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Dr. Bullen will be in his David office on Saturday, November 18, 2017

I received a call stating that Dr. Bullen will be in his David office on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

As you may remember, he is the doctor that helped Lilliam with her skin cancer need.

My original post, on Dr. Bullen’s office, can be found HERE.

Information on his dermatology practice can be found HERE.

Numbers to call for reservations are 223 9697, 215 2106, 213 1907.

David – 777 8076 direct , 774-0128 ext 2185
Mobil 6982 2188 (English)

Dr. Bullen will be in his David Office in September 23, 2017

I received a call stating that Dr. Bullen will be in his David office this Saturday, September, 23 2017.

As you may remember, he is the doctor that helped Lilliam with her skin cancer need.

My original post, on Dr. Bullen’s office, can be found HERE.

Information on his dermatology practice can be found HERE.

Numbers to call for reservations are 223 9697, 215 2106, 213 1907.

David – 777 8076 direct , 774-0128 ext 2185
Mobil 6982 2188 (English)


I received a request to post the following for WE Care Pharmacy.

Call We Care Pharmacy, David, 775-7042, for an appt if you need assistance Pass the word.

If you are being charged for assistance with VA claims, registering for the Foreign Medical Program (FMP), assistance with TRICARE claims, TRICARE registration, E-Benefits registration, or DFAS registration, then you are giving your money away.

  1. DO NOT PAY for VA claims assistance. You can do this for free with your E-Benefits online account, or I can assist you for FREE. VA awarded disabilities, listed on the FMP letter, are covered 100% in overseas locations where hospitals accept the VA FMP.
  2. TRICARE covers 75% for covered medical services overseas. There are annual and family deductibles that must be met each FY. 25% is patient responsibility.
    Once a patient, or family, meet the FY catastrophic cap, then TRICARE covers at 100%, with some exceptions.

Hospitals in Panama reserve the right to accept or decline TRICARE. Most TRICARE services at hospitals are offered as pay cash for services and patient submits claim to TRICARE.

Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Yesterday, I decided to cancel my MAPFRE heath insurance. When I checked my VISA bill I noticed it has jumped another $90/month over last years costs. $930/month is just more than I am willing to pay.

I have researched other health plans over the last year and really haven’t liked any that I have looked at.

However, not wanting to be entirely without any coverage, I decided to check out Hospital Cooperativo’s plan that I had seen being promoted by ACC in Boquete. From looking at the presentation I was sent, one would have thought that ACC developed this plan.

Today, Lilliam and I went by Hospital Coorpativo to find out more. Now I have used Hospital Coorperativo on occasion since 2005 when Lilliam introduced it to me. She has used it over 20 years.

I had never heard of this hospital having a participation plan before, but learned today that the plan is about 1 1/2 years old.

I have met Dr. Wong, the director of the hospital, many times when he was on duty in the emergency area. Lilliam has great confidence in him and used him caring for her three daughters. Continue reading Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Thank Goodness For Julio

Almost three years ago I injured my back and was in tremendous pain. Robert Watson had contacted me a few months prior to let me know he was now in Panama and helping those with back and other physical problems.

He used a method called the Dorn technique. When my pain became so intense that I couldn’t stand it, I went to see him and he worked his magic. He was so good, that I haven’t had problems again until a couple weeks ago, when I lifted something I shouldn’t have lifted.

Robert began by doing a complete examination, checking leg length, hip placement, feeling various muscles to observe those under stress.

I would have returned to Robert, with my latest problem, but he died about a month after my session with him. He was a fantastic person and Panama lost a true healer.

Last Thursday, I had a good neighbor tell me about Julio Leiva. He practices at the Panama Red Cross and is a specialized physical therapist. He obtained his training in Barcelona Spain and is continuing his training there. Continue reading Thank Goodness For Julio

Plan Ahead

Today was the U.S. Embassy Outreach in David. I spent a large part of the day on a task for the Embassy and only attended about 15 minutes at the first of the meeting. I did leave cards with the ACS Chief for anyone needing to contact me, if a problem arises in David or Chiriquí in general.

