a banner saying that it is going to be a Best Western.

This is more indication of the tremendous growth that is going on in Chiriquí. There is going to be more competition for the tourist dollar.

Good Food, Good Conversation, and a Surprise

Last night I was invited to dinner, at the Hotel Gran Nacional, by some Chiriquí Chatter readers from Arlington, Virginia. It had been a while since I had eaten at the Gran Nacional. I had forgotten how tasty the barbecued chicken is.

I truly enjoyed my evening. The couple have plans to return to Chiriquí and make it their home, and I think Chiriquí will welcome them with open arms.

After dinner and on the way out of the hotel, I saw several ladies in polleras. This nice lady allowed me to take her photo.

I asked what the occasion was and I was told by a nice lady in a TACA uniform, that it was a tour promoting a new flight from San Jose to David.

Apparently, TACA is creating some new flights that will come to David from the US, via San Jose, without the need to spend the night in San Jose. This will be an alternative to flying from Houston or Miami to Panama City and spending the night before continuing to David.

This may be the beginning of easier air travel to David, Chiriquí.

I searched the Internet and found this announcement, related to the new TACA flights. Here is an excerpt:

Sansa of the Taca group will begin direct flights in February, 2008
The airline Sansa of the Taca group will begin direct flights in February, 2008 to the Panamanian town of David (Chiriquí) from San Jose of Costa Rica, as informed by the AAC of Panama, who, in addition, has already authorized the permits of usage of this route, and estimates that as of February 18th, 2008, the company will begin operations.