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Thanksgiving lunch at Hotel Ciudad de David

I received a request to post the following. Mark your calendars. November 24. Map to Hotel is HERE.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a great Lunch Buffet !


Hotel Ciudad de David
Salón San José – 3rd Floor
Live Jazz

Thanksgiving Lunch Buffet

Salad Bar
Corn Bread
Pumpkin cream with apple and cashew nuts
Cobb salad
Quinoa salad with turkey and blueberry
Coleslaw salad with smoked salmon
Spinach salad with crispy pumpkin and shallot vinaigrette
Mixed lettuce salad

Main Course
Rice with nuts and cranberry
Roast turkey with its classic stuffing and cranberry sauce
Pork loin in fig sauce, honey and Cajun
Green beans casserole, asparagus in béchamel and shallot
Mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Grilled cobs with BBQ and chive cream

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate and nuts
Apple tart with maple syrup

US$ 20 + 7% per person
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

For reservations please call 774-3333 or send us an email eventos@hotelciudaddedavid.com

Family and Friends

You know this time of year I always find my self thinking about family and friends. It is a time to come together and enjoy each other. Not that that shouldn’t be done all year round, but it never seems to happen that way.

Yesterday evening, Natalie and I went over to see Robert. His eyes lit up and sparkled as Natalie walked into the room and said “Robert, how are you?”

He hadn’t seen Natalie in over a month and a huge smile appeared. He replied, “I am fine how are you”.

Here is a man that served in the army and has spent his whole life taking care of himself. He has been used to doing his own cooking and ironing and going out dancing.

He now finds himself in an assisted living facility unable to do the the simplest things, such as bathing himself, dressing himself, choosing and preparing his meals.

Worse yet, all of the employees speak only Spanish. His connection to his past is his TV in his room, which lets him watch some English programming.

At this time of year it is good to think of others that are not as fortunate as we are. It is time to contact some of the worthwhile organizations close to you and see what you can do to help. Time or money is always appreciated. Continue reading Family and Friends

It Was A Scary Night In The Neighborhood

Lilliam and I have to live in one of the best neighborhoods in David. There is the most camaraderie here of any place I have ever lived.

This time of year really brings out the opportunities to get together and celebrate. Yesterday was Halloween and the ghosts, goblins and sexy creatures took to the street.

This won’t come close to New Year’s Eve. Every New Year’s Eve is an experience where we all see the old year out and welcome a new and better year in.

Last night everyone had a BOOtiful time.

Happy Father’s Day

Chiriqui Chatter would like to wish all of the fathers a Happy Father’s Day. While my dad has been gone for almost 62 years, he left me with the values and principles that have carried me through my life. He died the day before my 12th birthday.

He thought me that a handshake was a contract that should not be broken. He taught me that it was better to give than to receive. He taught me that a good friend was worth more than money. He taught me that smiles are free to give and they multiply when given. He taught me that honesty has its rewards often only realized in the future.

He didn’t just teach by telling. He taught by his actions.

So on this day that we recognize our fathers, we should also remember the principles they have taught us. We should also remember that most fathers had a strong woman supporting them in everything they did. Such was the case with my dad.

I hope everyone enjoys today. Pass out smiles to everyone you meet.

Cuatro’s Mother’s Day Menu

Menú del día de la madre / Mother’s day menú

Queso blanco asado al culantro con pan de maíz

Grilled local white cheese in coriander oil served with cornbread B/. 7

Rollos fritos de pollo y frijoles negros con emulsión de ají criollo

Chicken and black bean spring rolls with sweet pepper emulsion B/. 8

Croquetas de pulpo y yuca con mayonesa picante de ají chombo

Octopus and cassava croquettes with spicy habanero chili mayonnaise B/. 8

Ensalada de lechugas mixtas con aderezo de cebolla dulce, pepitas de marañón y aceite de coco orgánico
Mixed lettuces salad with sweet onion dressing, cashews and organic coconut oil B/. 7


Filete de res al café con puré de zapallo asado a la naranja, tocino glaceado
y reducción de vinagre balsámico
Coffee rubbed beef tenderloin with roasted squash puree, orange, braised bacon and balsamic vinegar reduction
B/. 20

Chuleta de cerdo a la parrilla con puré de papas al aceite de oliva extra virgen y salsa de miel de caña
Grilled pork chop with extra virgin olive oil mashed potatoes and sugar cane syrup glaze B/. 18

Risotto de langostinos y maíz nuevo con aioli de cilantro

Prawn and fresh corn risotto with cilantro aioli B/. 22

Gnocchi de otoe con hongos, tomates cherry, aceite de trufas y queso Grana Padano

Taro root gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, truffle oil and Grana Padano cheese B/. 16


Postres a la carta / Desserts a la carte

Happy Thanksgiving To All Chiriquí Chatter Readers

Today is the day that the US recognizes the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is probably an appropriate day for me to give thanks for the friends and family that bless my life everyday. I have been a very fortunate man. I can’t imagine living a more enjoyable life.

It is nice to have a day that is dedicated to giving thanks. However, I think the challenge is to recognize that everyday that you are able to open your eyes is a day to give thanks.

Many will be with family today. The majority of my family is in the US, but I have a wonderful family in Panama as well. In addition to that, I have an extended family that has grown because of the Internet. My entire family is in my mind and heart, whether nearby or far away.

As you read this, take a moment to say a silent “thank you” for how lucky you are. Call your friends and family and tell them you are happy they are a part of your life. Pass out smiles today with all the enthusiasm you can muster.

Enjoy today and every day that follows as if it might be your last. Life is short and no day should be wasted.

In closing, let me share the following video with you.