I finally finished with my task around 5PM and returned to the Hotel for a followup. I understand that there were a few complaints that came up today about requiring a Bank Check for any payment to Embassy.

It was posted in BOLD in the Chiriquí Chatter post, so it should not have been a surprise. It might not hurt to point out why the process was put in place. It was determined by the security staff of the Embassy that it was not safe for them to leave the meeting with $5,000 in cash as they have in the past.

Credit cards are accepted at the Embassy, if you would prefer not using cash.

It also might be worth pointing out that it is not safe for anyone to be walking around in Panama carrying a large amount of cash. This always comes up when we near the holidays because thieves tend to stakeout the banks watching unsuspecting people make large withdrawals and then following them to relieve them of their money.

Another subject that came up during our evening discussion was related to healthcare or emergency care in Panama. I was told that the Embassy has had several calls from people asking for help, because the private hospitals, in Panama City, were not accepting them for treatment unless they deposited $10,000.

The fact is that the private hospitals have no responsibility to accept anyone, except possibly to stabilize a patient. After that, they will be shipped to Hospital Santo Tomás in Panama City, if sufficient funds aren’t available. Santo Tomás is the public hospital in Panama City similar to the Regional Hospital in David. If you are coming to Panama, plan on coming with Insurance.

Even if it is just for a vacation, get insurance before you come. Trust me, you don’t want to go to a public hospital, if you can avoid it. If you don’t speak Spanish, what are you going to do in a hospital where 95+% of the hospital staff only speak Spanish.

If your family in the US call to check on you, they won’t be able to communicate with the admission’s staff. If you call the Embassy, they will check on a possible patient, but they will not be able to discuss the patient’s condition unless they had previously registered on STEP and listed their contacts.

I have never found a person in the David Regional Hospital’s admission’s office that spoke English. I have spoken to some doctors in the Regional hospital that spoke English, but rarely find nurses speaking English.

If you are planning on moving to Panama and using the cheaper insurance offered by some of the hospitals, read the fine print well and it would also not hurt to go interview payment offices in the hospitals and ask some tough questions to understand how your coverage will work. Know which hospitals will honor that insurance and which ones won’t.

Panama can be a great place if you come with the right exceptions and plan ahead. If you don’t you may not enjoy it much.

Another Health Care Experience

The following came in as a general comment on the David Hospitals, but I decided it would fit better as a guest post.

Too many people come to Panama with false expectations about healthcare and wind up frustrated or worse.

One of these days I will have another followup of experiences learned durning the care of MC.

Planing on living in Panama? Better have a grasp on basic Spanish if you want to survive many healthcare needs.

My husband was seen first in Boquete clinic..they did some tests  gave an IV.The test results showed an infection.Dr.Chen recommended a David hospital.We headed there got in right away at CHIRIQUI.

They took blood started an IV. We waited two hours for a doctor. Then I needed to head back to Boquete  to get the children to bed (school today). I called my husband several times still no doc. Then went to bed..at 11:00 the hospital called and said I needed to come in immediately  to pay $1100.00 for the emergency  room. $500.00 for admission fee and $600.00 for other fees not the testing.I told them I was not driving from the mountains at 11 at night to pay a bill.I was hesitant  to give them my debit card.They said he would need to leave then. This is all very broken english…she put me on hold and told me I could pay in the morning when I come in.

I just talked to my husband..he still has not seen a Dr. Or a nurse that speaks english.It is nine am. I will be heading in to pick him up and take him back to Boquete  clinic. They even wrote extensive notes for David hosp. They may be withholding care until that bill is paid.My husband said No one has come in except to change IV bags.He is very sick..Dr.Chen thinks he needs IV antibiotics….I didn’t think I needed to bring a translator.

Too much false info on these blogs.One has to live here to really know what it is like….We love it here…just need to figure out good health care.
I checked put flights to US . BUT don’t think Eric could make the 27 hours.